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fenarth Free Library.I


fenarth Free Library. Following the adoption of the Free Libraries' Act twelve months ao'o. a Reading Room was opened on ?e prennaes of the defunct Liberal Institute on Mon- ?y afternoon by the Chairman of the Urban District Council, W. L. Morris, J.P. There were present the Chairman of the Libiaries' Committee, Mr George Cars!ake Thompson, LL B., Messrs Jenkin DeweUyn, ?m Thomas, E. SneH, T. 8. Lloyd, Rev W. B. Sweet- ?scott, B.A.. Rev E. S. Roberts, B.A.. J. Y. Straw. son, H. BaHiuger (Cardiff Libr.uian), Coanty Coun- CJUors'W.B. ahephe.d and F. R. Jotbam. J. M. enDIng-s, J. Pavey, etc. Mr Thompson in his speech stated tb?t the opening I the Reading Room was only a prehmlnary) and that a lending Library would follow in due course. Mr Morns, in declaring the room open, said it was er gratifying to him to start bis year of office as Chalrman of the District Councd by Inaugurating 'aeh a movement as that. (Appla-use). It was a step m the right direction, and be believed that such room would meet a largely-feit want in Penarth A vote of thanks was cordiaHy extended to Mr ?oms, on the motion of Mr J. M. Jenmngs, seconded by Mr T. Bevan, D.C. A simuar comphment was heartily paid Mr John oaumger and Mr SneU for their services in connec- tIon with the preparation of the Beading Room, and to Mr Thompson for presiding. 1 he premises have been adapted for the purpose "Oder the gratuitoas superintendence of Mr Snel!, wno is also a member of the Library Committee. ?wo rooms on the ground ncor have been converted ?- ? ? ?"-ai?hed with newspaper stands, rea?g tables, chairs and other suitable accessories. immediately foliowingtbe Inauguration, through the generosity of Mr W. L. Morris, Ught refreshments were served in the upper room, the catering being earned out by Mr D. Rees in excellent style. The USU41 toasts were appropriately honoured.

--; Penarth Football Club.

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