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Andrews' Large Hall, Penarth. UNDER DISTINGUISHED PATRONAGE. it grand Goncerl OF VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, aid of the Widow and Family of the late Mr THOMAS COSSLEIT, will be given Or\ Wednesday, March 13th, By a Special United Choir, (Of about 100 Voices.) Assisted by the following Ladies and Gentlemen- fopranos- MISS BEATRICE EDWARDS, (Cardiff.) (Of the Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir, and Prize Winner at Bridgend Eisteddfod); MISS EMMA WEBB. (Penartb.) Contralto— MISS LILIAN JONES, (Cert. R.AM.) (Prize Winner at Pontypool Eisteddfod.) Tenor— M3 JOHN THOMAS, (Barry.) -Baritone- MR JUSTYN PARRY (Penartb). BaSE~~ } £ R. J. F. PROUD, Conductor of Cardiff Blue Ribbon Prize Choir. MR JOHN WHITE (Penartb). Violinist-MR J. N. STRONG (Penarth). Pianist—MASTER THOMAS (Barry). &ccompanist-Professor G. C. HOWELL. Chairman-Rev. W. G, DAVIES. Tickets-Two Shillings and One Shilling each. I Poors open at 7 eclock. Concert to commence at 7.30 GO TO THE 'CHRONICLE' OFFICE For your rint It is the Seat and Cheapest. Sign Class Work a Speciality. A Cardiff Printer esys The Official Programme of the Tabernacle Baptist Fancy Fair, and the Cogan Exhibition Certificates, issued from the Penarth Chronicle office are the neatest specimens of their kiudis I have seen turned out in the district." For Perfection in Quality of DAIRY PRODUCE and High Class GROCERIES, try H. HUNTLEY, GLOUCESTER HOUSE, MAUGHAN STREE1 Finest Home Cured Wiltshire Bacon and Hams. DEVONSHIRE BUTTER AND FRESH EGGS. DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD cured 8t the £ fttien'ts home. This Illustrated Edition also treats of the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Extreme Stoutness, Ingdieptjon, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism ft, M edlCo-KlecUcltY-4d, Bright Publishers, by Tavistock Place, Lortfun W C. Ths Late Burning Fatality. We beg to make an appeal to the generous public of Penarth, on behalf of the widow and children, (of which there are eight) ot the late Alfred Smith, who was so severely burnt at the Penarth Steam Laundry, that he died two days afteowards at the Cardiff Infirmary. We have every confidence in recommend- ing this as a most deserving case of charity, and shall be pleased to receive any subscription, however small- t s. d SOILS previously acknowledged 28 13 6 Mr Tom Jones 1 0 0 Mr Jno. Williamson 0 2 6 Balance from J, Smith's account 1 10 3 Collected by the Penarth and District Industrial Co-operative Society, per Mr Beer. 6 4 9 J. H- Insole, Esq., Ely Court 2 2 0 Penarth Police Force ••• 0 10 0 MrT King 0 5 0 Mr T. Meazey 0 5 0 Received from Messrs Pickford and Youd the sum of X6 15s Od. being amount of Conceot given by Penarth Philharmonic Society towards fund collec- ted for family of the late Alfred Smith. H. SNip. Jg, } Joint Secretaries Dr. J. H. REES ) PILES. How many thousands of lives have been mad* miserable by this excruciating complaint ? It seems to break down the strongest man and spares none. The causes may be many, but the cure is one. HOMOCEA INSTANTLY TOUCHES THB iPOT. and works marvels in rery short time. It has been said that if Homocea had been brought out only as k Pile Ointment, it would have come as a blessing to mankind." but Homocea is a household remedy that can be utied in hundreds of different cases. Price, 1/1 and 2/9 per box, or by post, 1/3 and 3s. EXANO (HOMOCEA FORT) Is the strong form of Homocea made especially for deep-seated rheumatic pains-more espeeially of the joints, and for pains in the chest, bronchitis, &0., but it is not to be used for open wounds, sores, or delicate parts of the body. We guarantee this ointment, and in every case when purchased direct from us, we will refund the money if relief is not obtained by the purchaser. Price, 2a. 9d. per box, 3s. by post. HOMOCEA SOAP. HOMOCEA SOAP. This soap contains the valuable properties of the Homocea Ointment, and is certainly » perfect toilet soap but as a medical soap, it is of great value, especially in the nursery, and for all who have delicate skins, Price, 9d. and Is. 3d. a cake, or 8s. and 3s. per box; postage, 2d. and 3d. extra. •All the above preparations can be had from Chemists, Druggists, &c., or direct by post from the Homocea Company. 22, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead. 3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment PEN lRTH DETACHMENT. Orders—Week ending Saturday, 16th March, 1895. MONDAY-Company DrillS p.m.-Plain Clothes. THURSDAY—Extended order-8 p.m., Pl%in clothes By order, (Signad) SIDNEY COLEMAN. Captan, Commanding Detachment. JANES SAJUK coo) Beg to intimate that they have added to their business as Grocers and Provision Merchants, that of FAMILY BUTCIIERS & GREENGROCERS, All Orders will receive most careful attention. NOTE ADDRESS- W & C A VTnf'F <3; M & Grocers & Provision Merchants Family Butchers, Greengrocers &c. AMERICAN HOUSE, 68, MAUGHAN STREET, PENARTH, (Opposite Ship Hotel.) THE POPULAR LAW BOOK, ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE, AND NOW ENLARGED BY FIFTY PAGES. NO MORE LAWYERS' BILLS! 6s. 8d. Saved at every consultation I Now Ready, THIRTY-SECOND EDITION (1895), 750 closely printed pages, containing 5,000 Statements ou Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities- Price 6s. 8d, post free. EVERY MAN'S OWN LAWYER: A Hancy Book of the principles of the Law and Equity, By A Barristei. 32nd Edition (1895). Revised and Carefully Brought up to Date, and now including (for the first time) A CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TERMS. This New Edition includes the Local Government Act, 1894 establishing District and Parish Councils' Finance Act 1894 imposing the New Death Duties besides the Notice of Accidents Act, 1894 Pievention of Cruelty to Children Act, 1884; Merchant Shipping Act, 1894; Building Societies Act, 1894: Married Women's Property Act, 1893 Trustee Act, 1893 Industrial and Provident Societies Act, 1893; Hours of Labour of Railway Servants Act, 1893; Betting and Loans Act, 1892; with many other Acts of re- cent year*. With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance, and how to claim Repayment of Income Tax. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Law —Law as to Goods Stolen or Lost—Criminal Law- Parish Law—County Court Law—Game and Fishery Laws—Poor Men's Lawsuits—Bets and Wagers- Bills, Cheques, Notees-Ag i-eementfi- Copy rigbt,- Patents—Trade Marks-Insurance-Libel and Slan- der—Divorce—Mortgages—Stock Exchange Practice; —Trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Laud-Wille, etc. etc. EXPLAINING THE LAW FOR Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Work- men and Apprentices—Heirt—Legatees—Huaband and Wife—Executors and Trustees—Guaidian and Ward—Married Women-lDfan t s- Part tiei-s and Agents—Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Creditor —Purchasers and Vendors—Companies—FriendlV Societies Churchwardens— Clergymen Doctors t5 Bankers—Farmers— Contractors — Sportsmen —Far- riers-Horse Dealers—Auctioneers—House Agentfi- Hotel Keepers-Pawnbi-okere-Surveyorb-RLilways —Carriers—Constables, etc- etc. As a book of reference it is without a rival. -—l'all Mali Gazette. "The whole law for six-aod-ei6"htpence. West- minister Gazette. Should be in the hands of every ibusiness many and all who wish to abolish lawyers bills. "-Weekly Times. Crosby Lockwood & Son, Stationers' Hall Court, London. .And Sold by all Booksellers. TRINITY WESLEYAN CRURCH. gOY TREBLES REQUIRED for the Choir. Ages to be between 12 and 13 years. They will be Paid. and will receive special Vocal, Tuition. Apply—(in the evening) A. Spencer Jones, 11 Church Road.

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