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I » Board of Trade Prosecution. At Penarth Police-court on Monday Mr Thomas Wood, master of the ship Wyanstay, was charged with contravention of the Carriage of Gram Act, 1880. Mr Ivor Vachell appeared to prosecute on behalf of the Board of Trade, and Mr J. J. Handcock (Messrs Downing and Haudcock) defended. Mr Vachell, in opening, said the vessel was loaded in the Black Sea with a cargo of maize, bound for Cork. The hold was divided into four compartments, Nos 2, 3, and 4 of which were properly loaded and trimmed. No. 1 was not properly trimmed, and the amount of space left without grain would hold from between 40 and 50 tons- Mr Andrew Frederick Weir, surveyor of the Board of Trade at Cork, said he boarded the vessel on the 27th December last, and discovered in No. I compart- ment a space of one foot from the inside of deck to the top of the grain. The space incieased towards the bulkhead, and he should think there was sufficient room for about 40 tons. He should say that No. 1 compartment could not have been full when the vessel left the port of calling. Mr Handcock here elicited Lhe fact that the cargo from all the holds was being discharged when wit- ness visited the vessel, and that grain had been taken from No. 1 compartment. Mr Vachell remarked that after this statement it would be useless to go on with the case. The Bench agreed, and the defendant was dismissed.

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