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DENBIGH. i Denbigh Wonkingmen's Reading Room. -$» Mr Swayne presided over the annual meeting of the subscribers on Friday evening. Among those pcesant were Messrs D E H Robarte, W L Keepfer, C Cottom, B Lloyd Jonee, J H Palmer, W Drury, J T D Halford, and 0 M Drury (hon I secretary). Apologies for absence were announced from Mrs Tumour, Miss Townebend, and Miss Gold Edwards. The meeting' expressed their sympathy with Miss Gold Edwards in her illness. THE REPORT AN INCREASING MEMBERSHIP. The Hon Secretary submitted his annual report as bdow The working com- mittee h&ve much pleasure in presenting the list of subscribers and statement of accounts for the year ended 31st December, 1913, and are very pleased to state that the rooiiis continue to be appreciated and well appreciated. The number of sub- scribers is 71 j as against 64 last year, with an increase of J61 lis, and ehows that the utility of the institution is increasingly recognised by oar townspeople. The receipts from billiards and bagatelle continue to increfcse steadily, and testify to the patronage of the rooms. The com- mittee found it necessary, as mentioned in their last report, to have the rcof over the refreshment room repaired, and tbiJ was done at a cost cf X17 other small repairs to ice chimneys and landers were also carried out. The committee desire to thank the kind frieuls who continue to give daily papers to the rooms, which considerably reduces the expenditure under this head. The net cost of providing papers, it will be seen, was only £2 17s lid for the year. Billiards and bagatelle tournaments have been held and continue in popu- rity. Bl.iiatd matches with neighbouring institutions have also taken place and occasioned considerable interest. The committee desire to express their most cordial thanks and appreciation of the untiring efforts and interest of their hen secretary (Mr 0 M Drury), the excellent financial results of tha hit few years are considerably dua to him, and are pleased to report he has consented to continue in office, The ro-cifictit)if of Mrs Pierce as caretaker sni housekeeper, and Mr William Williams as assistant; caretaker is recom- mended. The statement of accounts showed the recaipfB to be 1136 19s 6d, including subscriptions L27 2s 61, billiards C30 133 6d, bagatelle £ 30 33 8d. The Chairman moved the adoption of the report and statement of accounts, which were entirely satisfactory. He con- gratulated the committee on the year's. working. Mr Halford seconded, and it was carried unanimously. PRESIDENT & VICE-PRESIDENTS. Mr Cottom proposed the reflection of the President and Vies-Presidents, re- marking that, as they hsd all been such good friends to the institution when it was not in such a flourishing condition, the committee had all the more confidence now in asking them to continue in office when the institution was flourishing (applause). Mr Kepfer, in seconding, said they owed a dsbt of gratitude to them all for the way in which they bid supported them in tha past, and still did so (applause). The motion was carried heartily. On the motion of Mr Halford aud Mr John Williaais, Mr W Metellus Jones was re-elected hon treasurer and Mr G Porter hon auditor, with thank3 for their past services. The general committee were re-elected on the motion of Mr Drury and Mr D E H Roberta. Tne working committee were also re- elected and empowered (if necessary) to till a vacancy caused by the resignation of Mr Price, The Hon Secretary was re-elected on the motion of Mr Cotifom and Mr Palmer, and was most heartily thanked for his excellent services to the institution. The caretaker (Mrs Pierce) and assistant caretaker were re-elected on the motion of Mr Halford and Mr R Lloyd Jones. The Rivera of pspers were thanked on the motion of Mr Drury ard Mr Palmer, and the meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the Chairman. I

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