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Alleged Burglary at Barry.…


Alleged Burglary at Barry. THREE ARRESTS. r The business premises of Mr S. S. Bedingfield, newsagent, tobacconist, &c., in Dock-road, Barry, were acailf burglariously visited on Saturday or Sunday night" and up to a late hour on Monday night Police-sergeant Weeks and his police-constables were busily engaged in the endeavour to unravel the mys- tery. The value of goods stolen was about X5, in- cluding a large quantity of tobacco, cigars, pipes, &c. On Monday night Police-sergeant Weeks succeeded in securing one of the burglars under rather remark- tn ZD able circumstances. During the investigations of the police they found the point end of a sheath knife ly- ing on the floor of the shop, the thieves having appa- rently used the weapon to force open the inner com- partments of the cash-box. Police-Sergeant Weeks, therefore, suspected that the guilty parties were of the seafaring class,and-going to the Priory, the men housed thereat were placed in a iow, and steps were taken to Search them all round. During the progress of this interesting proceeding, a young man stepped out From the rank and remarked to the officer, "I am the man you ivant." He gave his name as John Scanlon, 1, seaman, and be also said that he was accompanied by two other young men, who had gone away, saying they intended joining the Navy. Scanlon was lodged in the local police-station to await his trial. ARRESTS AT NEWPORT. Taking advantage of a statement made at the Priory, Police-constable Tucker was instructed by Police-sergeant Weeks to proceed to Newport early Tuesday morning, and, after a search, two young men, named Joseph Joyce and Stephen R) all, sea- men, were arrested in the Model L( dging-house, Dock-street, Newport, and were brought to- Barry. The robbery which took place on Sunday night iq the ii-d which Mr Bedingfield has experienced within tighteen months. PRISONERS BEFORE THE MAGISTRATES. At a special sitting at Barry Dock Police-court on Tuesday afternoon (before Mr J. LovvdOD) Joseph Joyce, John Scanlon, and Stephen Ryan, seamen, were brought up in custody charged with burglari- ously entering the business premises of Mr S. S. Bedingfield, newsagent, Dock-road, Barry, ou Sunday night, and stealing therefrom goods to the value of X5 to X 6. Sufhcient evidence to justify a remand was taken, and the case was adjourned till Thursday, at the same court. PRISONERS COMMITTED FOR TRIAL. Before the magistrates at Barry Dock Police-court on Tuesday afternoon, the prisoners were brought up C3 m custody, on remand. Mr Bedingfield, who also owns a business at Car- diff, identified the goods produced as his property. Miss Emily Llewellyn, an assistant in the employ of Mr Bedingfield, gave formal evidence as to leaving the shop safely locked at 11 o'clock on Saturday night. On Monday morning she found a panel in the back door broken, and the door itself open. It was a lock-up shop, and no person resided on the premises. Police-sergeant David Weeks deposed that on Searching the premises he found the point of a blade of a black sheath knife and a worsted waistcoat button. The point exactly corresponded with a knife found on Scanlon, and the button with those remain- ing- upon his waistcoat. Subsequently witness went to the Sailors' Rest at Barry, and there arrested pri- soner, who admitted that he was the man wanted. He then made a statement incriminating the other two prisoners, who were arrested at Newport by P.C. Tucker. In a subsequent statement Scmlon absolved Ryall from all blame, as he was not with the n. The prisoners Joyce and Scanlon were further charged with breaking and entering tbe shop of Messrs S- Andrews and Son at the Docks, and steal- ing therefrom a quantity of currants, raieius, and Some sheath knives, on the 13th inst. Edwin Clarke, 3, Woodland-street, Barry Dock, the manager of the shop, identified the broken sheath knife referred to in the other case as one of those missing from the premises after a burglary. When charged with the offence Scanlon admitted going into the shop and taking some raisins and sheath knives, some of which he gave to his fellow- prisoner. The Bench committed the ttree prisoners for trial at the next assizes in the first case, Scanlon only being Commit"d in th° ga -oTd rase Co T

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