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Editor does not hold himself…




THE UNBAPTIZED BIBLE. To the Editor of the Penarth Uhroncile- DEAR SIR,-Anotber historical Bible, after the recent difference of the Baptists with the Bible Society, will be added to the list. Ttiere are The Breeches Bible 1579, so called because Gen. Ill, 7, was rendered The eyes of them both were opened, and they sewed figge-tree leaves together, and made themselves breeches. The Vinegar Bible 1717, so called because the heading to Luke xx is given as The parable of the Vinegar," (instead of Vineyard,^ and then comes The Wicked Bible 1632, so. called be cause the word not is omitted in the seventh commandment, making it Thou shalfc commit '¡:(\'1:' adultery." Now there is The Uiibaptized Bible, SO called, not because it hasn't been immersed of sprinkled, but on account of the British ana Foreign Bible Society in translating into Singalese or some other Hindoo tongue, having omitted the word baptize and substituted another one. Whether this were done unwittingly or because such wickedness is rampant abroad amongi the heathens, such as to provoke fc second dtiug*, history, at present, deponeth not. A missionary, retired, once told me that fire-water and sypblis were invariably the accompanists of the introduction of Christianity abroad. We raise untold money for Christianising the heathens, but there's DQ need to go outside Great Britain, St- Paul told us not to do evil that good might come. Charity begins at home, and especially up the Rhondda. That, how- ever, id no reason why it should not go abroad. One could make a good start with the local Nonconformist Ministerial Union. Yours etc., Penarth, March, 5, 1895. ANTI-HUMBUG.

L,-PenaTth Nonconformist Churches…

Not Enough Liquor.