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I Penarth District G ouncil.…


I Penarth District G ouncil. I DEPUTATION ee WEST COTTAGES PRO- POSED NEW BRIDGE. THE ESTATE ALLOTMENTS. MR R. BEVAN'S DIGNITY TOUCHED IN TREATING WITH LORD WINDSOR. MR GUY DISPASSIONATELY AND SENSIBLY DISCUSSES THE QUESTION. This public authority's monthly meeting was held on Monday night Inst, undur the presidency of Mr W. L. Morris, J.P. There was a sparse attendance of members, only Messrs D. Morgan, J. Y. Styawson, R- Gay, R. Bevan. the Clerk, and Inspector of Nuisances being present. FINANCE. The collector's statement showed that f992 2s Od of the General District Ititte, ttiid £ 73 17s J Od of the Private Improvements hud been collected during February. All bills examined by the Committee trere passed. A letter was read from Messrs Bachelor and Snowden requiring a cheque for retention money in connection with the Outfall Sewer contract. It was elicited that the Council always retained 10 per cent of the contract price till the completion of any contract, together witfi the Surveyor's giving the 11 necessary satisfactory certificate. As the Surveyor was absent the chairman directed the dark, after conmuncatiug with .\(1' Evans, to for- ward the contractors a cheque for the surplus money. A DEPUTATION consisting of Mesers It. Handcock, R. Brice, John- n ston, Pickford, Cox, Sandy and Nurton had ah audience of t he Council regarding the proposed velii cular and pedestrian budge across West Cottages. ,1r Handcock spoke of his having to pay 2/- to 3/- daily, extra, for hauling bricks alone- Trie construc- tion of a proper bridge would be of untold convenience to residents of Windsor Ro'id. Mr Cox said he.had six houses to let in that part, which would not b3 the <aSé were a direct communi- cation existing between the town and West Cott ige. Mr Sandey remarked upon the dirtiness and dal k- Dess of the approaches to West, *ott'agvs from Windsor Road, whilst Mr Nurton staled that were there to be this bridge it would save tradesmen a quarter of a mile each way, besides being SIn induce- ment for the West Cottage residents to purchase at Penarth instead of going to Cardiff. (Laughter.) The Chairman in summarising the infinite advan- tages accruing to the town generally oy luyn g n more direct route to a most impuitnit put of the town, said the matter should lectiw the Council's most careful attention- ALLEGED HIGHWAY INFliINGKlfKNT. Mr R. Be van thought ther* was no neee-sify for him 1o make any lengthy leiuntk, he sittiply say with reference to the notice of mo ion standing- in his name that The Chairman As there are si f-w heir, don't you think it better to defer the matters Mr Bova,), With pleasure. This was unanimously agreed to. ALLOTMENTS- Mr Guy said he had received a petition signed by 1 26 ratepayer, 19 of whom we-.<-» living in Sully Terrace, praying for desirable, holdi-ig*. The ()ier It is for the Buai d It) hold an f-nqniry. Th e Chairman There will be no difficulty in coming to verms with the Estate- Mr 31 -rgan If those iirlividu ap dy for land in any arbiUry way if will cost tliem more than apply- ing to the Estate, which is reasonable enough, if the Estate refuse then they can come to tie Board. Mr Guy: We only want to nuke amicable hrrange- ments with the Estate there is no necessity to trs"rr to compulsory powers- ']'lie (ities,ii)ii nvst be faced and negoti*lions madtt with tne E^ta e for land, as there is a geueral desire abroad to get allotments. I shall, however, strongly opppse putting compulsory powers iu force whilst other nn ans e.xi.^t It is de- tsirableto secure ie;tsotialkle fixl, of t^irite and net be subject to three months' notice. 1 told tilt, depu- tation who presented this peiiiulI that if the Estate Would give a fair undeitaking- concealing leases, it. vOdd be impolitic to force the Council's All we Waiit is to know what, can faiily Or done. The Chairman It is unfortunate Mr Suell is absent or e might get a safisfacK)iy reply- The Clerk I'll )oee Mr Sneil itIld ascertain on what terms suitable ground citji I)e obtained; Mr K. lievitil Having put the allotments in force, aDd having received this petition, does it add to the 'U4 '—- dignity of this Board (laughter) to treat with the ground landlord ?-I do not wish to approach Lord Windsor in auy arbitrary way. The Clerk When you find land cannot be acquired on satisfactory conditions, then you are within your province in taking advantage of the Act. Of course I shall apptoach Mr Snell on behalf of the Council. It was ultimately resolved that the Clerk do this. SALOP STREET SKWEB. The following letter was read from Mr W. U. Meazey—Having noticed, in the papers that the Sur- veyor Mr Evans, was under the impression that I ac- cused him of inserting words after I had signed the contract, injustice to him and myself I wish at once to rem )ve that wrong idea. Such a thing never oc- cured to my mind for one moment, and how it origin- ated I am at a loss to understand. But I do still contend that it was a lump sum con- tract, and not at schedule prices, and upon that distinct understanding in my mind I tendered- Otherwise, I should have filled in the schedule at! my own prices* but as the job has worked out I am at a loss by the transaction, which I can ill afford. Trusting that you will consider the matter reasonably I am, gentleman, Yours obediently, W- R. MEAZEY. Mr Morgan stated that the matter was very un- satisfactory, but the Chairman drew the Council's attention to the fact that a provisionary contract clause specified that additions or subtractions could be made ad lib according to the work done, Mr Guy thought that in the future contractors should schedule their own prices. The Chairman But Mr Meazey never filled in the prices; he simply gave a lump sum againsi each item and the Surveyor can add to or take from. The Clerk TIJe matter had better remain in abeyance till the Surveyor returns. This was agreed to. This concluded the business.

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