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. 'IONA' and 'KATE'



DESECRATION OF NATURE. Although the Homocea Co. have "i one of tha greates- schcmes in rur:J advertising put before thorn, they have de dined to entertain it on account, of the widespread disgust ox isting in the minds of all who love their woods. c1:]ci:<, neldgy streams, rocks aud hills in the glory of their naturai I)L"tUtiOS, undefiled by the modern billposter. They (The HO!l1ocoa Co.)" are content with the legitimate channel of the PmHn,nnd by pamphlets containing Testimonials. They can point tv cure% far more convincing than mere assertion. TESTIMONIAL FROM BISHOP TAYLOR. HfGH BAHSET. My dear old Friend,—I distributed a variety of your r'ji]a!fe& among aniicted natives and among mission- aries in Sierra, Leone, Liberia, Coast of Guinea, Congo Country, and Angola South of Congo. I Ila-ve not been over those din'crent and distant nelds since, and have no dennite information in regard to their curative power. I have used HOMUCEA and have proved its healing virtue both for severe bruises and flesh wounds, and also to kill the virus of mosquitoes and higgoes (jigger Yours very truly, (Bishop) H. lC TAYLOR, n mcn.Ú,Ii dhodzst Episc,,pii Mission LORD CARRICK says HoMocKA cured him of b:eedin'y piles when all else failed that he geve some to a. labourer <vho wa& lomed by a stone falting- upon him, wliom it cured. A woman: h:td a p!Uii in ihe elbow, and could not bend it for n Yb.u-md it. cured her. and another used it for scurvy on her leg, and it was doing her good—one letter closes from him with the -A ards. It is the most wonderful stuff that I ever ea\tne across." Rempmbertbat HuMOCKA subdues inflammation and aUitys ir. ntatisn almost as soon as applied, for it "TOUCHES THE SPOT All wholesale houses stock HoMOCHA 1. can. be o?tain? from Chemists and others at Is l. or "s 9d. pw boK,'orwH 9ent by poster Is, Md. and 3s. Troua the Î Hamilt-on Square, Birenhead. ? ?