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The Late Burning Fatality.





Notes and Comments.

Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir.I…


Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir. GRiND CONCERT AT PENARTH. CRITIQUE BY A. FLAT." On Wednesday night, at Andrews' Large Hall, there was a crowded house to bear the far-famed Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir. In the unavoidable ab- sence of Mr H. Radcliffe; the Rev John Pugh pre- sided. Under the baton of Madame Clara Novello Davies, the choir fully sustained its enviable reputa- tion, and gave a unique selection of choruses Un- doubtedly the orchestral piece de resistance of the evening was The Spanish Gipsy "—the competitive piece at Chicago—the execution of which was all that could be desired, redounding to the credit of Madame Daries. Interspersed were solos and daets. The first solo virtuoso was our local favourite, Miss Emily Francis, who interpreted Titania (Mignon) with a pathos and execution exquisite in the extreme. This the hypercritical audience recognised by an un- mistakable enthusiasm, which the eminent artiste graciously acknowledged by further charming the house with '• Poor Wandering One." Miss Dot Prosser, the volatile, next held the as. semblage spell-bouLd with her enchanting, dulcet, rich contralto voice, and in the rendition of Adams' The Valley by the Sea," temporarily translated her hearers. In respons-e to clamorous calls for an encore, Miss Prosser sang Zuyder Zee with rare taste and lnimitability. Special mention must also be made of Miss Gertrude Drinkwater, a soprano. This execu- tant first essayed "Llwyn Onn n in the vernacular, and pourtrayed its meaning in a marvellous manner. Owing to exigencies of time an encore was precluded. The other artistes whose efforts played no small factor in the evening's musical delight were Miss Isaacs, vice Miss Edith Edwards, who sang 11 To all Eternity Miss Ellen Jones (soprano) vice Miss Annie Jenkins, Miss Beatrice Edwards, who sang "She wandered do wn," and for encore gave Once Miss Annie Bowen (contralto), and Mr Perkins (baritone), whose rendering of "Toreador," from Carmen,' was a veritable treat. A happy innovation was the appearance of Miss Emily Francis and Miss Bowen in Blumenthal's duet, I- The Venetian Boat Song. Had they been accom- panied with string instruments the effect would have been more accentuated. As it was, Blumenthal's old favourite was dished up quite au jait, and a gusto was lent by the adventitous accompaniment of Miss Wini- fred Evans, who throughout the evening officiated in a pronouncedly clever manner. Instrumentalism was further appreciated when Miss Winifred Evans with exemplary fidelity interpreted Liszt's Rigoletto," the execution of which was pleasingly recognised by critics. The finale was the singing by solo and chorus of the National Anthem, as sung before her Majesty at Osborne.



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