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f. "> Tenarth District Council. CHURCH AVENUE TO BE A HIGHWAY. ONLY A CDT DE SAC OR "PUDDING B.\G" STREET AFTER ALL. MR W. L. MORRIS, J.R, SUGGESTS FOOT- WAYS BEING SANDED IN FROSTY WEATHER. A COUNCILLOR OBJECTS TO TREES BEING PLANTED OPPOSITE HIS HOUSE. MR PAVEY LOOKS AFTER COGAN. FENCING OF THE DINGLE. A Public Works Committee met on Monday night, Mr Snelt presiding. The tame members as were pre- sent at the Public Health (q.v.) attended. HIGHWAY ENCROACHMENT. With reference to this matt3r at Stoney Land, where a boundary wall was now built not 15ft from the centre of the high road, t, The Clerk stated that the matter was beyond their jurisdiction; ouly the Rural Sanitary Authority could interfere. The Chairman, after eliciting that the house itself was 6Qft from the road, said that the opposite por. tion of the road was under the Penarth Council's Authority, hence were buildings erected 15ft from the centre on their side the road would be contracted, which practically amounted to a diversion. He would recommend the Council to bring the matter before the Rural Authority's notice. The highway ought to be left as it was; it was time to put a stop to that sort of thing. The Clerk promised to write the ptoper authority. BEAUTIFYING THE STREETS. The Surveyor reported that a considerable number of trees bad of late been planted in Arcot-street and Plassey-street, and asked for that portion of Stau- Jt"rod between the Royal Buildings and Trinity Ssse? ? ?ant the road 'from Gi-ove.terracWo' the Intermediate Schools. Mr Morgan remarked the trees were a nuisance, and hoped they wouldn't be brought his side they might look very well oppose, where it was some- what bare. but be bad enough bis side. (Laughter). In answer to Mr T- Beva,n as to what the rees The Surveyor seated between 9s and 10s each. The trees themselves cost abou_ 4s each. On the motioa of Mr V L. Morns, seconded by Mr Purnell it was decide to recommend the Council to carry oat the Sui-veyo-'s proposal. Application was nrade for the X5 reward by the person who gave in'ornation which led to the boy Shier bping fined V8 K"' breaking a recentty-pLinted tree in (Laughter). The Surveyor fought Xlo cheap if a stop could be put to the pracw, There bad been three broken and over a dozened with a knife. Some arithm'?' caicuhtions were indulged in aa to how much t) boys in collusion would share sup- Dosino- .€5 we swarded for every conviction with ?nly ? 10& ar cement. The application was quietly burked.. LANE URINAL. Mr And's offered more space for the enlarge. ment and 4tilatiori of this public convenience for £5 per year, ? to do this he would have to give up one of his sf At tb, ?" -? "?' ??y choice exple- tives -w ???' ? vieing one another in de- DOUII ci' e plae as being a disgusting nuisance. The D?? thought a .€5 increase in rent, not ex- ? ortionate, but rather fanciful. So Messrs D. ? and T. Bevan were appointed a committee to ? .omon down a jEl. WINDSOR ROAD FENCING. W. L. Morris, J P., directed attention to the sti of the dingle fencing, and wondered when eome- tpg was going to be done. It was elic'ted that the style of iron paling had been determined urnn. The Clerk thought that peicbance the excitement of the election bad something to do with its being tem- porarily lost sight of. C, As it was decided to fence the whole portion, it was resolved to advertise for tenders. A PROPOSED BLIND ALLEY. The Surveyor submitted plans showing bow Church Avenue might be converted into a high road. There were in this street 17 houses, and the residents com- plained of the inconvenience arising from there bejng vehicular traffic only at the back. Allowing 3ft 4m for a footway, this would leave 14ft for a road. In the lane, although there wad a width of 18ft, yet pedestrians were often incommoded and endangered by passing wheels. It was, during a discussion, noticed that the avenue would have no outlet for vehicles, neither room in which to turn. Mr T. Be van, however, thought the suggestion capital. Upon the motion of Mr SneII, seconded by the ex- Chairman. Mr Evana's method of dealing with the dimcuty would be recommended to the Council. MR PAYEY. STIRS UP THE T.V.R. Cogan's top-of-tbe-poll-representatjve, if he mistook not, noticed some time back in the Chronicle that there waa to be a footway letding from Cogan to the Station. Could *ot they force the,l'aff's hand ? The Chairman The Company are obliged to do it. Mr Pavey Then what's stopping them ? Mr Snell explained th-xt the Taff promised to make the path, and the Council could therefore call upon them to set back the enclosed land 50 feet and make a footway. Mr Pavey That part is insumciently lighted and highly dangerous. Mr Snell: It's a matter which ought to be looked into. (Mr Pavey subsequently but informally said if the Council shelved the question next Monday, he would g;ive notice of motion that the Company 1:3 summarily called upon to make a footway. SANDING THE FOOTPATHS. Our new J.P. urged upon the Council the necessity of putting on all available bands to strew the most frequented streets with sand during the frosty weather. In some places b was almost impassable and very dangerous withal to pedestrians. Hts.col!eag"uescon- curnng with this sensible suggestion, the Surveyor was instructed to attend to the matter immediately. TENDERS. The following tendered for SuUy-place private im- provements, the figures being held over till the monthly meeting next Monday: Messrs W. R. Meazay, Jones and Thornley, Thomas Rees (Ely), Escott and Ford, and C. Gardener. The difference between the highest and lowest tender was f230 9s lid. On the motion of Mr Purne! seconded by Mr W. to Morris, J.P., that of Mr Rees, Ely, was decided to be recommended to the Council, provided all the quantities worked oat right. ? MISCELLANEOUS. ..L'COOL .1.uo., report how the two crossings intersecting at Mr Rees, the grocer's shop. could be improved. Mr W. L. Morris complained of there being no crossing between Arcot-street and Hickman-road. After some discussion, it was agreed that there was a likelihood of its endangering vehicular traffic, the matter might be compromised were the Surveyor in- structed to see that particular attention be paid to the sweeping of this point. Mr Pavey also thought that a crossing oug-ht to be laid near the Police Station it would, be was sure, be conferring a boon not only on Cog-unites, but pedes- z, trians generally. This matter was deferred, but in the interim the scavengers would be directed to keep a crossing there well swept. Mr Evans reported that no reply bad been giveR to his last two communications by the firm who bad engaged to provide sewer gas destructors by combus- tion, and he therefore advised that the Council order be cancelled, inasmuch that in one town where the destructors had been erected the Gas Company bad refused to supply gas on account ol the alleged pro- bability of an explosion taking place. The Clerk advised that as the Council had given an open order and speciSed no time, that the "firm be written to enjoining' them to fulnl the contract within a week, fai.'iag which the order be cancelled. The Surveycr reported that the experiment with the new concrete for crossing's at the Station and op- posi'e Mr Morgan's not having proved a success, the contract be cancelled- 0 By Mr Morgan The Newbridge stone of which the old ones were made cost 12s a yard, whereas the concrete was 5s. Tne time of year was not propitious for the experiment, and the time taken for the proper hardening of the concrete being six months, it was inadvisable tc continue using it, With reg-ard to the laying of sleepers down at Cogan whereby the ponds could be filled with soil, etc, from this side of the bill, the Surveyor said he haa not yet put them down, as he did not know whether the steepers could be claimed after putting them down on another's land. 1:1 Plans for the erection of eight houses in Coo-an- place by Mr Handcock, were referred for alterations as were also those of a workshop for Mr C. Riches Windsor-terrace. The plans for the omces of Mr C. H. Taylor, coal merchant, just celow the Town Station, were passed. The House adjourned at 9.45 p.n:.


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