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The Late Burning Fatality.





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Correspondence. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for tint opinions expressed by Correspondents. SACRED SUNDAY EVENING CONCERTS. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle Dear Sir,—The concert held in Andrews' Hall last Sunday night was an unqualified success, both from a musical point of view and the attendance. The collection, too, was very creditable. Now, sir, something of this kind is much needed in Penarth during the winter months. I have cited last Sunday evening's concert just as an example of the kind of thing required, and the masses attending it is, I think, very fair proof as to the support which such an undertaking would receive. Of course the object of the concert ltist Sunday claimed the support of a large number, yet I have no doubt that a series of Sunday evening concerts would draw almost as many. It would give somewhere for our young peopl* to go, who are now to be seen up and down our streets. Then, if it would be a means of drawing people from the streets to the hall to spend an enjoy- able hour, can anyone raise an objection against con- certs on a Sunday ? Could not the Philharmonic Choir, who gave last Sunday's concert, take something of this sort in. hand ? It would bring them before the public notice,. and thus would do them a great deal of good, for would they not gain in numbers, and of the best talent in Penarth ? With the aid of soloists from Cardiff and Penarth, the choir could get up some thorough good concerts, thus conferring a boon upon, and earning the gratitude of, hundreds of Penarthians. Thanking you in anticipation, I am, Yours &c., WANDERER. SUNDAY EVENING MUSICAL SERiVICE. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Sir,—Last Sunday, as you are aware, a musical service was held in Andrews' Hall. for the benefit of" the widow and children of the late Mr Alfred Smith, who was recently burnt to death at the Penarth Steam Laundry. That the concert was a success no one denies, but I should like to say a few words concerning some of the arrangements. The hall was literally packed, and yet only fiO was the sum realised from that mass of people. How isthis to be accounted for T Many may think it a very good sum to get by volun- tary contributions, but taking the object into con- sideration, I do not consider the collection was sati factory. The reason tor this I think is to be found in. the fact that door arrangements were decidedly bad,, no one being there to keep out the hundreds of chil- dren-rough boys especially, who crowded in the- room as soon as the doors were opened. I think ifc some of the committee or other persons bad been placed at the doors to keep out the children, unless they were accompanied by some responsible persons, the collection would have been very much larger, because hundreds of those adults who were turned away would have gained admission- I do not write thus for the sake of complaining, far from it, my only object being to suggest to the com- mittee the desirability of making better arrangements, on any future occasion. I am, Sir, Yours respectfully, :ONE PRESENT..

Dead in his Bunk.,I, I-