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II" IIIEBEaESSBBSBBSaEaBSSSBBSESar^ THE CAFE ?' FOR 1 ø- iAZeDDING CHKES wmiimHiwmiiiimiiiiimnrniiiniiniiiiniiMHiiinuHniiimnniinmimHmmirH ■■ TRY tH i! ID Ml? r mD H it n n nn p n n WARNER'S HOME MADE BREAD w. W. G. WARNER, F"'1r1h Cc:.1nl£c"t;ic»e. 93, C?rl.elb»6 -===. RA.1R-T. mr "ygjr "ws* 9 €21 dT^i liliSL ^IEb* p55P 21HERTEH FflRlffE BREAD. ^▼^VTTTVTyTTTTTTyT^TT V V T T T y T T T T T T T T T V » ■»»*»-» {* T T V V V V TV V THE BREAD OF THE FUTURER delicious, dZutritious, and MigMy digestive. gf CHAS. A. CAMERON, MD. (Cambridge), F.B.C.S.I> M.E.C.P.I., F.I.C.. fessor of Chemistry, R.C.S.I., Medical Officer of Health for Dublin; City and County Analyst, CITY LABORATORY DUBLIN. ^at t-u" }la^r0 a high estimate of the DIETETIC VALUE of fats, eapeeially of those found in the seeds of plants* and I consider adds e Se percentage of the DELICATELY F LAVOURED fats of wheat present in Messrs NEAVE and CO,'S FARINB Miiri, ry t0 the value of their Bread. It is RICH also in the ALBUMINOIDS of NITROGENOUS constituents of food "ave INDISPENSABLE to the formation of BONE and MUSCLE. N:U-rnf?rK? NEAVE & CO.'S Wheaten Meal and FARINE are WELL FLAVOURED, EASILY DIGESTIBLE and Cjrv UOUS aliments." ^Lli] An AGENTS FOR PENARTIl— r JF*. ZBEsi,3r*eH» @on.s9 i AlCOT STREET AND PLASSEY STREET.