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Correspondence. Editor does not hold himself t-esponsible for the I I opinions expressed by Correspondents, STA NWELL ROAD IMPROVEMENTS. To the Editor of the Penaith Chronicle Dear Sir,—Mr Norris is constantly parading the .14ct that be is a business man, and likes to see thmgs done in a business-like way- If it takes a column and a half to express his views on one subject, what tune would he attempt to occupy had he been returned to the Conneil ? •* Brevity is the soul of wit' and a smart business man doesn't wiite 4 sides of foolscap when an ordinary letter would suffice. Tautology and periphrastic expressions are his' two great faults in airing a grievance. Permit me to cull few from his last letitr '• Unbiassed, disim rested Unpredjudiced, impartial, luxury"—" consent, sanction or approval "-a straightforward answer, witbout tergiversation or subtei-f uge v. ild-goooe, rambling adventurous and bootless chase "—•• inystagogue or myslerSarch by perquisition, perscrutation, peroes'ig- ation, or peryestigHtion. What this last means none but the writer knows- eyen if he does. He has undone himself in the eyes or the public by sucli balderdash. What connection the; e may be between divine Itkiistei-ies and the Stan well Road private imp: ove meats oxi,y such a god as Mr Norris knows. •fhe letter consists of the slinging together of a Dumber of long wordis lacking both sense and appro- priateness* The writer too, scorns to be fettered by syntax and Illows a lofty indifference of such by usintr substantives as Verbs. j & Will be please explain what he means by the words t^y*taj(oue and mysteriarch and the sentence following tneln. ° We all know aboutthe Sianwell Road improvements, r onis cannot divulge anything fresh. In con- c usion I would urge him to form a symposium and I\ïtt<! his f,ieilds to his literary feasts, if they sur- the ordeal and lecommend the publication of his ly" terpiece, jet it be done in pamphlet or book foim. I eudoise my card. Yours etc, J. W. C. SUNDAY CLOSING. This was penned ere the Western Mail plebesctte was Pablicly known. III crmpassmg a solution to the much vexed JQanQu uf the Sunday opening of public houses in I thii k that weie the Government to buy P and Compen.-ate the existing publicans and run the °w on Government lines, we should have lees ■ahr k^De8t<' The Crown spent £ 20,000,000 in 18"iDg black slavery, but what of white slavery at e i- Tike first the white slaves—the girls and tr>?DleU~Sta,JC^11*' behind the bars. Does America gniej^e s^ch a thing. Now for drinkers, lar^e and a • ^ur national spirit is up in u Britons, never, a Vei'be slaves and because our remarkably °Vernment says You shan't drink o' Sundays," fies th e'emeut in our natures crops up and de- for a as a man ^ae m0ne.V pay is na .ltJk he'll get it tl by hook or by ciook. There blina^ainS-ay' l^e *"act' au(* we must auc* to wilfully shut our eyes to the fact- Wales may th»aW^ religious and not require anything stronger inii*■ "yuu PUru 011 the first day of the week.—barring On if5 /S SosPel—but the Principality has put tail Vlr^es ^or some time, and has in no nncer- and1?T> aS fvideuct(i by its muliitudinous shebeens Sa'? n|uc' Would Eugland quietly the ? fcUch dictation ? Scotland with ouly twice SOlP°^ a!l^n as Wales, and quite moral even if not •iriamrl0US' !^S ber pubs ope" °n Kirk-day* En. «pfU • C0U d I)ever wrench •'Auld Reekie's" ecclesiastical or civil laws from Her. Ireland, too, sells the "old craythur on the day after Saturday, and the Isle of Man, containing but 50,000 precious souls, has her own House of Keys, keeps the keys of her liberty, and sells grog galore seven days a week. Taffy has been played sh ittlecock and battledore with long enough. Why not recognise his long trousers and virility and put him on an equal footing with sister kingdoms ? A man is never made honest by keeping temptation out of his way. It may be very shocking for Church goers to see such places open, yet they must be aware of the facilities offered forchlandestine drinking. If men will drink, let them and kill themselves into the bargain if they will, and the sooner the better, to make room for men worthy of the name, but don't let us hug the fatal delusion that because the drinking dens are not open on Sundays we are religious, and that theres no drunkeness in our midst. I am etc, MODERATE. The above letter was held over last week '1




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