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[ ' The Recent Gale,'


Royal Welsh Ladies' (jhoir.


<t I Correspondence. ( The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed by Correspondents. THE CHAIRMAN AND J.P. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle Sir—I was gratified to see that evidently our new J.P. had not condescended to bemean himself by answering" A Voter. I fully concur with Nemesis," and have had my- self exceptional facilities for testing the manliness and probity of Mr W, L. Morris But what a farce to attempt vindication- That his election to the Bench has provoked only one adverse critic is pregnant tea- | timony of his claims to that honour Seemingly the only reason '-Voter'' advances against Mr Morris is his coming third on the poll. Seeing that the Chairman of the District Council never canvassed, his coming in with onlv a difference of 20 votes between him and the top man was very satisfactory. AH this was the only specific reason alleged, and a lame one, too, Voter," to bolster up his flmsey case, has recourse to scurrility and shamefully malignant aspersions and innuendoes. These are best met with a severe silence, letting actions speak loudei* than words. Mud always shows most on clean linen. But although one, and especially Mr Morris, could afford to pass this Voter by with the contempt he de- serves, yet this unprincipled shyster and whiffet who tries to damn a public man by suggesting dishonesty cannot go unpunished, but will be relentlessly pur- sued by such avengers as Nemesis and QUI VIVE. DESIRABLE ACQUISITIONS, etc. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Sir,—Now that our local adminislrators have put On their warpaint, permit me to suggest their keeping the following reforms and necessities as frontlets between their eyes :— 1. Seats along the Cliff and additional ones on the Esplanade and elsewhere. 2. Circuit round Penarth. 3. Widening of Esplanade. 4. Removal of stones from the Beach. 5 No donkey raeing along the Esplanade. 6. Letting- Sunday licenses alone. 7 Railway station at Lower Penarth, 8. Recreation ground or grounds. 9. Advertising the place. 10. Granting licenses only to beal people. 11 An Art Gallery and Museum. 12. The realisation of Mr Norris's Utopian idea of reducing the rate to 8d in the X. These various needs and reforms will at once com- mend themselves to our Councillors, who, doubtless, will-make honours easy by each vowing a big vow to carry out: one of the above 12 If any consider Mr Norris's idea an ignis falinis, let him ask a pleeceman. Yours, etc., NOTA BENE. i