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Cymro Dewp.

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Christmas Boxes to St. Asaph…

St Assph's Roll of Honour.…


St Assph's Roll of Honour. The following is the list of St Asaph men now serving the CountryPtes F W Asntcn, Devon R> Oicar Bassett, A S C Qaarter-master Sergt C Batcock, A P C; Sergt Booth. D 111 Y Pte Louis CAvanagh, A S C Corpl Herbert Clayton, Ptes R Clayton and W Davios, R W F Pte liatle Daviee, A S C Sargt Dal Davies, RWF; Driver W S DAvieø. A S C Pie O.ven Daviesi Kings Liverpool Regt; Trooper Justin Durcan, D H I Y Ptos Charles Durcan, E Durcan, Corpl J S Deed, A S C Ptes J Doherty, P Durkin, RW F; Pte J H Davies, 3rd Batt RWF; Driver James Evans, A S C; Lince-Corpl R Evans. D II I Y; Pee R Evans, R W F Pte R O Evans, N atts and Derby negz Drivers D John Evans, John Evans, A S C Ptes W H Evans, R S Edwards, R W F Driver T Eistham, ASC; Sargt Fred Jarrow, DHIY Pte G Harold FowleP, Drivers C H Holmes, W K, ffi3 Hughes. Whr S Sargt Hugbes, A S 0 Corpl John Jones, Trooper Hagh Jones, D H I Y Pee William Jones, A S C Trooper Edward Jones. D B I Y Ptes William Charles Jones, J A Jones, Wm H Jones Pte Arthur Jones; 5th Batt RWF; Pte Reuben Johnson, Pals Batt RWF; Riflleman R F Kenny, Th R R C Pte Charles Kelly, RWF; Pie A Littler, Sergfe Fred Meakin, Pte L A Maodonald, A S C Ptes Charles Pierce, J E Pierce, George Pierce, R W F; Driver E J Parry, ASC; Driver W Price, R F A Pte J Price, A B C Pfee C Parvis, R W F Trooper F 0 Rbodes, Herts Y Gunner P C Rbodes, R F A Pie Hugh Roberts, RWF; Troopers Malcolm Robertsi Garner Roberts, D H I Y Driver W Arthur Rogers, A S C Ptes R E Rogers, James Roberts, :R W F Trooper H Rowlands, D H I Y Pte J W Rowlands, Driver G W Simon, Pee Herbert Simon. ASC; Pte J Spicer, Lance-Oorpl Charles Smitb. R W F Sergt 1 Tomkinson, R A M C Sergt P Tomkinson, R F Pte William Tomlinson, R W F; Ssrgt Jim Tomlinson, R F A; Pte William Thomas, Driver R Vaughan, ASC; Pte George £ Vernon» RWF; P F N Watkins, Pais Batt R W F; Pt-o AWilliams, lat Dragoon Guards Saddler Corpl A William?, A S 0 Lance Corpl I Williams, R W F Sargt 0 R Williams, D H I Y Saddler Sergt P WISHams, A S C; Pte Michael Wynne, R W F.