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Messrs T & W Leathes, Estate Agents. Auctioneers, Valuers, and Live Stock gol(somen, Agricultural Hall, Ruthin, and at Denbigh Smithfield. Attend Denbigh: Wednesdays and other days by appointment. Sales of Farm Stocfc, Property Furniture, Ac., and Valuations Conducted on Reasonable Terms Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. Weekly Bales of Fat and Store Stock throughout the Year. NEXT SALE: MONDAY NEXT. MARCH 30th, 1914, commencing at 12 o'olook with FAT CATTLE. MEBSRB. T. W. LBATHES wil hold their next) Sale of FAT and STORE OATTLB, SHEEP, PIGS, and OALVBB at the above Mart. Entries reepeetfully solicited up to the hour Of Sale* T. A W. LEATHES, Aaotioneera. Agricultural Hall, Rubhin. n9 THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED; EASTER FAT STOCK SHOW: AND SALES IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES beg to *»-*■ announce that they will conduct the above important fixtures as under I On MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 1914, commencing with FAT CATTLE at 10 o'olock prompt. FAT OUTLJI AND BHziep:-Ll for the Best Pair of Fab Beate, 10s. Bssb Fab Bullock, Ditto Heifer, Ditto Cow, Ditto Bull, and Bee. ry"ir of Fat lieasts under two years old 10s. josb 10 Fab Welsh Sheep, Ditto 10 Welsh Yeaillnsrs, Ditto 10 other than Welsh, 326m28 TUESDAY (FAIR DAY), APRIL 7th, 1914. FAT LAMBS, VEAL CALVES, BACON and PORK PIGS. 15.. for the Best Veal Calf, Ditto Pair of Bacon Pigs, Ditto Pair of Porkers. 103. best Pair of Fat Lambs, 5s. Best Single Ditto, 23. 6d. Second beet Ditto. Previous Show conditions will apply bo both Sales. All Sbock intended for competition must be in the Hall by 9 a m. Early Entries reapeotfally solloited, and the nsual good Trade is expected. T. & W. LEATHES, 326m28 Auctioneers. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT, Osklandi, Llanfatr D.C., near Ruthin. THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1911. SALE of Yaluable and Antique Household Furniture and Effects, by direction of Mr. and Mrs Lilly-Wynn, who are leaving. Further particulars and Catalogues one week previous to Sale. T. & W. Auctioneers. Agricultural Hali, Ruthin, and Denbigh. 370a.c Richard Pearce, Auctioneer and Valuer, House, Estate and Insurance Agent (14 years Licensed Salesman and Valaer), Undertakes Sales and Yaluations of all descriptions. Over 20 yearal practical ex- ?erienca in all branches of the business, erms moderate in all cases. Highest references. Proprietor and Originator of the Bee Smitbfleld, Abergele (The Farmers' Market). Phone 200 (Bee Hotel). Telegrams Pearoe, Auotioneer, Aborgele. Oftices-Mirket Street, Abergele. Bat Smithfield, Abergele. ZVERIL MONDAY ab 12 o'clock. RIOHARD PEARCE Sells by Auction FAT AND STORE BTOOK of all Classes. Early Entries will oblige. 860m28 MONDAY, APRIL 6th. ZASTZR SALE OF FAT STOCK. Prizes given in all Classes. Lists ready. Early Entries will oblige, 351a4 Galvanised Sheets, BEST QUALITY. Nails and Washers, Wire Nails, all sizes. Wire Netting, all meshes. Galvanised Dolly Tabs, Dollies. Garden Spades, Manure and Digging Folks, Garden Tools. Sankey's Noted Garden Pots. BOLE AGENr ST. ASAPH DISTRICT Dairy Utensils, every description. Wringing and Mangling Machines a Speciality. Ladies and Gentlemen's Trunks, L HOUdEHOLD FUHNITURE, large variety. Enquiries re above Esteemed. Special Prices quoted. S. D. THOMAS, IRONMONGER AND CHINA SHOP, ST. ASAPH. HONE No. 15. 315jel3 Messrs. CLOUGH & Co., Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, Denbigh and Ruthin. Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin (Close to the Railway Station). THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED DIRECT FARMERS' MART IN THE YALE OF CLWYD. Fortnightly gates throughout the Year. NEXT SALE: TUESDAY, APRIL 7th, 1914 (RUTHIN FAIR DAY), commencing at 10 o'olock good Entry ef FAT STOCK and SHEEP. Further Entries respectfully Invited ap to time of Sale, For further particulars apply Auctioneers Ruthin and Denbigh. CLOUGH & CO., 95a80 Auctioneers, Ruthin and Denbigh Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin. Special Easter Show and Sale will be held on MONDAY, MARCH 30th. 1914 Prizs Cards now ready. Good Entries of Cattle, Sheep, Lambs, and Pigs. Further Entries solicited, Sale at 10 o'clock, and Judging at 9 a.m. prompt. Two STOCK BULLS and one PEDIGREE HEREFORD BULL will also be offered for HEREFORD BULL will also be offered for Sale. 318mt8 CLOUGH & CO. Oakiea. Ruthin Road, Denbigh. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, APRIL 2nd and 3rd, 1914. Sale to Commence each day at 12 o'clock. IMPORTANT Sale of Superior HOUSE- JL HOLD FURNITURE, including Hand- some Pieoes in Old Oak and Mahogany, Plated Goods, China, Glass, &c., by instructions from the Executors of the late Mrs. Ellis, TERMS-CASH, Catalogues ready 5 days prior to Sale, and may be had from the Auctioneers. CLOUGH & 00., Auctioneers, 316a.o. Denbigh and Ruthin Tyn-yr-Helig, Trefnant. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, comprising Rare Pieces in Old Oak and Mahogany, and China, on THURSDAY, APRIL 9.b, 1914, by instruotions from Mr. John Pierce, who is leaving. 342uc CLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SALE of Valuable Freehold Farm acd Dwelling House, Shop, and Premists, situate in the Vale ef Clwyd and the Market Town of Ruthin, at the CASTLE BorEL, RUTHIN, on MONDAY. ^xvnir,, lam, o o ciocK, comprising briefly :—THE OLD SWAN, House, Cobtages, Malb Kiln, and aroib. sibuate in Pwllglas; CAE COCH FARM (11 acres), Llanfair D.O. BRYN- BOWLIO, with 1 acre of land, situate at Graigadwywynt together with House, Grocers' Shop, and Warehouse, known as Cartrtfl}, Ruthin. Aleo Semi-detaohed Dwelling Home and Building Site, situate near Railway Station, Ruthin. Further particulars can be obtained from the Bollcitou,Msllr.. Johnson and Brundrit, or the Auctioneers, both of Ruthin. CLOUGH & CO., 356alS Ruthin, PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. SALE of FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, situate in and near the Town of Denbigh and the .Visarage of Henilan, at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, on FRIDAY, APRIL 21th, 1914. Fall particulars in-future Advertisements. CLOUGH & CO., 379u,c. Auctior eara MOllnt Pleasant, Gellifor. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE k3 and Effeots on THURSDAY, APRIL 30jh, 1911, Fall particulars in future Adverbieements. CLOUGH & CO., 355*35 Ruthin, ESTABLISHED 1874. G. F. BYFORD, Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Valuer of Land, Farming Stock, and Household Effects. Also for Probate and Mortgage. Inventories carefully prepared, checked, &c. All business personally conduoted. Tel. No. 2Y2. Offloes: 12, St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. 91u.c Dentistry. JDentistry. WILLIAMS, Dental Institute, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH, beg to intimate that for the convenience of Country Patients on Market Days they have opened additional/First Olass DENTAL ROOM at Mr. J. Ellis donee, CORONATION BUILDINGS, BACK BOW. DENBIGH, where Patienb3 will receive the most careful attention, -i Abbendance Markeb Days, from 1 bo 6 p.m. Railway fares allowed to Patients coming from a distance. NOTE THE ABOVE ADDRESS 22OC, Wall Pstpep. A Magnificent Collection AT R. G. JONES, 3, Vale Street, Denbigh. f Sale by Mr. J. Bradburne Price.. MOLD AUCTION MART. 1 NEXT WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1st, I at 10 o'clock. J BRADBURNE PRICE will Sell by • Auction all Classes of Fat and Store Stock. Sbock. Aleo I Pedigree and non-Pedigree Sfaoibhcra Bulls, Reds and Roans, direct from soxm of the best berdii in Cumbeiland. 366m28 Flint and Denbigh Hunt Point-to-Point Races, 1914. I THE Flint and Denbigh Hunt hope to have 1 the pleasure of entertaining farmers, Puppy Walkera, aod Gamekeepers, in the area over which they Hunt, to Luncheon at the Annual Poinb-to-Poinb Meeting to be held NEAR RHUDDLAN On APRIL 20th. The andermentioned gentlemen will be pleased to arrangs for invitations to reach those who intend to be present. All must send their names and full postal address to one of the following before Maicb 80.h — Col, Williams Wynn, Dolben, St. Asaph, E. W. Griffith, Plas Nawjdd, Trefnant. H. Bibby, Fachwen, Bb. Åaph. R. E. Biroh, Bryn Celyn, St. Asaph. 1. Charlton, Vron, Northop. Capt. Conway, R.N., Bodrbydean Estate Office, Rhuddlan. P. T. Davies-Cooke, Gwysanney, Mold. John Daviea, Brya-y-pare, Denbigh. 0. Fosbery, Boyn Elwy, St. Asaph. W. Hughes, M.R.O.V.S., Caerwys. Col. Hughes, Kinmel Park, Abergele. D. Mac Niooll, Coed Cooh Estate Office, Abergele. R. Mainwaring, Hafod-y-Coed, Bb. Asaph. Hon. E. Mosbyn, Mostyn Hall, Mostyn. W. G. Rigby, Peatre Mawr, Denbigh. Col. Ward, Begrwyd, Denbigh. ) V. Wrigley, Eriviabt Hall, Denbigh. mT m7 SERVANTS' REGISTRY. jl conduoted by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONER, RUT BIN RUTHIN LESTABLISHED 1870.] Mrs. WOOLLEY SERVANTS' REGISTRY, Ruthin Road, Denbigb. TT7 ANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooka for Denbigh, Ruthin, Abergele, Holywell, and Biikenhead good Parlourmaids; House Parlourmaids for Denbigh, Ruthin, and Sb. Asaph Generals for Liverpool, Denbigh, and Ruthin; Kitchenmaids, Between Maids, and Working Housekeeper for May. MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, 1, Post Office Lane, DENBIGH. ry ANTED, Experienced Cocke, Cook- General for Llanrwsb good wages. House-Parlourmaids, General, and Farm Servants; Girls for light house work. DIt. engaged: Working Housekeeper for Farm House; no children preferred; 3 years' reference. Also a good General for May. QANTERBURY LAMB ampmenbs of New Season's LAMB are now arriving direct from the Rich Pastures of New Zealand, and can be obtained of J, R. HUGHES el Clwyd Street, RUTHIN, Purveyors of Colonial Jtteat, BEEF, MUTTON and LAMB, all of Prime Selected Quality and FRESH: DAILY. A TRIAL SOLICITED. Also at Townsend, Denbigh. 365uo — I PICTUREDROME, high STREET, DENBIGH. Lessees :-Messrs. J. J ONE. & Co. Manager Mr. J. FOTHBRGILL. NIGHTLY 7.30. Commence at 8 p.m. STAR PICTURES for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mar. 30tb, 31st, & April 1st, 1914. HIS BETTER SELF. News. Pimple's New Job. The Pirates. THE BALLYHOO'S STORY. What Happened to Mary (PART 8). Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, April 2nd, 3rd, & 4th, 1914. HAND THAT CONDEMNS. j News. Foolshead Steals a Carpet. I When the West was Young. Double Chase. What Happened to Mary (PART 9). Once Nightly, Commence 8 o'clock. MATINEE SATURDAY at 2.30. PEOPLE'S POPULAR PRICES :-Pit 3d. Stalls 6d. Reserved Is. CHILDREN UDER 12.-Pit 2d. Stalls 3d. Reserved 6d. TWO PERFORMANCES on SATURDAY NIGHT at 7 and 9. The Management reserve the right of Admission. 1178ac 1 Testimonial to the Rev. Isaac James, Ruthin. BALANCE SHEET. RECEIPTS. PAYMENTS. £ s. d. æ I. a Subscriptions as per published lists.104 8 10 Printing and Advertising 3 11 3 Ditto received subsequently Miscellaneous 0 2 0 Messrs. T. and W. Leathes, Amount presented to the Rev. Isaao Auctioneers 0 5 0 Jamea 101 12 2 Mr, Brock!ehurBt1, Senior -0 5 0 Smaller sums 0 3 0 ———— 0 13 0 Bank Interest.. 8ft 7 £ 105 5 5 £105 5 5 Audited by G. MASON, «ie«u tit u miA J. E. ROBERTS, Treasurer. a5th March, 1914, J, GRIFFITHS, Secretary, ibe Rev. I. James desires to express hia warm thanks to all who kindly subscribed to the Testimonial. *m28 Re J. LLOYD ROBERTS. M.B., I Abergele. Deoea.sed. j ALL Persons having atiy Claims against 1 the Estate 0! the above are requested to seed particulars thereof without delay to A, FOULKES ROBERTS, 371m28 Solioitor, Denbigh. 371m28 Solioitor, Denbigh. Testimonial— Col. Wynne Edvyards, THE Testimonial, which has been gob up to recognise the invaluable services rendered by Colonel Wynne Edwards to the Volunteers and Territorial Forces cf the County, will be presented on the 5th May. Colonel Cornwallis Weab has kindly effsred I) hold the presentation at Ruthin Castle (as he believes this will meet the wishes of all concerned), and propoeee to Invite all Subicribers. Ib has been decided to close the fund on the 15th April, and those desirous of subscribing should please do so before that date. Subsriptions should be forwarded to the Honorary Treasurer, MAJOB T. M. KEENE, 353,4 Mold. 11 D" Company 4th Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. THERE are a few VACANCIES for RECRUITS in the above Company at Denbigh and Ruthin for tmirb respectable Young Men of good character. Height 5Eb. 2io. and upwards. Age 17 to 35 years. Candidates for Enlistment please apply to the Sergeanb- Insbruotor or to any Officers or Sergeants of bhe above Company. 298ac y I Denbighshire Voluntary Aid Organization. THE Cam petition between bhe Wome n's Detachments of the above Organization for the "Jones Mortimer" Challenge Cup will be held On THURSDAY, APRIL 2nd, at the Town Hall, Bhyl, between the hours of 11 and 4 o'clock. All who are interested in this Patriotic and useful Organization are invited to attend. ADITKISSION FREE. 346*4 ■! ■ PRELIMINARY NOTICE. THE Bodfari and District Flower Show will be held On Thursday, July 30th, 1914. Sohedules ready early nexb month. 145u,o. RUG PARK, CORWEN, EASTER MONDAY. APRIL 13, 1914. i A Grand GALA I ATHLETIC SPORTS, QUOITING MATCH, FOOTBALL COMPETITION, HORSE RACING, SLATE SPLITTING COMPETITION, &C. BOATING ON THE LAKE, MOTOR BOAT, I ROWING BOATS, SHOOTINtJ GALLERIES, COCOANUTB, and other ATTRACTIVE SIDE SHOWS. A BAND will ba in attendiscoo and will play for DANCING in the evening. j The Grounds will be beautifully illuminated I' by Coloured Fairy Lights. GRAND DISPLAY of FIREWORKS Refreishments on the Ground at Reasonable Prices. Sporta to commence at 12.30 prompt. Admission 12.30 to 6 p.m., 6d,; after 6, 3d. Children, 2d all day. For further parbioulars and List of Events see Handbills, which may be obtained from the Sports Secretaries, Messrs. R. J. CHAPMAN & W. A. DUNN. Note :-Entries olose Saturday, 4th April, 1914. m28 r Misoellaneous. AVOID Suing and Fees. Have your Rents JL\. and Debts collected on oommisaioD.— Apply II Agent," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *m28 Lost and Found. LOST, a White Roughjisired TERRIER- Name and address of owner on collar* Answers to the name of Spot." Any person detaining same after this notice will be liable to prosecution. A reward will be paid if dog is returned to Mrs. Pinnington, Rockville, Eyarth, Ruthin. m28 STANDING AT STUD, at the Spread Eagles Inn, Ruthin, Pare-bred PEDIGREE BOAR Large White) from the celebrated Wilton Herd. Fee 2s. 6d. Payable first Eervioe. j NOTE.-Excellent Accommodation provided in the House. Also commodious Stabling. 67uo T. H. WATKINS, Proprietor ttltuatlOBg Vacant. TyANTED, GENERAL~ SERVANT. Age over 20. Bryngoleu, Llmfair, Rathin. .m28 VyANTED, at onoe, COOK-GiflKERAL. m. Reference rf quired. Mrs. Bonner Thomas, Ruthin. U, 0. WANTED, a HOUSEMAID or PARLOUR. MAID, aboat 26bb March. Mutb be experienced, have good references, and a ^rotestanb.—Apply Mrs. Davey, Maesmynan, Uaerwys. 303uo (W*nted, a steady )«ialle « Man as COWMAN, and used to all farm wjrk. Good cottage and garden. Apply Daviea, Geinas House. Bodfari. I!. 4 W ANTEu, an experienced TEAMdMAN w to live in. Apply Houghton, Broadlays. 884 ANRED, good WOJRKILXG HOUSE. KEEPER. Apply Pla8 Cooh, Sb Asaph, "all T7"irCHENMAfD required ehorbly. £ 12 D^bighPlSflr',0. I ° n„AI^°^S^Smail job Maker-wanted. RTuer?Dc?bigh.t0 W"1 Bober W ANTED-for MayT a good GENERAL SERVANT. Small family. Apply, with particulars and reference, to No. 324 FKEB PRESS Office, Denbigh. n K Drc,3m»k»ig. Apply a<] Pieroe Hughes Drapery Establishment, the Old House, Denbigh. *a4 V\fANt:ED, WOMAN to take charge of the 1 the Ruthin Golf Club. Hours 12 to 6 daily. Applications bo b3 made to Miss Evans, Heulfre, Ruthin, or Mr, Anwyl Jones, Midland Bink, Rubhin. m28 WANTED, APPRENTICE to the "C^ Trade. Good opening for smart youth. Small premium rcquited and returnable in Denbigh *PP,y Edyritd9' The G«8ge, TyANTED, a retpeobable well connected with spare time, for the Caerwys diab icb, to earn 10?. per week. Apply "No. 559," FREE PRESS Offise, Denbigh. *d VyANTED, strong GENERAL or useful] Holp for a farm. Apply, with particulars and wages required, to "No. 358," FHEE PRESS Office, Denbigh. »au WANTED, a good GENERAL for farm- hJule. Widow nob objected to. Mrs. Charmly, Argoed Hall Farm, Mold. 'all WANTED, as CARETAKERS, Man and W Wife without children. Wife must be able to do plain ccoking. Husband must understand farm work and plain gardening. References will be required. Preference given to applicants speaking both Welsh and English. For particulars apply in first instance, enolosiog oopies of testimonials, to II Judex," r/J FREE PaESS Office, Denbigh. m28 GOOD Spare Time A^ency. -Absolutely the best. Grand opportunity for working man to improve hie position atd to secure independency. No responaibiby or outlay. Boots, Suits, Costumes, Drapety, Watches, Jewellery, Househo'd Requisites, etc., sup- plied on first inibalmenb. Commission. Highest paid. No d. ductione. XSOO paid to one Agenb. Satisfaction guaranteed. Samples patteins free. Apply Freeman and Company, Lavender Hill, London. all Uutlii-lit County School lor Girls. W AN rED, alber Easter, COOK-GENERAL. "Y Apply ab once, sbatlng age, experience, and wages, to the Head Mistress. &4 :Servants' Registry, St. Asaph. MISS EVANS has experienced Cock and House Parlourmaid at liberty; aleo Housemaid.. m28 Want.d. ADOPTION. TyANTED, to ADOPT young BABY. «< Good heme. Good references. Apply No. 312," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *m28 w ANTEJ), to rent convenient) HOUSE in Ruthin. Good tenants. No family. Fair rental. Apply Q aebba," FBE13 FREBS Office, Denbigh. "&4 SIIEEP DOL+, broken la English. State age and price. Trial required. Apply Bibby, Cefn Main, Denbigh. *a4 OHA-FE CUTlER Wanted. Hand. Good condition. Stabe price. Apply No. 357," FREE PRESS Offioe, Denbigh. *m28 Wanted. OLD BENS Wanbed. Good prioes given. RABBITS Wanted. Good prioes given GEESE FEATHERS Wanted. Good price given. For particulars apply B, Highman & Sons, #Ialt House, Llandyrnog. ap. I To Ba Let. TO BE LET with immediate possession, THE ABBEY, Denbigh. For particulars apply to Messrs, Parry Jones, Francis, and Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh. U, C. ri\0 BE LET,' 'urnished, PENYMYNYD1) COTTAGE, close to Ruthin Golf LinK. Apply Sharp, Bryn-iach, Ruthin. u.o. mO LET, PARLOUR and BEDROOM, with — use of Bathroom. Exceptional outlook. Reasonable term3.-Apply ,t No. 296," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh; no mO LET, from May l9fe, small compacb -1- HOUSE also small HOUSE and SHOP. Apply H. Forder, Ruthin Castle Estate Office, Ruthin. *m28 To letTn^Ti23^henllan STREET. Apply J, D. Lewis, Westfie'.d, Denbigh. *a4 Issued monthly ab twopenoe from Hampden House, 3, Kingsway, London, THE RED RAIL GUIDE is "the last word' in Railway Time Tables. Its attractive appearance, clear type, pocket size and popular price have secured for it instantaneous sucoess. Ib has a guarenteed annual circulation of over 600.000. 'je14 LADIES, LADIES.—Everyone sending eix penny stamps to defray cosb packing, postage, &c of wonderful illustrated Baigain Lts, we will present, absolutely free, beautiful Sbag-handied Sterling Silver-plated Butter Knife, magnifioenb value.-Sheffield Cutlery Supply Company, Manufaabutijig Bilveremit be, Century Works, Sheffield. *cai9 For Sale. ^TRTCHAN & EVANS' GARDEN SEEDS' lO Finest Selected Stocks and tested growth. Bold by T. Lloyd, Markeb Hall, Denbigh, OU.C. BLACK Minorca EGGS, now ready, fiom JD prize winners, and grand layers; 5a. Sitting. Hughes, 79, Mwrog Street, Ruthin. .m23 1 Q EGGS FOR SETTING, 2s. 6d; -Lf'w Wyandotte and Leghorn, Rhode Island Red and Minorca. Two 1st) crosses. Splendid winter laying straine.-Heloby, Denbigh. 8018 ¥~71QR SALE, TURNOUT, oomprisipg Bay Jj Pony, 13 2 hand?, 6 year old brown Set Harness; and strongly builb Governed Car.— Apply Mrs. Pinnington, Rockville, Eyarth m28 TT.OR SALE, gocd strong OALVEb~off JD Shorthorn Cows, from 30^. to 45s. J, Williams, Platbs Farm, Fenjflordd, Chester. .j!O LilOR BALE, email Stack of HAY, Apply JJ "No. 360," FREE PRES. Office, Denbigh. all li^OR tiALE, by Private Treaty, Dwelling JC House, Outbuildings, and Land, known as BRYN-Y GLODDFA and GLANLLYN, containing 3a. Or. 26p. or thereabouts, situate IioD Oefnbiith, Cerrigydruiaion. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Parry Jones, Francis, and Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh. a4 1 Ml 1 BRADBURY, ep)endid con- •*■*7 xXj dition, spare cover, and overs lie, 925. Davies, Russell Road, Rhyl, and. Bryngoleu, Ruthin. *&4 ALL-PAPERS, from lid. per Roll. W Any quantity, large or &mall. Whole- sale prices. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls, all classes. Write for patterns, stating clars required (Deparb. 136), Barnett, Wall Paper Co., Ltd., Knobb Mill, Manchester. LARCH, SPRUCE, and SCOTCH FIR- THORN, QUICKS, and PRIVETS, in various sjZJS, transplanted, and in first-class condition. Inspection of our Nurseries invited. Prices on application. Estimates giaen for planting. Note Address :—Robert Hughes and Son, Nurserymen, Ruthin. THE FLINT AND DENBIGH HOUNDS WILIo MHT Saturday, March 28 th Bodrhyddan Tuesday, March 31sb .Coed Du Friday, April 3rd .Pentrcffynon Gate H.O. North Wales Counties Asylum, Denbigh. NOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN thab the ANNUAL MEETING of the Subscribers to the above Institution wili be be'd in the BOARD ROOM ab the ASYLUM on MONDAY, tho 20th day of APRIL, 1914, ab 11 o'clock in the forenoon, for the Election of Visitors for bhe year ensuing, and will be followed by the Annual Meeting of the Committee of Visitors at 12.45 o'clock. (Signed) WM. BARKER, Clerk to the Visitors. 26bh Marcb, 1914. 380m8 Denbigh Literary Society. TO-NIGHT (FRIDAY) at 8 p.m. prompt, the lasb meeting of the Session will take place as a Parliamentary Niglit, and members are earnestly requested C to bring their friends. NB.A silver oolleo'ion will be made to- wards the Society's funds. STDKBY WATILINS, H. BENSON EVANS, 331OQ21 Hon. Secrebaries.

Family Notices