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Development of Penarth.


Development of Penarth. A DRY DOCK TO BE CONSTRUCTED. The Taff Vale Railway Company have long had in view the necessity for a second entrance to their dock at Penarth, in case of collisions or accidents which occur rendering the existing entrance temporarily use- less. This would, according to engineering authority, involve the expenditure of a large amount of capital, which would be practically unproductive. We under- I stand, however, that the directors of the Taff Vale Company have overcome the difficulty by making ar- rangements for the construction of a dry dock to the westward of the existing entrance to the Penarth Dock, and extending southwards towards the channel. The Taff Vale Company have taken a lease of the ground now occupied by the Penarth Ferry Company, upon which engineering shops will he erected. The Taff Company were bound to give !)0 days' refusal of this portion of the foreshore to the Penarth Shipbuild- ing Company, who hive declined the option. The- dry dock will be 650ft by 80ft. and sufficiently large to take any vessel which can go into the Penarth Dock. A company ia being formed for the purpose of coustrcting the dock, and the concessionaries have- been given until the end of February to prepaie an offer tothe Taff Vale Company for the ground de- fined by them. With a strong directorate of ship- owners the company should pro-re a profitable invest- ment. As it will be connected with the basin of the Penarth Oock, the newi dock will afford another entrance in case of emergency.