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. The Late Dean Pryce. -


The Late Dean Pryce. INTERMENT AT ST. ASAPH CATHEDRAL. The funeral of the Very Rev Shadrach Pryce, M.A., ex-Dean of St. Assph, who difd at his residence, Bron Haul, Rhyl, on Tbursday last, at the advanced age of 81 yearp, took place on Monday. A short service was conducted at Bryn Haul by the Yen Archdeacon Lloyd, Vicar of Rhyl. I Then the body was conveyed by road to St. Asaph Cathedral for interment baside the remains of his wife, who died during his occupancy of the Deanery of St. Asaph. There was a very large concourse of relatives and friends and of the general public anxious to piy a tribute of reepact to the memory of thedecaaeed. Tho cortege was met at the Cathedral by the eurpliced choir and a large gathering of the general public. At the Cathedral the eeivice was conducted by Archdeacon Fletcher, and that at the graveeide by the Dean. The interment took plsce by the side of the wife of the deceased. The mourners were Rev Lewis Pryca (Warden of Rathio), Dr A Pryca, Miss Pryce, Miss Eleanor P4-yos, Miss Gwen Pryce, Miss Myfanwy Pryce (sons and daughters), Rev Theo Jones, Vicar of Minera (son-in-law), Rev Roland Pryce (nephew). Amongst those present were Archdeacon Loyd (Rhyl). Canons C F Roberts (Llanddulas), Hugh Roberts (Colwyn Bay), Joyce (Rawarden), D Davies (Wrexham), Vicars W J Davies, H Davies, E A Jenkins, T J Divies, Rrv J Fisher (Oafn), Mr H A Cleaver (Diocesan Regis1 nr), Rev W T Williams (Llandyrnog), Rev D Williams (Llanynye), Rev D Harris Williams (Cwm), Mr J P Lawis, Mr R M Hugh Jones, Mr Llew Hugh Jones. Although a request was made that there should be no flowers, several wreaths were sent. Messrs Rhydwen Jones & Davies, Rhyl -id Llindudno, were the undertakers. The late Dsan, who had two brothers who were also deans, will live long in the memory of Welsh Chsrobpaople as the compiler, in collaboration with the late Rev Owen Jones, Vicar of Bodeiwyddan, of Hymnau Hen a Newydd/a very popular collection of Welsh Church hymns. Ho was a native of Dolgelley, where he held his first curacy, and during that time he was also master ol. Djlgelley Grammar School. An expert in all cuscational matters, he was for 26 years His Majesty's Inspector of Schools for Central Wales. Oa retiring from this position he became Archdeacon ot Carmarthen, and had been examining chaplain to successive Bishops of St. David's. ARCHDEACON FLETCHER'S TRIBUTE, Archdeacon Fletcher, at the Cathedral cn Sonday morning, said :— 41 B3fore pasbing on to my sermon this morning I cannot but allude to what was to aome the somewhat sudden, to those of cs who knew the serious turn for the worse xhioh his failing strength bad taken during the last ten dø, the expected death of the late Dean of this Cathedral, Ii Shadrach Pryca (whose mortal remains will be laid to rest beside his beloved wife to-morrow afternoon) was one of three brothers-all cf whcm dedicated themselves to the sacred ministry of the Chnrch-one of them being ultimately Dean of the neighbouring Cathedral of Bangor. After a distinguished mathematical career at Qaeeu's College, Cambridge, he entered Holy Orders, and before long was appointed one of her late Maj 'stY'1I Inspec- tors of Schools, and it was undoubtedly in the educational sphere that the main work of his life was done. He threw himself heart and soul into the task, and contri- buted no little to that high standard of ednoation which has Eet tbe ladder of pro- grais 4 free and open to all in Wales, who have the ability and perseverance to climb its rounds. The Welsh Church also were deeply ■indebted to him fcr the well-known hymn book corresponding to the Eoglish 1 Hymns Ancient and Modern.' He translated many well-known hymns into the vernacular lan- guage of Wales, and with the assistance of a late Canon of this Cathedral ORen Jones, of Pentroveolas-they were set to appropriate music. Sjbseqnently he became Vicar of GoWea Grove and Archdeacon of Car- marthen, and In later lite he received the due recognition for his services ia his ap* 1 pointment to the Deanery of this Cathedral. Œ Here he at once cleared the Cathedral from a heavy debt and saw the foundations of the Chapter House and adjioent wall of the Chaucel placed in thoroughly substantial condition, and the graveyard adequately drained. Here, too, he won many friends and we, who for years saw him morning and evening toiling up the biil to the daily services, know how, even when old ago beet his frame, he faithfully and regularly performed his sacred duties. Oar hearts are stirred to-day to deepest sympathy for his sorrowing children, so well known to many of this congregation."