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local charity fund. This will be continued until the private fund is exhausted, after which, the Guardians will again disburse the weekly 10/ Of what use, then, has been the money privately raised ? None whatever. It has gone to swell the Poor Rate coffers which are already liberally replenished by what we pay compulsorily. How, then, came about this un- satisfactory state of things ? Were we to act up to the Biblical injunction, not to let the left hand know what the right hand doeth, this perversion of private charity had not occurred. The morbid desire to see one's name ia print is responsible for this. To pose as philanthropist, and advertise one,s self simul- taneously, are ofttimes the motives actuating beneficence. For the future let us do good by stealth and blush to find it fame It would appear that a Guardian who now goes through a solemn form of oath is bound not to sanction or allow the payment of moneys to persons in possession of means. It therefore behoves all philanthropists to contribute unostentatiously their quota to the alleviation of distress.