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[ ' The Recent Gale,'


Royal Welsh Ladies' (jhoir.


Royal Welsh Ladies' (jhoir. FORTHCOMING CONCERT AT PENARTH. It is with great pleasure we call attention to the grand concert to be given in Andrews' Hall, Penarth, next Wednesday evening, by the justly celebrated Royal Welsh Ladies' Choir. So much has been said and written in favour of this choir that no words of ours are necessary to recommend the forthcoming concert to the patronage of the people of Penarth. Penarthians were honoured in being the first to wel- come them home after their visit to Chicago, and the enthusiasm with which they were then received we -believe will be more than equalled next week. When we last heard them they had not been summoned to appear before her Majesty the Queen, a distinction which very few choirs can boast., but with this addi- tional honour and the ratifying encomiums which have been piled upon them wherever they have gone, the special fund intended to be benefitted by their visit ought to be considerably augmented. The success of this choir was particularly marked in their recent tour in the North. This tour, which lasted from Decem- ber 3 to December 14 inclusive, was under the man- agement of Mr Harrison, of Birmingham, and among the towns visited were Birmingham, Abcde^n, Dundee, Glasgow. Edinburgh, Sunderland, Manches- ter, Liverpool, Sheffield, and Nottingham. The suc- cess of the choir was almost unparalleled, doable encores being received in every town visited, while the audiences were very large aud most enthusiastic. Nothing could be more gratifying than the unani- mous praise bestowed by the press- The Aberdeen. Journal spoke of the rendering of Spanish Gi|>>v as magnificent and iint-urpassable in dramalie force, precision, and unanimity of at lack.' The Dundee Advertiser &aid T e voices are delightfully fresh and vigorous, true in time and tune, and heartlessly ex- prefisive." The rendering of "Men of Ilarlech" evoked the following from the stme raper To those who ha\e been accustomed to old familiar strains, sung or flayed mechanically, the interpreta- tion given by the choir miitjt have come as a revela- tion." The NlJltinyhan Daily Express said Their leception last evening W,,is it magnificent one. Wales, itie land of many sweei singers, has seut forth many brilliant cijoli but none 10 equal that which appeared last evening.' j