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Penarth Football Glub.

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œW""J -J. *cuoMt.u uuttj, uavtng a boisterous gown of Nacic velvet upon him," a,s ho came out, overthrew the cross which, trailing down along the tappet, cha.Dced to fat! on J ?. w. Bonner's head." The Cardinal attn?m ?y the confusion inquired what bad bapp<-n?f, -rj'! duly informed of the nature of the occun'm?. Ilath it drawn btocu ?" aslied WoJsey. "Yea,fors!oot.h, my lord," replied his gentleman 'usher :c bath indeed." The Carding kept silence and looked sad fcr a while. Ac Jast quoth he, shaking his bead maium omen," a.ud immediately said gra,ce after meat. He then roee from the table, went into hit bedchamber, and remained there lamenting and making hia .prayers. Subsequently, when at Pomfret Castle after his arrest. Wo.'sey said to Cavendish, "Thou dost re- member the accident to Doctor Bonner ?" Marry, that I do right weU, my loid," WM tht wep)y, it was on Ha!)oun Day." "it bore this interpretation,the Cardinal observed, the Cross, which belonged to the dignity of York, was typical of myself; Augustine of my accusers; and the biood from Bonnet's head of death. God hath given a sign to me that my last days are at h and, and the end of my trouble near. & Tha Srst demand made by the Earl of Northum- ertmnd in the King's was for the keys of the castle. which the porter refused to give up to anyone sxcept the Cardin&i. "Thou art a good fe!!ow," said the ear!, "and Bpeaketh like a faithtui servant to his master. If thou wilt swear to keep well and truly these gates, tor the Etug our sovereign lord's use, thou shall remaia in thy o?co." Having taken the oath the warder was !eft in :harge. On meeting the Cardinal, the ear!, who bad been brought up under his roof, was much disturbed in his mind, and going with him into his bedchamber— there beicg no one else besides the gentleman-usher present-Baid with a trembling voice My lord, I arrest you of btgh treason Where is thy commission ?" ashed the Primate; let me see it." "Kay, sir, that you may not," quoth the earl. "Than wiil I not obey your arrest," answered Wolsey, for there hath been between some of your predecessors and mine great contentions." After & pause ha added Unless I see your authority and commission I wiu not obey you." White this w&s going oa Sir Walter Wa!she had arrested Dr. Augustine, and in doing so, being opposed by hia prisoner, "thrust him in with violence. The C&fdma,! having inquired of Sir Walter what he 'knew of ths matter, was informed that the earl cert&iniy had a warMnt. 1 bMeech your ?ra.ce ho!d us excused from show- mg !t," ,he observed, since there is annexed unto ourcomm?aion f.schtsdute-?ith certain instructions which ye ma-y in nowise be privy unto." After some further coutencion the Cardinal agreed t,oyie)d himself So Sir Waiter Wa!she, saying: I am ready to be ordered and disposed at your wi! put therefore the King's commiasion and your authority in execution, a. God's n?me, and spare not. I wiU obey my sovereign's win and picasure, for I fear more the cruelty ot my unnatural enemies"—turning a re- proachful glance at the earl, whose benefactor he had ? -Eo"w?M8S T never-?nu? MTe J?g ? ?J?. m word or deed; and therein I dare stand fac. to face with any man alive, having mdiHerency, without ?R?ney. documents, and valuable property were then secured, aud all servants removed trom close S?nd?nce on the Carding with the exception oi Cavendibh. who was sworn to act in obedience to the ?am?y'pamed,?Wo?eytoC???? .<that I cannot reward thy Hdelity and diiigenco. Thou hast left wife, children, borne and famuy ior me It srieveth me that I have nothing now to bestow upon thee. Nor c?i I requite the hone? merits of other servantswbom Imten.ed to advance from time to tim e as occasion should serve. Alas' lhav. noth? tett I am only now a desolate and ?a?e master; bare and wretched, without he)p n? a?ofour but of God alone." .'? o?good cheer." mterpo?d his gentlem? usher- "Godwin restore your Giraco. Otasc "?fear me not';d AVoIsey but. Caven- cish I?m a trueman.and th?iore thou shalt never jec?ve sh?ne of me for thy service. ?.v Icr rpplied the Mbml usher, I nothing mi-Mtthy truth; aüd for the same I dare and ? n be sworn be?e the King's person and his ?nour.ble council." C?ing ?'???P??? ae addpd. Comfort tbyseif, my lord be of good ?r the malice of unchant?e?m? shall never P?vaU ag?f trutb aud f?tbfuluMS. Doubt not Sa?hou wi)t be able to acquit aad clear thyself of Stb.? suTmi.edand feig?d accusations, and that the King will restore thee to forme!- digmcy and ?Snner being presently sprveQ, the Cardinal wM ? ?eat very littie m?t," and dr?nk only a smalt ?u?y of water. Broken iu spirit and teeMe m body, he bm-st tim? into t?rs, speaking, as wtulest tlaat S usher dLcJatøa. "the most sor'ro At last the bath b.en heard of any wofut creature.' At last the unhauDV Primate found a voice, and said a!oud? ??Con??tiaMartiru?Claudabilis, 0 chanta me?in.uibtiis' 0 patientia invincihilis, qu?. hcet n?pre?surarper?queutium visa sit desp?bih m- ?eSr?l? glonum ac honorem tempore ?Thet?al then rose, .nd pa?ed ?th from his dinner in great lamentation and heaviness, havmg been "mo!-e fed and moistened with sorrow and tears th?n with either ple?nt meats or delicate ?? corded that there was not a dry eye among all the gentleman sitting at the table with him, and that in demeanour and speech he was submissive and '?w'aa arranged that theiHustrious prisoner should commence his journey to London on Sunday, and cavendish, his chaplain, barber, and two grooms of his chamber were directed to attend him. All othera were dismissed Ms setvice or ordered to remain C? going downst?is the sick prelate ashed to see thousand persons had assembled at the gates, who t cned as be passed them: God save your grace' Foul evil take them that have thus taken thee from us' We pray God that a very vengeance may lisht upon them!" Thus," saya Cavendish, "they ran crying after him through the town of Cawood. they loved him so weH. Surely the peop!e had great Joss of Mm, both the poor and the rich. For the poor bad ever of him areat relief; and the rich never lacke,,] his counsf-)I."