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I Penarth District G ouncil.…

Politics and Bad Temper.


Politics and Bad Temper. FARMER BEATEN AT PETERSTONE. A LATE PENARTII POLICEMAN A DEFENDANT At the Penarth Police-court on Monday, a case was heard in which a police-constable named William Evan3, late of Penarth, and two men named respec- tively Thos. Kew, signalman, and David Leyshcn, of Peterstooe-super-Ely, was summoned for assaulting a f:tt,.iiet- named James Lennon, of Pendoylan, on the 16th. February last. Mr Gworg.J David, solicitor, ap- peared for the complainant, and Mr T. H. Belcher defended. There were also et-osi-surniiionses against complainant. Dr Moynan, Cowbridge, who was called at the de- sire of Mr David, deposed that he attended complain- ant the day following the alleged assault, and then y 1-1 n found him suffering from two black eyes and several bruises on the temple and shoulder. Complainant, was then called, and appeared in the oox wiih a shawl over his si o ilders. He had known Evans, the police-constable, for the past eight months, but the other defendants were not personally known fo complainant- They arrived at Peterstone Station' about. ö.:W p.m and then the defendant Leyshon went up t) him and told him he was a better Liberal thau he was a Tory. and near the booking-offict. door one of the defendants tried to pull him inside. Complainant resisted them, but ultimately they got him on the platform and there he was knocked down. When on the ground the fiist man complainant saw above him was Evans, the police-constable, who was at the time in plain clothes. The latter gave him a kiek on the temple, aud also gave him several blows on the face.—Cross-examined by Mr Belcher: He (complainant) had a stick (produced) with him at the time, and he taised it to defend himself, Theie was a feelizig, bet,ween Evans and himself smce the former had caused him to be fined £ b at \v John Jones, farmer and district councillor, deposed that Leyshon ripped complainant up at the station. and the othe" two defendants struck him when on the Oround, HS if tliey were "killing a snake. (Laughter-j Blood flowed from complainant's wounds as if a pig was being killed- (Laughter) r, Witness went to the latter's assistance, and afterwards remained locked up in the booking-office for two hours, as be was afraid to go from there- Evidence for the defence having been heard, at the in conclusion of ihe esse the magistrates retired to cou- sidertbeb" decision, and after a long consultation s i eii' 11 Thornley, on returning into court, said that they were of opinion that the case had been immensely exasperated, but that there was no doubt a technical offence had been committed. The defendants would therefore be fined 20s and costs each. The case lasted over three hours.


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