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The Distress in Penaitli.


Presbyterian Sunday School-


Presbyterian Sunday School- On Wednesday evening the teachers and scholars of the above school were entertained at tea by Mr and Mrs Jacob Hughes. The following ladies, Mrs Evans, Miss Jenkins, Mrs Richards, Mi-s W. lkfouro, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Humphries, and Miss C. Jones, looked.thoroughly after, the "a its of the young people, After tea had been partaken of, and the tables cleared, a meeting was held, the Superintendent of the school (Mr Hughes) presiding. The meeting having been opened with singing and prayer, Mi- L. Clarke. sacretary, in the name of the teachers, presented Mr Hughes with a beautifully illuminated address, which was designed and executed by Messrs Daniel Owen and Co., Cardiff. Mr Clarke, in his pre- liminary address, spoke of the kindly feeling which existed between the teachers and scholars and their superintendent, and of the high esteem in which he was held by all connected with the Church and fjhool. The address read as follows* < v I- \Ve, the teachers of the Plafesey-street Presby- terian Sunday School, desire to express to Jacob Hughes, Esq., our appreciation oF the valuable ser- vices he has rendered as superintendent of the above school for many years. \Ve desire to record our admiration of his con- stant devotion to the work, the kindly feeling he has invariably exhibited towards teachers and scholars alike, the fact and ability displayed in conducting the school, and particularly his uniform liberality. We, the teachers, pray that our Heavenly Father will long spare his life, and give him strength and will to continue the, noble work to which be has de. voted so many years of his life, that his faith may be strengthened, and that the Spirit of the Lord may ev»r abide with him- Signed on behalf of the teachers, o JOHN M. SAUNDERS, Pastor. w J. THOMAS Treasurer. LEWIS CLARKE, Secretary. February 4th, 1895." Mr Hughes, with much feeling, thanked the teachers ,7:1 n fur their unexpected kindnsss, and said that wo-ds weresometimeacrue), for they would not cometooue's aid when needed and on that account he could but f ebly express his gratitude- He bad not expected to be rewarded for anything he had done in connection y 11 ,A ith the Sunday School what he had done was from a sense of duty, and love of. the work. In concluding he said that he had never met with such an earnest and faithful band of workers, as the officers and teachers of this Sunday School. Mrs Evans was then asked to come forward and perform a little" duty which the teachers had asked her to undertake, yizCJ4p present Mrs Hughes with a Bible. Mrs Hughes, with deep emotion, acknowledged the kindness of the teachers,' and said that neither by word nor deed had Mr Hughes and heraelf bad the slightest hint of the pleasant suprise in store for them and could only say in the words of Dr Watts— Not more than others "e deserve, Yet God hath given us more." She concluded "by saying that she hoped they would all be abundantly blessed for their earnest co-operation in the Sunday School. The Bible bore the following inscription Pre- sented to IS Irs Jacob Hughes by the teachers of the Plassey-street Presbyterian Sunday School, Penartb, 1 as a token of the high esteem and respect in which she is held.by the school. Feb. 4th,"1895-" The next pleasant item in the evening's programme was the presentation of a 13ible to Mr Townsend Ed Nards, who left Penarth some months ago. Dur- ing Mr Edwards's stay in Penarth he officiated as '5 secretary of the school, and elicited the goodwill and kindly feeling of the teachers and scholars, and they, therefore, wishing to be remembered by him, and also in recognition of his valuable services, decided to make him this present. Inscribed on the inside was the following Presented to Mr M. Townsetd Edwards by the Plassey-street Presbyterian Sunday School, Penarth, on the occasion of his leaving the town, in recognition of his valuable services as' vse!cre« tary thereof. Sept., 1894," Mr Edwards having suitably responded, the pro- gramme was proceeded with, and was varied by a magic lantern exhibition. The scenes exhibited re- presented views of various places in the Vale of Neath, The Pilgrim sProgress," and concluded with a. few comic slides. The presentations were now proceeded with again. ) These included books and Scripture motto cards to j every scholar in the school for regular attendance and o for Scripture knowledge, and two special prizes were awarded to ihe Misses Humphries fur having recited in class about 600 verses during the year. At the close of this pleasant evening's enjoyment and surprises votes of thanks were accorded to Mr Clarke for getting and exhibiting the magic lantern zD In ?b I Mr Monro for the use of the flags for decorating the room, and to the various ladies who worked so et)er- getically in providing the tea and looking after the wants of the youngsters- ° We must not omit to mention that at the head of the schoolroom, over the platform, was a lar^e motto with white letters on a bright redT ground, God bless Mr and Mrs Hughes." This was the work oi Mis Evans, and was admirably executed.