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Editor does not hold himself…



HOW MANY WAYS HEAVENWARD? To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Siia,-Twas ever thus and ever will be, this re- ligious throat cutting. Lord, how these Christians love one another The Baptists have run amuck at the British and Foreign Bible Society becauae the latter in their foreign translations haven't translated baptize in a way directed by the Baptists, themselves. One would think that baptism were a crucial test of one's heavenly fitness. Ab, Douglas Jerrold wasn't far out when he said, -1 Doginatism was the maturity of puppyism." In Christianising the globe it is necessary to remember that Christ summarised the decalogue into two commandments. Takt, then these two divine dicta and the thousand years reign would be contemporaneous with the end of the 20th century. Each sect has its "private way" to Heaven nowadays, and the due observance of, and implicit belief in, certain dogmas seem to be that particular sect's Alpha and Omega- The aggrieved Baptists have been so outraged that they have set up an oppo- sition show called "The Baptist Bible Translation Society "—for the purpose of circulating the pure word of Göd. Small wonder is it that Penarth's contribution to the other Bible Society should be only £18. What must the heathens think of this much- vaunted Christian England ? I imagine out in parts of heathendom religious partisanship showing itself thus," This way to Heaven by Sprinkling." The only right way to Glory, by Immersion-No connection with the pagans opposite." I think, Sir, that the world then to an end will come in A.D. 18,765,981. I am sure many of Penarth's benighted ones had a time of rare reflection after reading the culling in your last issue from The Freeman. I am, etc., A PERIPATETIC PAGAN.


L,-PenaTth Nonconformist Churches…

Not Enough Liquor.