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Penarth District Council.


to say, yet true, worse luck, viz., so much the worse for the old Penarthites. as it increases their already overweighted and unbearable burden in the shape of increased rates. 41 What on «arth wmld any business man say or think about a growth of this kidd ? Why it's against all rules or estabiioiu-d principles of political economy. The question is, how does such a state of things be- come even possible, much less exist ? But, alas! alas! it's from possibility to actuality. Now, of course, I know all you gentlemen are all new Coun- I cillors (not pansophical), having one and all passed I through the election fiery furnace, and undoubtedly are the very best men that Penarth can produce in fact, i the vry cream. Ne plus ultra, eh ? The brazen shields Slaving been melted or dissolved in the ejection fiery furnace, it's not likely that you golden shield bearers have any knowledge or acquaintance with the past do- f ing3 or carryings on of the late Local Board (now de- funct) if you do, you have to sorre exten t the advan- tage of the Penarth ratepayers, viz ,as to where all the money collected from a Is Id rate goes to. Now, for your own information, as well as of the Penarth ratepayers, will you kindly instruct your clerk to refer to the books and ascertain how many thousand pounds it cost the innocent ratepayers to pave, kerb, and channel Stanwell-road; also note the number of Board members residing or •owning property on this particular road, as the ratepayers, including the working man with his cottage who reside in other parts of the town, having worked hard to pay their own private improvements, don't exactly relish this special privi- lege conferred on the Stanwell-road folks, especially as this unbiassed, disinterested, unprejudiced, impar- tial luxury was conferred on the quiet, unbeknown, and without the consent, sanction, or approval of the ratepayers. Moreover, these said Stanwell-road pro- perty owners could not by any means compel or force the Board to pave their frontages, then why was this work done ? and what was the particular inducement cr motive ? Was it to benefit ? or an act of kindness towards only seven Board members, eh ? or was it an act of charity ? Once more, according to the minutes, I understand, Mr Forrest promised to pay for the kerbing and channeling of Stanwell-road if so, has this been paid ? If not, why not ? Again, if Mr n Puinell and Mr Shepherd were allowed 3d or 4d per yard off their private improvements accounts, and this after the contractor had been paid the full amount, and also against the Surveyor's strong pro- test, where did this allowance money, including the Arbitrator's fees, come from ? Was this a kindly Mephistophelean cuddling recognition as a set-off against the Stanwell-road private improvements, or Was it from a deuteropathay feeling ? Quid pro quo, eh? And did this take place synchronously? Sub rom. Gentlemen, excuse my meraciousness, but this is a fair question, will you oblige by giving the rate-! .payers a straightforward answer, without tergiversa- tion or subterfuge ? Sir, I am sorry to trouble or disturb you in your ponderous and weighty deliberations, but several years ago money was borrowed to complete private improvements at West Cottages. The work was carried out, and the contractor paid, but in conse- qnence of measurement disputes of a trivial character owners have not yet settled. Will you again kindly inform the ratepayers where the necessary money has been coming from (for several years past) to pay the interest on this extraot dinary and remarkable outlay also please give the exact amount of interest unques- tionably paid out of thb public rates. It's evident the gods do not permit the ratepayers to know everything- Mow. clearly understand, I am not blaming Mr Snell. If he did the work: of course he is entitled to be paid; but why was 15 or 1G guineas paid to this gentleman when a Central Ward member, and also a South Ward member, viz., Mr Thomas Lewis, Garthe, Strongly protested against payment being made, and for this justifiable reason, viz-, because the Board did Dot give Mr Snell instructions to do the work. Will you kindly state where this 15 or 16 guineas came from. Gentlemen, bear with me only this once. A mem- ber of the Council openly states, viz.. it was clearly understood when the late Surveyor was called upon to resign office, that he (the Surveyor) was to be re- elected that this infrequent backstairs resignation, and sublimely grotesque bit of business, fit only for a caricaturist's pencil, was only intended to be a warn- ing in the shape of a severe reprimand. Rather a costly and ridiculous inodus operandi, eh ? JSgrescit- medundo, remedy worse than disease. Will you again kindly refer to the bocks and inform the ratepayers what this wonderful, extraordinary, and brobdingna- gean advertising, paving applicants railway and hotel expenses who came from all parts of the country on a wild goose, rambling, adventurous, and bootless chase, cost the ratepayers ? Sirs, if you or your worthy Clerk, mystagogue or mysteriarch by per- quisition, perscrutation, peroestigation, or pervesti- gation, on referring to the books fail to unbosom, reveal, unveil, and answer these naystagogic questions, or evade by sophistry, j Why of course, it's peccavi an acknowledg- i ffient of wrong-doing will explain intelligibly. the j cause of the rates advancing disingeniously from 8d to Is Id in the t, and is therefore a case of pro-1 spicience panivorous, a policy of looking forward to a butterlesabread existence.. Yours faithfully, 1, G. L. NORRIS. P.S.—Three honourable gentlemen, to their ever- lasting credit, are willing to pay their share or portion of the Stanwell-road private improvements it Lord Windsor, members of the Local Board, and other property owners will do likewise. Now, sirs, here is a rare opportunity for the new Penarth Urban Dis- trict Councillors to distinguish themselves by using their ratiocination or raticinative powers, and thereby earn the eternal thanks and panegyrize of the electors by saving or otherwise relieving pocr overtaxed rate- payers of close on S,3,000 desideratum, a thing to be desired, but regretfully wanting.