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The Beef was Tempting.

The Poetry of the Future.


The Poetry of the Future. [Written for that journal of diurnal occurrences, vcleped the Western Daily Press, and dedicated to the orthographic authors of my Bse-iug.]' To Bee, or not to Bee, that is the question." Rae iimbetit-somnol ent, upon my couch tetragonal, Tenebrious nighi's lugubrious mantle spread, n The mechanism horological, with case hexagonal, C, 0 Monotonously oscilliates above my head. Then through my phrenological development Electrically passed a wird, strange dream, A change of psychological envelopment C. 1:1 In fact a metempsychosis t'would seem. Primarily, a Leviathan vast I rolled In preadamite ocean's vast abyss; Then as a mighty ichthyosaurus strolled By lakes primeval in phlegmatic bliss. Cycles immense passed of the world's cosmogony, And buoyant on the circumambient a;r, I, floating, gazed on nature's physiognomy, 11 Philosophizing on the rhythmic beauty there. Phytivorous flocks 'neath branches corymbiferous, In the exuberance of comfort lay While sounds euphonical, scents odoriferous, Blended beneath Sol's meridional ray. Progressing still, the world in its gyrations 1 t5 Has left the pre-historic periods far behind, And legislation's ratiocinations Have developed the mighty power of mind. Physicians now of ipecacuanha, In Latin phraseology, prescribe For cold or phthisis—but the ancient manner Whate'r disease you happen'd to describe- Paraphrenitis, paralysis, or cancer- Phlebotomy they would panegyrize, As paramount to any other plan, air, Save hydrophobia, which they cauterize. I must conclude; I'm getting hydrocephalus, And rather hyperbolical I fear; I may become cachectic and cadaverous, And cacodemon's cachinnation hear. I'm a plain man and speak in language simple; How such a dream arose I cannot say But 'neath my head (whicb some folks call a pimple) All night a Walker's dictionary lay-

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Penarth Philharmonic Society.

Development of Penarth.