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Penarth Votaries of Terpsichore.


Penarth Votaries of Terpsichore. Mr Charles Manley gave an invitation ball in Andrews' Lesser Hall on Wednesday night, which was a pronounced success, and well attended withall. The room presented a very cosy and pleasing appear- ance, having been specially decor a* ed for the occasion. Mr E. Bishop, confectioner, Glebe-street, had charge of the refreshment buffet- and, as usual, gave the u'most satisfaction. The Penarth Quadrille Band, under Mr 1). Hicks. was in attendance, and discoursed a capital selection of fin de giecle music. Dancing was coufiuued well on to the small hours, and was indulged in bv. amongst others. Misses K-'ight, Miss J. Bishop. Miss Mcore. Miss Cory. Miss James» Miss Mug ford, Miss L. bishop, Miss Ellis, Miss James, Miss Heard, Miss L Morgan, Misses Matthews, Miss Evans. Miss Richards, Messrs J. Pickford- Lloyd Davies, A. Hogan, J. Campbell, J. Cory, II. Bishop, S. Bishop, A. Lewis, F. Hill, A. Buckland, W. Meazey. and A. Gilbert- Mr Manley officiated as M.C.