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Ib. S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS THE MEWS, GLEBE ST., PENIILTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. unerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Communication with Chief Offices, Cardiff ESTABLISHED 1888 Potato & Fruit Stores (Anchor Hous) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN "RUIT always k pt in Stock. Goods Delivered Daily to all parts of the Town. H. MATTHEWS, Proprietor AN AMERICAN ORGAN 'i (00K FREE. ? cltauSe'' o? and 1 3B&sas8|&8AVE*50% >' ^ttefaction'gvmranteed before you pay. Write to us, mentiomng this paper. You will be more than pleased at the result, if you Jo it at once. carriage paid, from £ 10. | References specially permitted to I *32. FLEET STREET. LONDON, B.C., of "whom catalogues may I be had free on application, and information olJtamwl a« V Organs can be seen acad tested m London, or ■write airect ta # w^oor^:co.Lior | 26 vean). fPouliryl Poultry! HUWB WIRE NETTlIG; IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 2-ir\. mesh, 2ft 4s. 3ft 6s 4ft 8s. GnhVAVISED GOHHDGRTED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft, 1s 7d. 7 ft, 1s 10d. 8 ft, 2s Od. Patent ROOFING fEItTS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Best Medium. Common. 8s. 5s. 9cl. 4s. per roll. J. PHILLIPS, & CO., Manufacturing Ironmomonger, ClllD8)_8Nt 201. ORDERS DELIVERED. THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. rpvVhi\TY" Y EAR'S RESEARCH lias brought to light a guaranteed Remedy for | M]! VOUS DEBILITY, the Errors of 1onth, Lost Manhood, Weakness, Dimness of Siv,:■? Blndder, Gravel, Kidney, Liver complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs, 'i nis i'je&cription is in the hands of a Minister, who will befriend any one suffering from tuese enervating diseases. It has (JU • f'*If-nfldres;3;-d eta «r • I er « f'.ev. ;>.Wi.T) J P.*»v Villa, Lewes* to Presc.riuuoa > iU I h. CHARGE « this P^>er.. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Nervous Debility, Lost Manhood, Youth- ful Imprudence, &c. AFTER many years' suffering a Gentlemen has Obtained a simple SELF-CURE for NERVOUSNESS, Loss of Strength and Energy, Weakness, &c. All sufferers should write at once for particulars, -which will be forwarded tree &nd self-addressed stamped envelope, plainly written, to Mr ROBERTS, 1 WHITE LlO t STREET, ISLINGTON LONDON N. (Name Paper ) i — i—j ■ini.iiLir IBHIU Mill —II ■ III MATCHLESS CLEANSER has swept away A thousand worries of Washing Day., A Llanelly Tradesman's Dealings with a Penarth Gentleman. At the Llanelly Police-court on Wednesday, David Lewis was charged with obtaining the sum of C27 fWni Mi John Aurelius, Petmrth, without having pre- viously informed M Au re Iius that he was an undis- charged ban km pt. Mr W. Howell represented defendant, and Mr tend appeared to prosecute. On the application of Mr Stead the case was adjourned for a week In washing MATCHLESS CLEANSER is a perfect treasure. I It saves much work anytime, to use it is a pleasure.

Penarth Football Club.