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The Oldest Established Pork Butcher in Penarth. :iF RICHARD GUY, Wholesale snd Ketail Pork Butcher, Ham I and Bacon Curel, and Pork Sausage Manufacturer, 93, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH, AND 103, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK b. 7 TRY OUR NOTED POR, PIES. 8ld. PER LB. ANY SIZE MADE TO ORDER. # .¡. I PATENT MALT BREAD. (ROYALTY SECURED). T. WALKER Family Grocer and Confectioner Maughan Terrace & 56, Windsor Road PBKARTt. The Noted While you Waitj Shop | B. J. SAM Vv AYS Boot and Sl*i .*• 1 Mr&feer 82, GhT>m STKEK •' AETH. i. ——^ 'WATCHES Are the Best Value, the Strongest, most Curable, and Finest Timekeepers ever mode, TESTIMONIALS FROM THOUSANDS of Owners now using them in all parts of ths world. aUl;/ 3&i&. A. WA OH S' Made on an Improved System. Not liable to failure, giving Extra Strength, greater freedom from accidell- Reduced Cost of Manufacture. .');t ,/Jø7¡;J()Jw LA D Y'S "LUDGM E" WITM {Cheapest and Beit Engl: h Zover ever made at tht & ee. fa Silver Cases In ISct. Gold Cases t ht London made Three-quarter Plate English Lever, fully Jewelled, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel. Patent Dust and Damp Proof Ring Band. Specially recommended for ladies' wear, An Exact Timekeeper. Thousands have been SOW* Absolutely the Best Value m;\de. Price £ 10 10s., in Massive 18ct. Gold Crystal GlaSS 3ases. In Sterling Silver Cases, E5 5s. Performance warranted. Sent free and safe to all parts of the world. r/l" ,_?, ti LOMATT WATCH The Strongest, Best, and Cheapest English Lever ever made fort £ 5 5s- Unequalled for Accuraoy, Durability, and value. In Silver Ceases. QoI^um ",t London made Three-quarter Plate tCnglish Lever, Jewelled throughout, Chronometer Balance, Enlarged Barrel, Patent Dr.st and fecnp Proof Pang B»nd. Vpp,™ hotter time than, and is double tuc Strength and Value of any £ 5 5s. Watch yet naada. In Three,Sizes. Small (as illustrated) tor Gentlemen and Youths. Medium for Working MetS "Targe for Miners and Railway men., In Massive Stirling Silver Cases xm a. Ci > £ 5 5s. In 13et. Gold Crystal Glass Cases GcnJametfi size, £ L2 12s. TF^TMONI ALS froi& Performance warranted. uv« THOUSANDS of WEARERS Sent free and safe to all parts of the muia. ,} 1 aw,7 Will send the above Watches, together wi. Warranty for correct periormanee, to an} nam of the world, free and at his risk. on ug P.O.O., payable at G.P.O., Bank Draft, or C:1Sa. CLOCKS for the house, of every kind in grea* variety and of the newest designs, from £ 1 t» rxHURCH and TURRET CLOCK^stimates O and advice free. Just comply leu the Gitafc Clocks for Portsmouth Town Hah, Ash^on undeiv. Lyne Parish Church, and many others. PLATE, both for presentation an 1 household use. Tn Sterling Silver avul Electro Plate. lh» prettiest patterns and best quality, at moderate TEWELLERY, in fine Gems or Plain Gold of J best London make. Matty taotwandio novelties | at manufacturers prices. I TnNGAGElvlENT RINGS. in en lless variety, set with the finest Gems, and of best "Speciality" Brilliant llinaw, at £ 10. and 9,20. Selections free on receipt, of referenow. BENSON'S PAMPHLET. the largesl a.nd best B of its kind, containing nearly 200 Pf-isres ot Price* and Illustrations of every class of WAiCUhi-), CLOCKS, CHAINS, JEWELLERY, PLATE an TURRET CLOCKS, sent post free on applicatior