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Correspondence. Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed by Correspondents. A SNOW PLOUGH. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle Sir,—The present condition of the pavements in some parts is rather dangerous, resulting, I believe, at leas; for the most part from the snow not having been cleared when fresh fallen- May I suggest that our "Town Council" would confer a large public benefit at a small cost if thay would purchase a snow plough, such as is in use at Cardiff, Clevedon, and else- where, by which I believe a horse can cleau the pave- ments, street after street, in a very short time when fresh fallen- The cost would be a comparative trifle, and it would be a boon to the householders to be re- lieved from the responsibility, and in ninny cases ex- pense, to say nothing of the irregularity with which it is done, or, in many cases, left undone; hence dis- comfort to foot traffic, and, as in the present ase, danger- Will the Council see their way to provide a plough ready for future use ? Yours faithfully, EDWARD SEAGRAVE. I Penarth, Feb-.6thi 1895.

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