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The Uandaff Diocesion Association…


The Uandaff Diocesion Associa- tion of Change Ringers. PENARTH BRANCH. At St Augustine's Church on Saturday, March 2nd, with the bells muffled, an attempt was made for a peal of Minor 5040 changes, but after ringing 2640 changes in 1 hour 25 minutes, being a 720 of Grand- sire, two 720' ofeut and 480 cf Oxford Treble Bob, the conductor called stand owing to the sudden illness of one the band. G. Watkins I W. B. Hiss 2 D. Thomas 3* J. Vinnicombe 4. T., Nartliy 5- C- Smith condudtor 6. This was rung as a last taken of respect to the memory of Mrs Lewis, wife of the Lord Bishop of Llatidaff, President of the Association, «vho was in- terred at Llandewi Velfry. PembroukeBinre, on Friday march 1st. Also to Lord Aberdaie, who wan interred at mountain Ash the same day, A similar attempt for a peal of Bob tribles at LUncaT, on Friday evening, was unfortunately last after ringing 54 minutes, through the muffler unfastening of the tenor Clapper, afterwards a quartet, poll of Bob trit>le«, 1260 changed was successfully brought rouud in 49 minuites. J. Vinnicombe 1, D. Thomas 2, W. B. Bist*, 3, G. Watkins 4, C. Smith 5, J. Clutterbuck 6, C. Lloyd (conductor) 7, T. Northy 8. G- Watkius hails from Barry; Messrs Clutterbuck Lloyd arid Biss- Llandaff, MetlsrsViuuicombe Thomas Northy and Smith, from Penarth.

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Penarth Promenade and landing…

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