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MR. NORRIS'S LETTER, To the Editor of thePenarth Chroniele- Sir,—Allow me, as a ratepayer, to thank Mr Norris for the very pertinent questions he submitted to the District Council in his letter to that body last Monday week, and also to express my disgust at the conduct of the members of the Council in not allow- ing the letter to be read. If this is the way the new Council are going to treat the electors, then we shall have to make an effort to find room at the bottom of the poll for them when they again seek our support. I recorded one of my votes in favour of the gentle. man who proposed that the letter lie on the table, but it will be in vain that he should seek my support when next he appeals to the electors. I thank you, Mr Editor, for giving publicity to fcha letter. When the next election comes round I hope Mr Norris will be returned, for then we shall have a man to look after i the interests of the ratepayers, and who will do his duty without fear of offending any clique or party. Yours obediently, A NORTH WARD ELECTOR.



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