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THE CAFE FOR eDDING GHKES L TRY qw,vr OPWO 3 IP WARNER'S HOME MADE BREAD Jtjt :r W. G. WARNER, Confectioned) FtRAT. I zrAted and JMiiwal fy V<zP^ et r ) West Cottages, UQ^ CORNEllSW'ELL BOiD FBKABTH. T T .1 v. T'" T ■ r» T. T'" T DKINKS. ■. I fcoda Water I Lemonade | Lithia Water Ginge Ale \'1 Seltzer. Water Ginger Beer Potass' Water Hop Ale, Orange & Quinine &c,p &c. It. Syphons filled with an f the above drinks Y'" T T-Y T KOP'S HOP BITTERS AND STOUT. FAMILIES su PPLIED » • 01ders by 2OSt Receive Immediate Attention. J, GULLIVKB,(M»n»g«ri ,1, r