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The Late Bnrnmg FaMity. .





A -"¡;N-ar"> "4 GO TO THE 'CHRONICLE OFFICE For your iN?jE? '?M?? 'TS) 'TN?B? ?sr *? "?N?Bt ?ES? .? <tB?? JB!- JsL J?.s- ?? ?L ?..j?. ?g? i? It is the Best aille- Cheapes't. Hign Class Work a Speciality. A Cardiff Printer says The Omcial Programme of the Tabernacle Baptist Fancy Fair, and the Cogan Exhibition Certi.Ecates, issued from the l'enMth I Ohronicle office are the neatest specimens of their kinds I have seen turned ontio the district." THE POPULAR LAW BOOK. ALWAYS KEPT UP TO DATE, AND NOW ENLARGED BY FIFTY PAGES. i NO MORE LAWYERS' HILLS 6s. 8d. Saved at every consultation Now Ready, THIRTY-SECOND EDITION (1895), 750 closely printed pages, containing' 5.000 Statements on 11 Points of Law, verified by Notes and References to Authorities. Price 6s. 8d, post free. EVlY M A N' S 0 WN L A WYE R. A Hand y Book of the principles of the Law and Equity. By A Barrister. 32nd Edition (!895L Revised and C.iref.'ily Brought up to Date, and now including tf r t )e first time) A CONCISE DICTIONARY OF LEGAL TERMS. This New Edition inciu'les the Local Government Act, 1894-establishing District and Parish (,'ounciis': Finance Act: J894 imposing the New Death Duties besides 'he Notice of Accidents Act, 1894; Prevention of <Jrne!iy to Cintdren Act..l894; Merchant Shipping Act, 18U4; Building Societies Act, 1894: Married Women's Property Act, 1893; Trustee Act, 1893; Industrial and Provident Societies AcL, 1893 Hours of Labour of Railway Servants Act, 189;3; Betting- and Loans Act, 1892; with many other Acts of re- cent years. With full particulars how to Sell or Mortgage Land through the Land Registry without professional assistance;, and how to claim Repayment of Income Tax. COMPRISING Rights and Wrongs of Inclividùal-ComnwI'ciùl Law —Law as to Goods Stoien or Lost—Criming! Law— Parish Law—County Court Law—Came and Fishery L'\ws—Poor Men's Lawsuits—Beta and Wagers— Biits, Cheques, Notes—'Agreements—Copyright— Patents—Trade Marks—Insurance—Li bet and Slan- der—Divorce—Mortgages—Stock Exchange Practice —Trespass—Nuisances—Transfer of Land—Wi!is, etc. etc. EXPLAINING THE LAAIT FOR Landlord and Tenant—Master and Servant—Work- men and Apprentices—Herrs—Legatees—Husb&nd and \VifE-gx.ecuLors and Trustees—Guardian and Ward—Married Women—Infanta—Partners and Agents—Lender and Borrower—Debtor and Creditor —Purchasers and Vendors—Companies—Friendly S< deties—- Churchwardens Clergymen Doctors Bankers—Farmers— Com factors — Sportsmen —Far- ri'rs—Horse Dealers—Auctioneers—House Agents- Hold KlepCT.:3-I'a wnbrokers-Suf\'ej or:R;.til ways —Carrier—Uonstabtes, etc. etc. <' As a bcok of reference it is without a rival." -,Pall illull Gazette. "The wbule law for minster <- Should be in the hands of every ibm i less man, and all who wish to al,)olisii lawyers biOs. Week!; Times. Crosby Lockwool & Son, Stationers' Hall Court, London. .lh. d Sold by all 1'0 )lcsell e rs. .caDEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THEHEA.D cured at the ot'tien'ts home. This Illustrated Edition also treats S the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Extreme toutnesd, Ingdiestion, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism by Medico-Eiectieity —4d. Brignt l'uul1:hers, 8, Tavistock Place, Lot)tl(jii WC. '4Jii; tI!&JJL. As mernty As windmill a& go rounds So goes A W,-t-,Iiing Where HUDSON'S SoAP is found. A Fine PowJer-Ùt Ptlckets. 1 iz N%