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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. POOR LAW GUARDIANS AND PRIVATE CHARITY. WE find there is a very strong feeling of annoyance and disgust at the action of the Poor Law Guardians in withholding the amount of relief due to the widow and family of the late Mr Alfred Smith, simply because a few friends have chosen to give a trifle to augment the miserable pittance which they extended to her as her share of the amount paid by the Rate- payers of Penarth to the Cardiff Union. Here is a woman and eight children left to the tender mercies of a body of men who are elected to do justice and to provide for the poor, and they consider they have d'\ne their duty when they make an order for a weekly dole of 10/ but how can their consciences be at rest when, because a few others, having more sympathy with the poor than they have, give a trifle each out of their private purses, to render further assistance, they (the Guardians) cut off the relief they had pre- viously ordered. This a matter which requires further investigation, and we are glad to know that there will probably be a public meeting called, when our Guar- dians will be requested to attend and give the rate- payers an explanation of this strange proceeding. The ratepayers, should the meeting take place, will '-want to know what was meant by the suggestion that they, (Mrs Smith and family) should go to the "big house."

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Dearth of Magistrates at Penarth.