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--------, Death of a Quondam…


Death of a Quondam Notorious Penarth Boarding Master. KNOCKED ON THE HEAD WITH A POKER. An inquest was held at Cardiff Gaol on Wednesday afternoon (before Mr E. B. R^ece, coroner), touching the death of William Burchell, aged 65, boarding bouse-keeper, at Barry, who died in the prison on Tuesday. The body was identified by Wm. Rees, superanuated officer of Customs, of 7, Mori.'mer-road, father-in-law of the deceased. Mr Joseph Howard, governor of the prison, said deceased entered the prison on remand on June J,2th, 1894, and was tried and sentenced at the Cirdifr Ses- sions on July 3 for unlawfully wounding to a term of one month's hard labour, and afterwards to six months or find sureties for good behaviour. He was uuable to find sureties and remained in prison He had to pick oakum when he could. He was not able tu do a full task, and was never tasked." He was never reported and- never punished, but deceased was sub- ject to epileptic fl, s. He was attended by the medical officer. William Benjamin Taylor, qualified hospital warder, spoke to deceased having had several fits during the time he was in prison. He had a succession of fit* on Tuesday from ten o'clock in the morning, and died about three o'clock in the afternoon. fl Hardyman. medical officer of the prison, said deceased hai had epileptic fits* in the gaol on occa- sions previous to his last term. He was excused the task of thd wheel" when he began his last term. At that time he had been knocked about the head with a poker (previous to admission) and his fits since then were worse than before. The jury found a verdict that Deceased did! i'í au epileptic fit."

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Penarth Votaries of Terpsichore.