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f Notes and Comments.

-J Original Poetry.


J Original Poetry. A WINTER SCENE. The snow 1-tys thick upon the frosted ground, And clothes in white the country all around lis four o'clock, the boys from school are out, In boyish glee they leap, run, laugh, and shout. Then in a trice they form the balls of snow, Till bands and cheeks are tinged with ruddy glow; The teacher, too, comes out and joins the fun, And, for a time, teacher and taught are one. Hm thoughts take flight to times of love aud joy When he, like these, was but a blushing boy To days that were before that evil day When trouble came and streaked his hair with grey. To days ere time his face with furrows traced, Ere its rough hand its glory had erased I t, Bury the past, his thoughts their steps retrace, For now a snowball strikes him on the face. Excitement now and fun doth fill his brain, And soon he feels himself a boy again; H The pond, it holds," the welcome news goes round, Then man and boy upon the ice are found. The elder ones their skates they bring to serve To foira their names in fine fautaatic curve Now o'er the pond in graceful form they skim, With lustrous eye, and strength in every limb. And maidens coy along the banks are seen, 1-1 Amid them, too, a pretty village queen; The ringing laughter of those maidens fair Wafts chords of music through the crispy air. The queen of night breaks through a fleecy pile, -0 While o'er her face there sweeps a placid smile; The tinkling brook, as for the sea it yearns, Breaks forth in song, and then the smile returns. The snow-clad bills and cloud-capped rugged heights 0 Now gleam like diamonds with their thousand lights;. My B ml is filled with thankfulness and bliss, That mind can revel o'er a scene like this. „ D. T. MORRIS- trwendraetb, Penaith, February 13th, 1895.

Penarth Free Library. -

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