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(j hit-Ghat. ¡/ BY RAMBLING TOMMY. It is intended to separate Llanishen, Gabalfa, Penarth, and Llandoagh with Cogan from the South- east Rural Deanery. Cardiff, as it befits the Metro- polis of Wales-will then be constituted a deanery of its own-^It wil,l after the re-arrangement, be the Most populous deanery in the Principality. The Jihondda Valley, with Aberdare, Mountain Ash, Dowlais, and Merthyr, beats it now- 0 0 0 Next Sunday evening' after the usual service at the various places of worship, commencing at 8.15, the Penarth Philharmonic Society will give a sacred con- cert in Andrews' large hall, the proceeds of which will be devoted to the fund for assisting the widow and eight children of the late Alfred Smith, who met with his death at the Steam Laundry, Penarth. 0 0 0 We are glad to note that in addition to the sing- ing of the choir, Miss Emily Francis (member of the Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir, and prize winner at the World's Fair, Chicago), and Mr J, F. Pioud (con- ductor of the Cardiff Blue Ribbon Prize Choir), will give their services, and sing solos during tha even- ing. Such valuable services will be justly appre- ciated. and will not lose their reward. 0 0 0 The conductor of the choir will be Mr Alfred Spencer Jones, organist and choirmaster at Trinity Wesleyan Chapel, and the accompanists will be Mr Ernest Jones, organist cf Arcot-street Wesleyan Chapel, and Mr Bert Hallett. The chair will be taken by the Rev W. Wallace. During the evening a col- lection will be made, the proceeds of which will be devoted as specified above. The object is a deserving one, and should appeal very strongly to the sympathies of the people of Penarth. 0 0 0 We regret to record the death of Mrs Muller, wife of Mr George Muller, founder of the Ashley Down Orphanage, Bristol. The deceased lady has been ail- ing for some time, and took to her bed on Friday last, passing peacefully away on Sunday morning. 000 The District Council would confer a boon were they to put street crossings in several places in Pen- arth. They are wanted bad enough, Just fancy a busy y C, thoroughfare as Windsor Road and Arcot Street, having no crossing to Hickman Road, and 'yet more traffic passes here than perhaps at any other point n the town, with about one exception. ooo Another crossing is wanted from Trinity Wesleyan Church to the residence of Mr Meazey. Now isn't it a big nuisance not to have one here ? This being so. and Mr Meazey is the Nuisance Inspector, is it not his duty to have the nuisance remedied. 0 0 0 But for the Penarth Slough of Despcnd" make your way to the Level Railway Crossing. We must wait awhile though till the new Council get settled a bit, then they will perhaps attend to these matters. All in due time. ooo I Are the new incandescent lights an improvement on the ordinary gas lamps ? Opinion varies as to this. 0 0 0 Personally, I don't think the District Council are giving the new lights fair play. There are two in Windsor Road, and both are fixed to the small lamps, whilst, surrounding them, are the large Bray's lamps. Why not try one of these- A man was going up the street, with a basket under his arm, shouting the article he had for sale. A certain young fellow was sent for some, and he asked the man for 3d worth, but when he saw what was being given him he" walked." To account for this strange behaviour, let me explain that it was thought the man was shouting out "shrimps," and it was these the lad was sent for. But when he saw the man handing ou bloaters, he retired. 0 0 0 It has leen vigorously discussed by Penarth foot- ball enthusiasts why it is that at least one Penarth man was not selected to play in the International match against Scotland. It is thought that there are- one or two in the Penarth team quite equal to some ofjjthose selected to play, and better. 0 0 0 The nearest approach to a selection from the Pen- arth team is Herbie Morgan, who has been picked as one of the reserves. 0 0 0. 'Tis not everyone who is witty under the following circumstances* and being a Penartbian all the more interest is perhaps added. A certain young man went to the notorious Cogan Brick Ponds last week to do a little skating. He had not long been trandling around, when the ice gave way and precipitated him into the water. When in, he commeikced singing— I fell into the Brick Ponds And there I fairly stuck I'm fairly in it." Then perhaps realising that the water was cold, he turned his attention to finding a way of getting out of the uncomfortable quarters into which he had alien.