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THE MOUNTAIN IN LABOUR- To tlufHditor of the Penarth Chronicle. Such can Mr Norns's recent mighty effort for suehi a small effect be likened. More than this I do not propose saying but with your permission, will give a few of the remarks 1 Inve beard flom gentlemen who have read epirtto. "He must have swallowed a dictionary; which is commg up in undigested lumps. u Should be in the hands of all children-unable to read." I have read "in my time a worse letter-but not much." Au excellent soporific, as well as a sudorific." Replvte with sickening redundancies, vile solecisms, and execrable literary pilferings." Mr Norris is without doubt a Latin scholar, ripe and good. Permit me to commend to him that cel«j- I brated line of Horrace, Partununt mOllte, naecetur ridiculus mus"—the travailing mountain yields a ailly mouse." 44 Mr Norris has apparently no property i» Stan- well Road." Much Ado about Nothing A Daniel, a second Daniel come to judgement I!tl 4j Mr Norris will awake one fine morning and find himself famous." A man of unbounded stomach-and spleen- \Ve hnve been apt to think of Mr Xorris simply in Cl UIPC!I, n with bottles. That incongruous associ- atiODIMUSt' tiow be dispelled, for since his last literary gem, on-, perforce, exehtimb- 1 Whence is thy learning Hath thy toil O'er books consumed the midnight oil ? Mr Norris is like many of his words-obsolete. A little goes a long way." Ought to bJ read gently—and in instalments- u A splendid aperient!—warranted not to gripe. A brutum fulmen-an inocuous fulniinatioii. U Very pretty, frisky and harmless, like Mary's little lamb." Throughout the sneering, jeering and bleering, there runs an awfuly lugubrious melancholy bespeaking j ranking disappointment at receiving the order of The Kick Out' for the District Council. A Kidnapper of other man's brains; a haples# plagiarist. Solomon was wrong when he Liaid there was nothing new under the sun. To any one in quest of: the novel, let him read Mr Norris's letter-and then die." ^Mr Norris has eclipsed himself. His last contri- bution wherein he exposed with so ruthless a hand, the rampant robbery from the public funds, is to use his own expression, ne plus ultra, considered on its literary merits. It is a pen picture with chiaroopcuro so snbtly. introduced as to give it a piquancy, second only to Worcestershire Sauce, and will ever be resorted to as a stoie-house by all anxious to shine in the firmament of belles-lettres. May his star never pale, for who could spare this Local Light of Literature. Yours faithfully, A NONPLUSSED RE 1DER.


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