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KEEPING OUR OWN POOR. Under the Parish Councils Act, if the section be adopted, Penarth can sever its connection with Car- diff and keep its own poor. Is it not passing strange that having a 1/1 general district rate, with the inevitable grumbling tacked on to that fact, we do not keep our own poor instead of paying X2250 to Cardiff every year, and, only spending, including salaries, about Y,300 on ourselves ? Here is the poor rate lOd in the -6, and on that amount we could build alms houses, endow them and keep the honourable indigent in an honourable form. The name work- house has a horrid name which will stick to it a long time yet. Why, we could keep our actual poor on id in the 9, and spend "on them more than we do now; what then could be done for lOd in the £ ?

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