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..t::So8IIIftQIIW rui'J1tI Is Penarth Healthy ? $' MEDICAL OFFICER'S REMARKABLE PRO. NOUNCEMENT. A LOW DEATH RATE. J BUT MORTALITY RETURNS NOT A CRITERION OF THE PREVALENCE OF DISEASE. RAMPANT DEFECTIVE SANITATION The Vice-Chairman of the District Council pre- sided over the Public Health Committee last Monday night. Besides the usual officials there were present Messrs W. L- Morris, J. P., D. Morgan, L. Purnell, J. Pavey, R. Bevan, and T. Bevan. The Medical Officer reported that during November last there were registered 31 births, 18 males and 13 females, equal to a rate of 28 8 per 1,000 per annum. The number of denlhs was 12, corresponding- to a rate of 10-8 per 1,000 per annum- Of the cause of death 3 were from respiratory diseases, 1 consump- tion, 1 convulsions, 1 croup, and 5 from diseases not secessarily classified. There was one inquest- verdict natural causes — and one case of diph- :■ theria at 87, Salop-street, which probably arose from insanitary conditions. Of the ages of those who died 2 were under 1 year, 3 between 1 and 5, 1 be- tween 5 and 25, 2 between 25 and 60, and 4 at 60 End upwards. There was a marked absence of in- fectious diseases, only one case of scarlet fever hav- ing- been notified under the Infectious Diseases Noti- fication Act. During December, 26 births were re- corded, 6 jinales and 20 females, together with 9 deaths, corresponding to a rate of 22-7 and 8*1 per 1,000 per annum respectively. With reference to the causes ot death, 3 were from diseases of the respira- tory organ, 2 consumption, 1 meningitis, 2 senile de- cay, and 1 from an ailment not necessarily classified. Two were under the age of 1 year, 2 between 1 and 5. 2 between 26 and '6°, and 3 at 60 and upwards. Four notices under the Infectious Diseases (Notifica- tion) Act had been received, 2 being diphther ia cases at 3, Oakleigh-terrace, and 15, John-street, respec- ■-•v tively, 1 scarlet fever at Park-road—this being an a. caseand 1 croup at Corners Well Faim 1 but the Bute Estate had promised to make certain necessary alerations at the last-mentioned place. Measles had entirely died out. For the year 1894 the daath rate was 8-8 and the birth rate 30'8. The mor- tality rate was very low, and conld hardly be equalled by any Urban Authority of similar size. The birth rate, however, could be beaten. ■ (Laughter). j Mr Meazey reported defective sanitation at 16, James-street, a certain house in Windsor-terrace, a defective stench-trap at 59, Ludlow- treet, and a de- fective w.c. at 34, Windsor-road- The Inspector of Nuisances further reported a large number of defec- tive soil and ventilating pipes running through pantrys and conservatories. Many of these pipes, which were only 1 inches diameter vice 4, were bent in undesir- able places, and even had open joints. Some of the yentiiators actually ran right into the house- (Sen- sation). Decisive action ought to be taken by the Council, as he had drawn owners' attention to the danger to public health, but they have taken no notice of him. There was a house in Dock-road where the excrement was oozing through the wall. The ques- tion naturally arose as to under which bye-laws the Council could act. Mr C. Bevan could not understand what locus standi thsy had m the matter. Plans had been passed by the old Board 14 or 15 years ago, under the then existing code oi bye-laws, and according to the re- turns of the Medical Officer, the public health bad not ffe 7 (, ( suffered. Granted, that if the ioiuts of soil pipes and ventilating shafts were open, they were within their jurisdiction in summarily compelling the abatement of that nuisance, but surely they could not compel c),viers to put in 4in. pipes when smaller pipes were sanctioned under the old regime. This alleged danger to public health was either a myth or most extraor- dinary in the face of the well-maintained abnorma-Ily low mortality reported by Dr Nell. Dr Nell replied that the death rate of a town was not to be taken as a guarantee of its healthiness or unbealthiness. There might be twenty cases of sore throat and a large amount of sicKness caused by de- fective sanitary appliances, but which did not neces- sarily come under the cognizance of the Medical Officer. In answer to Mr Bevan, The Clerk said that the law was not retrospective. Mr Snell observed that they could not interfere in the matter until the existence of a nuisance was re- ported, when it was their duty to take prompt action. Meanwhile the Inspector would bring the most flag- rant cases before the Clerk, who would advise him Low to ,ict. Mr Meazey took this as his instructions. Mr R. Bevan was a little curious on one point, for Seeing that one, according to the doctor's dictum, tOnId not judge of the health of the town by the l- ;&1&¡ death rate, how, then, did Penarth compare with other similar towns ? The Doctor said he hadn't tables at hand, but there was being formulated a system whereby, without spying too much on the liberty of the subject, theie would soon be ascertained approximately the preva- lence and nature of all sickness. At present statistics showed only prospective severity and malignancy of diseases. 0 This medical innovation was dubiously, though facetiously received by the member, and further mer- riment was evoked by Mr Morgan saying a local doctor had lately told him that he was starving as he had no work to do.


Alleged Arson near CaCILoxfuoii.