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-------. FOOTBALL. -


FOOTBALL. -="m', tTHE NEATH MATCH. Neath are nudoubtedly a tough lot to tackle on their own ground, and no matter what team visits the "Bird in Balld" field the Neathitea make a big bid X» supremacy. Cardiff have bad their colours lowered on that same field, and this season Llanelly, although bearing with enthusiasm the laurels of their New- POrtiall victory, met with defeat to the very great SQrprise of their supporters. The crowd are not by any means a passive lot. They shout and yell at the players as if the winning of the game depended altogether on their boisterou- vociferation, and, according to all accounts, their be- haviour on Saturday last-ibcir shouts and bowls at arrett for what they [called off-side play, and the nguage they used to this veteran International,were Proceedings most unsportsmanlike and ungenerous. The Neath crowd wanted their men to win at all azards, and win they did, backed up as they were y their turbulent and intimidating followers. Penarth were rather unfortunate in going up with- out Hubert Alexander, Shepherd, and Gibbs, and it may be well imagined how these three men would have Strengthened the team. Misfortunes of absen- 0r °r kQocking|out have brought about, directly fliof ^ree defeats which have been in- had8 °n arth thia Reason- If Hubert Alexander m 1DOt ^een Llanelly match, it is a Inoral certainty Penarth would have won and if all PenarrtT^ be€m present at tbe Newpor t match ena^h would not have lost. Many are the rumours the Ltl t0WD With ref— t0 of muenbl °*T 'hat Ang0Te P,ayed a WaeS fai'edSO °ften to Snt 1 Morgan got tired of S<a>dins all „ hw dlrection This version, however, is not at aU correct, for Angove is stated, on excellent authority, to have played tolerably well. The loss of the match could not be put down to the backs. It was the almost total failure of the forwards to heel out that brought about defeat. The Neath ups cap- tared the ball time after time, and their quartette was frequently set in motion, but the Penarth ups either couldn't or wouldn't do likewise, and, conse- quently, they, and they alone, are responsible for what resulted. Clemence, of course, was, to a cer- tain extent, the cause of Neath's scoring, for by ill- luck he kicked the ball into the hands of the Neath man, who ran over with it. But Clemence otherwise gave a faultless display, and if our forwards had only heeled out, Penarth would have scored more than once. The Penarth forwards, with this one ex- ception of heeling out, wer,3 quite as good as their opponents. THE INTERNATIONAL. Dai Evans has had news that he may accompany the Welsh team to Scotland, as there is a slight pro- bability that his services may be required. This is wonderfully good on the part of that purblind body who so cleverly mismanage the selection of proper men to represent the Principality. It seems to be a question with them of every man for his own hand," and Penarth will never get justice until they have a representative, or until the Match Committee is com- posed of members of the leading Welsh Clubs. It is simply disgraceful that a man with the claims of Herbie Morgan should be quietly ignored, and that men who are his inferiors in every point of play should be selected. His kicking and tackling alone would have been of infinite service to Wales in the match at Swansea THE LLANELLY MATCH. Llanelly visit here to-morrow, and a good contest may be expected Penarth, however, will not be able to turn out in full strength. Dai Evans has gone to Scotland, and Shepherd and Alexander will be unable to take part. Llanelly, on the other hand, too, will have men away, so that the game, to a cer- tain extent, will not be a real test of club strength, The gate," however, is sure to be all right, J

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