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JOHN 7:; PAORG" Tlle qnfelte3t anl InOSt CCr'afn ClItO for HEADACHE, N;-IJRALGIA, illd e.,h at all (L-d 'KIPLE. Po.3TArr. 110Tt'ISA. J. MORGAN JONES a G() v r 7 R A M. A p Cyclists !—When seekmg the best— whatever the sura you may be ssiveslin^—remember that manufacture rc-prssenta ali thi-.t is best m tyre construction. BRITISH-MADE N t P! n WARWICK & u \;¿1 b-' b oJ:; \'1, ¿<-an", !W S A fi!i:. fl< '.1 't¡!! iJ ifí'" CAMBf £ 3PGE_TYRE& ¡. \:>, ¡;2C PRICES REDUCED g 1"A)J .i"I., "J The Dunlop Rubber Co. Ltd., Fouhdeis of the Pneumatic Tyre Industry, 331 Lscce SheGt, Liverpool, T —. "-I Jl II — m 111! SBOMOBMOCSlOSHOSWOCBGOmOSBOe'OrafflCWWOWWOfiWOWE OHWOnCKGBFlCaiOHiCttlOraca OBBB os?soc Trx omoMmomotasommorsssoaBSomRosii&oa^omso^mDaiiiOssmosstosaBoxso&so^iOKmoatoaBoaitzomeiOk^osRgiQU OBOiBOBOWonioBaono«oGicmonioHoaoaiOBOBicGiioacftios^Blfono»ioHiOKOKOGKo 1 A TEST WILL CONFIRM | o§3 the truth of the popular verdict that Beecham's Pills are |i| Sal "Worth a Guinea a Box". A fair trial will prove to you—what is °i°. ||| known to many thousands of people—that 8 jS i THE VALUE OF I 19 Bal o|S this excellent preparation is not exaggerated by the striking |o| loB pronouncement. If youaresutferingfromanyof the manyailments |*jj which have their origin in a disordered digestion, and you have ||| gi| recourse to Beecham's Pills, you will soon be satisfied that the la! benefit derived is not to be estimated by the small cost of the |i| i|i remedy. A digestion, which works harmoniously asid efficiently g|o a|a adds immeasurably to the value of life. Most people might enjoy ||| ogo a perfect digestion by taking |°jj 0 0 I BEECHAM'S 1 PILLS. 1 oio |C9 ill M |B| Prepared only by THOMAS BEECHAM. St Helens, Lancashire. KjJ o|o Sojd everywhere la boxes, price l!t\d. (56pHls) A 2 9 (168 Nils). |°g OBO Qa*ni^eri^*nieen^efi*lO**0*80HBI0BIODS0BH0*lB08W0^B10aCOHi5OaBO3a61QCBlO|W2lfosiCZOeB'3MSCIET:2Oti C 12^O M oaa O EN O AA O tm o tm O «W O BOWO SAO sso RAO OSSO I-SU O SMA G e-x o nsc 6 K o B I -7 I Now's the time to Buy a FORD CAR I j -NO to the 410 Reduction in Prices! Kanabout, £ 115 Touring (Four Seater), £125 C> Landaulette, X175 Chasis (only), £105. Van Type (I\ itll5 to (II), £ l1S Ditto (III), £ liO. Apply for Catalogues, &C,g to EDWARDS, ) The Garage, Denbigh. 54. I -—— — u,.r ,„ ,„.„—— —— I EVEíY MAN v> !jo has joined the Army should have in his Kit a small bottle of i a Of all Chemists: l\l\, 2jg and 4'6 Convincing Medical Testimony with each bott/e. DTJlCtilfe CHteRQOTNSg Dr. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S Chlorodyne being highly concentrated and taken in drops, takes up no room in the Kit. I THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN FOR IU tyll COUGHS, COLDS, NEURALGIA, TOOTHACHE; BHEUMA TISM. it acts like a charm in caring" DIARRHOEA g and other bowel complaints. "An excclicnt Food, admirably adt.ptcd to the ( THE ————i warts of Iafants ASX^. <6^ 1 t"ument with j U^ful P,o»klet Hints about Baby "free. ve features; j SarupU for 2 J. veil a £ c. fviet.iloa tuU pap^r. Hi /7JmJBfENKr made by the "SWAN' i «?i3 £ -IAP H. NHAVH fx CO.. Fordis^.britige ty ^en ^e0I>^e- by FARMING "AND THE~WAR.. J Br TRY* ONE TOP-DAY. I Owtng to increased demand for Fertilisers: MABIE, TODD & CO., old-establishod firm rt-quir? arents well acquainted with. J .jMHT 79 & 80, Hi«$Holborn, London, W.O. farmers. Liberal Co .uni.sion..Apply Fortilieer* I 13^^ Broren. Gould & Co.. i'iC. S:iiii-ln;ry So.. Floft Sr. T.ondor-i i Ahead. ¡ ,11, The difriculties and problems Vinic11 front us daily in commercial, political, s jciai, 1 and religious life are all sign* of the th »es ia MORE BACON FOR XMA whipli wft I've Give ouo Powder occasionally. ■WOlCli we Sold evcr"\vhe-e lOd. per doz. by post 1/- Every day brings fresh, deyeiopmer and DENNIS'S PIG POWDERB. LOUTH. we are lmng &t such a high, pressur t that it !SBaaMBmHWSSBsaB«nsw«""B!MHra geems as though nothing would be a surprka g^Sfikggklg to us any morning! DENND YPIO POWDERS "The Day of Vengeance jjj fit« of i en* of the very helpful liandVtocl^ itisuel 'rj j A. the Bible and Tract Society,, Lau«.fit» >r C<u^, Ari London, W., •which indicates thik tine tiKresfc J M /ifyl/W j Pi m and commotion we see on e-icry- hand i*i clearly predicted in the Propa&ci*s of the* i Bible, and only from that standpoint can tlia CL T%LOT^ general situation be properly u&<jersVjod. 5 MWfcSww'™' It calls attention to the fact that, unque*- t wr^rFPTIONAL FOOP VALUE" tionably then* is a great crisis just ah«ad of f EX€»3L.ji,lIUrilAij «s; and while not predicting the wrack of I flutter and the cresh of worlds, it ikowa in a | wffitMWSi c. & C. KEARSLEY'S ORIGINAL ▼ery reasonable manner the 1B it-jt off *|r« « \tj « 1' I. P«1f t Prophecy in our day; and alw> h«Jps t-e> dispel | jyOW WClClV S A ITlIlo much of the uncertainty and dwrkness, witb Prompf nnd rcliab,0 for U(U„ fp.o.iy lifht from the only real source of light. I CKUTIFICATE CF MERIT AT THE RASMA^ T!) FOR ,HC CTIR(F V-F The volume is upright 8v<y., 650 page* of a11 inicely bound in etili cloth boards, lettered ;■ chemiste, or post free, rnrmmtuTi* !IPMM B !|GLO^ £ | II FOfilllSHlMG GO.{ I P £ MBROK £ PLAOElj jl LSVERPOOL. "1 ( ISABiyS, LaSCEST, A { ■ jb and MOST Rf-liiSGia 1 J? USE flHUHSsh. I I CASH OR 1 1 EASY PAYIM-ENT 1 M All furniture we sell is manufntwred undWl I k g <sv,r own control and supervision, 1 I SATfiSFAGTSON CUARANTEED I I m MONEY SEiyilMED IN FULL, 1 § WhsUiar transaction II for un w oo easy ) H payments, pries includes | I FR £ ¥, AUD 8A?P I I DELIVERY TO All PARTS. I ft Pfcymsnta may be nisw's either monthly I » or quarterly. We are alwaye willing to ai-rangs I 1 TO SUIT THE | I eONYEMENSE OF QUiT0M £ H§, | g Th?r« is go interest charged, nor any extra 9 « ehargeg cf any kind. ■ | I fm CASH A B1S03UNT I 1 I 0? 2/- En tha £ IS ALLOWED | P You Trill save money in furnishing by inspecting h H eur »tock or sending or writing for cur gi LARGE ILLUSTRATED 83 eATAL0Gy £ ■ post er application. iQLOBEl I FURKISHIHC CO. ) @ (J. Po. GRANT, Prepristor.) H I PEMBROKE PLACE, | I LIVERPOOL. J eeLfAsr HIGH STREET. J0* Railway ¡'H &"Ð AIIOWed. __H "TEACHER'S JL .c1.). Â. k3 I Highland Cream' WHISKY- 1 Bottles (r a er ted) #Ia self Bottles (r a er ted) p^HiANDCREW 1 I BOTTLED BV | J '-7 I I I f li., Quality never Varies ANDREWS & CO., rha COld Vaults/High Street eOLiI AGmwM ran DENBIGH. litil Mig ■ AT& II CUBES |% iPUGHS&COLDSl j 1 Invaluable in the Nursery I 119 Bottles I/- and 2,6 ||jp B ALL ^HEMISTS AND STORES. rOBAQOO CIGARS ^OARETTES J- Every known Brand at Man'ifacturors'own List Price3. Endless variety of Tobacconists' Fancy Goods and Shop Fittings The Trade only suppliod Opening orders a Speciality. Send for Price Lilt tc SINO LETON & COLE. Ltd.. C:lIInon St. Birmingham "5£3 Raw HE I WHITE BLUE I For Breakfast & after Dnner. 1 low )