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U hit-Ghat. -


U hit-Ghat. BY RAMBLING TOMMY. The South Wales Correspondent of the Athletic News in his last weekly letter says, referring1 to the selection of the Welsh team to mett Ireland Hubert Alexander, hnd lie lieeti in the Newport, Cardiff, Llam-IK or Swansea 1 earns, would have had his cap before this. He happens to be in Penarth,aud unless lie cait iinpi-ove s thiathe is far and away above every other light wing or join one of the mart; f iehion- able teams, his chance of promotion is not worth while discussing. The flume can be said of Morgan and Shepherd, both of whom would have had a trul long ago had they belonged to one of the big clubs." 0 0 0 At a meeting of the Noncon. relief committee on Monday, one good Presbyterian brother expressed the opinion that the Cap!, and Lieut. of the Salvatio" Army were better acquainted with the very poor people of Peimrth, than were all the ministers of the other denominations put together, but a leading brother of the WesU-yan persuasion challenged the correctness of the assert ion. 0 0 0 We have no doubt a very large number in Penarth are suffering n convenience on account of the frost, but it is stated that on- in this locality has not been able to execute a small older on account of his machinery being frozen. 0 0 0 Mr David Cornwell celebrated his 54th birthday on Thursday. We viish him many happy leturna of the day. 0 0 0 Mrs Jacob Hughes, when she received the Bible as 1. a present from the teachers of the Presbyterian Sun- day School a few days ago, looked to be the happiest woman in all the world. 0 0 0 The Penarth Philharmonic Society have resolved to give a sacred musical service on Sunday evening. March 3rd. in Andrews' Hall, in aid of the widow and family of the late Mr Thomas Cosslett. 000 Towards the same object a concert will be given in the hall on Wednesday, March 13th. To assist in this effort a united choir is being organised. The practices will he held in the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel Sunday evenings at; K.30, and on Tuesday evenings at 7 30- Musical friends are cordially mviied to assist The object, we anticipate, will be a sufficiently strong appeal to induce the voluntary assistance of a large number ot sympathising friends. 0 0 0 At the weekly meeting of the Presbyterian Mutual Improvement Society on Wednesday eveninir, a paper was read by Mr Morgan, the subject being Marriage failures and how to prevent them." The writei came down heavily upon the gentler sex, which caused plenty of amusement, but the paper was neverthele. s instructive and practical. I' 0 0 0. Two of orr local reverend gentlemen, after their work was over, distributing soup. &c.. last Thursday, went and iiad an ;<flerno >n\s skating. 0 0 0 Penarthians. who went to the Beach durinp, tide- tune last Sunday and Monday, had a rare treat. The tides were unusually high. and the wind being un- usually rough, the waves d ished over the Promenade and in one or two instances extinguished the lights, and fl oding the roadway, making it well nigh im- possible for pedestrians to pass. 000 Wc are pleased to hear that there has b e 1 — if most liberal response to the circulars sent out by the Nonconformists, appealing for subscriptions to afford relief to tlnse distressed in our town. 000 The latest gossip of Penarth society is, When i. this severe weather going to break up ? 0 0 0 This year as in past years, the ladies of Penaertfil will present the Penarth Detachment of the 3rd V.B* Welsh Regiment, with a handsome silver cup, value five guineas. 11 0 0 0 The only way (?) to get the toll-gate on the Penarth road removed, a 3d 'bus service to boot, is to elect Mr G. L. Norris on the County Council- 0 0 0 The annual meetings of the Baptist Foreign Nils 11 0 sionary Society will be held in the Tabernacle and Stan well-road Baptist Chapels on Sunday, Mondayf and Tuesday next- 0 0 0 The annual meeting of the British and Foreign Bible Society will be held in the Jubilee Ilall on Wednesday next. The chair will be taken hy the Rev J. D. Stevens, and the Rev J. Cynddvlan Jones, D.D., will be the chief speaker. In order to add interest to the proceedings, Mrs Dr Diiiin and a few lady friends will render special music. Let there be a large attendance, for the value of the work of the Bible Society cannot be estimated. 0 0 0 Mr J. W. Mayne will preach at Arcot stroet Wes. leyau Chapel on Sunday evening, and, we nnder tand, his text will be ■' Who's my neighbour ?

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