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Notes and Comments. -


Notes and Comments. OUR UNEMPLOYED. IN consequence of the continued severity of the leather, there are a large number unable to follow their employment, and as a result great distress r_1 prevails throughout the district, but more especially t, at Cogan. The District Council at their meeting last Monday resolved to establish a labour bureau, and provide work of some class or other for those most deeding it. The special committee appointed to look after this work will meet for consultation this Friday I afternoon, and then probably some public intimation I Will be given as to the time when the committee will Ilaeot to receive applications. Better late than never, but this step ought to have been taken earlier, and it does seem a pity that so much time should elapse after the Council decided to provide work, before the Meeting of the committee. COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION. -By be appearance of Mr W. B. Shepherd's Election address we are reminded that the time is rapidly ap" proaching, when the electors will be called upon to iiiake a choice of men to represent them at the County Council for the next three years. For the purposes °f this election the Penarth district, which includes Cogan and Llandough, is only divided into two Wards, ?I b what is termed the North, comprising practically the 11 l\oth and Central Wards as divided for the District Council, and the South tailing in the WestWard. When the contest took place in 1892, there were five Candidates, viz., Messrs Shepherd, Cornwell, and D. Morgan, for the North, and Messrs H. O. Fisher and •J. P. Jones, for the South. The members returned ivere Messrs Shepherd and Jones. Through the death of Mr Jones, a vacancy occurred, and Mr F. H. Gotham was returned unopposed. The 1892 election Was fought on political lines both parties putting forth Strenuous exertions to secure the return of their can- didates- In both Wards Liberalism triumphed, and Messrs Shepherd and Jones were returned with good Inajorities. For the coming election we at present bear of only one candidate for the South Ward, viz. Mr Jotham, but in the North Ward, there are rumours of war," and it seems likely that Mr Shep- herd, the old and tried, will have to meet an opponent. The threatened opposition comes from a gentleman living in the South Ward, viz., Mr G, L. Morris, who fought well for a seat on the District Coucil, last December, but who failed for various Masons to obtain the necessary support, although it appears that if all had been true to their pledges, he c would have stood head and shoulders above all hn opponents. There were circumstances in connection With that contest, which made the result very un- satisfactory, and Mr Norris new intends to give the electors another opportunity of proving their friend- ship and their confidence in his abilities to serve them. It must be remembered, that though a man lllay be qualified to discharge the duties of one office, be may not be considered the man for every public position, hence Mr Norris may, after the next contest, Still fiud himself not the chosen of the people; Mr .shepherd has served the electors for a period of three ~yeais, and though we are not cognizant of all his 011 °s lhe Council, by a very long" way, yet there ave come publicly before us some questions which he has advocated, and which should enlist for him the vomabte consideration of working men and trades- unionists in particular. We will only refer to one of these. Formerly the contracts let by the Council had no clause stipulating that the contractor should be obliged to pay the trade union rate of wages for the district, thus giving tbem the privilege of grinding down their employees and gaining some great advantage over others. This Mr Shepherd called at- tention to, with the result that now in every contract, this clause is inserted. And then, is it not a fact that Mr Shepherd, as an employer of labour in Penarth, always paid the highest rate of wages to his employees? Once again, at the Council meeting when the question of dividing Penarth into Wards for the purposes of the Local Board, now the District Council Elections, so as to give fair representation to every part of the dis- trict. it was Mr Shepherd who fought tooth and nail for the adoption of the scheme carried by the Local Board, and the public meeting of Ratepayers, against another scheme which was only introduced to the dep- utation which visited Penarth to make the inquiry nd which was opposed by representatives from all parts of the District- These are just two or three things which recommend Mr Shepherd to the con- sideration of the Electors at the forthcoming election. W e do not say that no other man could serve the Ratepayeis as we! and we do not wish to foist Mr Shepherd upon the Ratepayers for any reason, but we have thud written because it is just to him who has served a term of three years, electors should have something to enable them to judge as to his suitability to represent their interests. The nom- ination of candidates will take place on the 28th inst., and if there be a contest, the election will be on the 4th March. According to an official return just is- sued there are in the South Ward 846 electors, and in the North Ward 972, as against 715, and 843, re- spectively in 1892.

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