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■I — I ANDREWS & CO., Wholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchants, and Mineral Water Manufacturers, DENBIGH. "I Sole Agent for Vigoroso Tonic Wine. A Strengthener, Appetiser, and Digester, containing great Tonio properties. 2s. 6d. per bottle. Family Ale and Guinness's Stout in Corked and Screw Stoppered Bottles. Stone's Genuine Ginger Wines. Warming and Sustaining. Families and the Trade Supplied. RXLXPKONZ No. 48. TTR. R UTTE R, 25, High Street, Denbigh. Just! A Good Selection of Soft and Hard Felt New) Hats, Shirts, Socks, Ties, &c. Autumn & Winter Suitings and Overcoatings. Large Selection, of RAINCOATS. SPECIAL AGENT for the Famous BURBERRY COATS, Ladies and oeimtlemelmls. I y.- EASTER is COMING -c- AND THE JOYS of I MOTORING «n 0Dly be realized by PLACING YOUR ORDER for your NEW CAR „ith KDWARDS, THE GARAGE, DENBIGH, the sole District Agent ( for the following GArio Rover, Darnacq, Humbers and Humberettes, Mors, Morris, Oxfords, Singer Light Cars, and the Famous Fords from £ 125. t This Week's Bargain-Hobart Light Weight MOTOR CYCLE, £25. TRIAL RUNS BY APPOINTMENT. SMART PRIVATE CARS FOR HIRE. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE. EDWARDS, GARAGE, DENBIGH. TELEPHONE 54 DENBIGH. EMIGRATION TO 'United States, New Zealande Australia. South Africa. TOURS IN CANADA AND UNITED STATES. All Information supplied and Bookln Arranged by loading lines. J. DOWNING. Fyroantha, Denbigh. ——— J. T. LLOYD, Corn and Flour Merchant. Ti-action and Threshing Machine v Proprietor. Licensed Valuer and Appraiser. All Kinds of Valuations taken. Plas Meredydd, Gyffylliog, Ruthin. 1093DI,.14 BRONHWYLFA," the noted Establishment for WELSH LAMB & MUTTON. H. Dryhurst Roberts, FAMILY BUTCHER, BRONHWYLFA and 19 and 20, MARKET HALL, DENBIGH. THE VERY BEST QUALITY OF HOME. FED MEAT only supplied. Home-cured Hams and Bacon. Corned Beef, Pickled Tongues. Sausages in Season, &c. All Orders promptly attended to. Trial Orde especially solicited. 193 TRY THB FREE PRESS" 9 FOR ILK KINDS OF PRINTING LOOKOUT FOR WHEWAYs Clearance SALE FOR 21 DAYS ONLY, COMMENCING MAROll 2nd. Immense Reductions in Dinner, Tea and Toilet Ware and Glass of every description; also in Enamel and Galvanised Goods and all kinds of Oddments. Exceptional Opportunity for REAL BARGAINS. We can savfryou lots of money in this GREAT SALE. Adl™,8: S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, Vale Street, DENBIGH. NOVELTIES! t EGGS. Beat Chococlate Cream Eggs only. BASKETS. Filled with Pure Cream Eggs of well- known manufacture. Nice Handsome Presents! EASTER. TOYS. All Filled with Pure Wholesome Chocolates. PRESENTS. Pleasing Seaeonable Gifts for all. Exceptional Value. HOT X BUNS SIMNEL CAKES. THE SHOPS FOR NOVELTIES: J. POWELL JONES, Confectioner, CENTRAL CAFE, HIGH SHEET, LWYD OAFE, VALE STREET, DENBIGH. DENBIGH. I 23jyl914 THE BEST ESTABLISHMENT in the District for the choice of Drapery, Millinery, Ladies' & Gents' Tailors ( # 18 at JOHN ROBERTS, 1, CASTLE STREETJ RUTHIN. Experienced Hands are kept in the Dress- making and Millinery Departments. The Tailoring is a Special Feature. Fit and Style are guaranteed. Autumn and Winter Suitings and Over- coatings a speciality. A Lirge Stock of Sheets, Blankets, Linens, etc. Just Now in :—Gents' Soft Hate, Shirts, Ties, Hosiery, Raincoats, etc. Mourning Orders executed at the Shortest Notice. Best Value given to Clothing Clubs at 1. Castle Street. 1188a15. 14 Standard \1 Excellence. Rear Calves without Milk [ with Allcock's Perfection Calf Food. This Food can be obtained Carriage Paid to any Station at 17. 6d. per ewt, 83. 9d. per half cwt.; and 4s. 6d. per 1 quarter cwt. S. ALLCOCK & Co. (LIMITED), I Charles Street Mills, WREXHAM- loc.\L AGENT Mr. E. Lloyd Williams, GRAIG FEOHAN, RUTHIN. | One Quality, THE BEST. t d30.14 i SCHOLASTIC. Falrfiolme Softool- > PRINCIPAL—MISS FOULKEB. I Pupils prepared for Examinations. Private Lessons given in Music French, and Painting. RUTHIN SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER'— E. W Lovegrove. M.A. (Oxon). Sometime Scholar of New Cctlega, First Class Honours in Mathematics. 76u.o Ruthin County Sohcdl for Girls. HEAD MISTHESS MISS A. ROWLANDS, B.A. ASSISTANTS Miss M. NormiDgtoD, B Sc. Mies H. Sowerbuttey M.Sc. Miss M. Williams, Mod. Lans. Tripos. Miss E. M. Hugbee, B A. Miss R. H. Piper. Miss F. A. Elliott, L.R.A.M. Cookery, &o.: Miss Ada Roberte. Special Coarse in Domestic Subjects, in- cluding Cookeiy, Laundry, Housewifery, and Dre&smakiDg. For Prospectus or other information apply the Headmistress or to the Clerir, ANEURIN 0. EVANS, Clerk to the Governors, 15, Record Street, 57U0 Ruthin. St. Asaph County School (Endowed Grammar School. Founded 1679). Chairman of the Governors THE BIGHT RBV. THB LORD BISHOP OF ST. ASAPF Vice Chairman: HENRY A. CLEAVER, ESQ. HEAD MASTBa EDWIN MAINER, M.A. (St. John's College, Cambridge), B.So. (lae Division), London, Certificated and Registered Teacher. CLASSICAL MAIITZIJ t JAMES BOYD ROBERTSON, B.A. 2nd Class Classioal Honours, Moderations, and Lit. Hum., late Boholar of St. John's College Oxford; registered In Oolumn B of the Offioial Register of Teachers. SGIEKCB MASTEB W. A. EVANS, B.So. (Honours), Wales! Rendal Exhibitioner of li.O.W., Aber- ystwyth Trained and Certificated Teacher. FBENCB AND GEOGRAPHY MASTEB B. L. V. KAY, B.A. (Liverpool) J Trained and Certificated Teacher. DBAWINO MASUB AND TEACBHB Of YOGAS MUSIC T. B. JONES, Certificated Teacher, MANUAL INSTBUCTOB W. KYFFIN HUGHES. THE School stands on elev? ed ground a position which commf da a view the picturesque Vale of Clwyd, ana vribhi- minutes' walk of the Cathedral and Railway Station, Boarder received Private Tuition on Holidays, For particulars apply bo tbo Headmaster, 9f to CHARLES GRIMSLEY, Clark to the Governors. St. Asaph. —————————————————— I Musical. v Mr. Alex Bellamy, ORGANIST AND CHOIR MASTER Of St. Mary's and St. David1* Churches. Teacher of Music. IERMS UPON APPLICATION. Rose Villa, Denbigh. MR. W. A. LLOYD F.I.G.C.M., A. Mus. T.O.L. Organ. Piano, Singing, Harmony, Counterpoint, &c Musical Instruments Supplied of the leadlngJirsb-clas8 Firms. PIANOS FOR HIRE. 4. Market Street, RUTHIN. Miss Cecilia Anwyl, PROFESSOR OF PIANOFORTE, 81, Devereux Drive, Wallasey, Liverpool, 1 Visits Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, Rhuddlan, St. Asaph, Denbigh, and Ruthin every week, and is adopting the eyabem of teaching as propounded by Tobiers Matthay. Pupils can commence at any time. Terms on Application, 18a.c. — Miss G. POWNAL JONES, Teacher of Music, Organ and Piano. For further particulars apply t The Lodge, N ant clwyd Hallill Nr. Ruthin. 195ac BILLHEADS and BUSINESS CARDS.— A touch of "the expert hand" makes these necessaries worth more all business betters, so send your next order round to tne Fszs PBEBI Office, Vale Street Denbigh. ALL. Sufferers from Tapeworm quickly L7!L relieved. Particulars free.-Higions 338,.North Church Street, Nottingham, k. lay )LOTAZ To i I I KAot 1 .4 0 IIII 11.0 RY-ATA- ELLIS'S TABLE WATERS. "The Best In the Wortd." B. ELLIS ft SON, LTD., RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825 Telegrams—" ELLIS, RumIN." Telephone-No. 1, RUTHIM. Liverpool Offioe and Stores 23 and 25, BAKEB STBEET. Telephone Number: 214 ANFIELD Joy Wheels' for 1914. POINTS FOR CYCLISTS. CYCLING For Health, Business, Holiday Tours, Time Savers and Money Makers are the following, manufactured by best British brains, and guaranteed for ever Humbers, Singers, Triumph, Royal Enflelds, Raleigh, Rover, &c., built to Customers' specifications, Single or Three Speed Gears, one (or two) Hand with Coaster B. Pedal Brake to order, Brooks' Saddles Lucas' Lampp, Bells, &c. Best of everything fitted. I Above are BEST AND CHEAPEST in the World. From Z.5 5s. T ORI 7 17s. OASH. Sole representative for this District BULLER (Established since 1882). S TO MOTOR BIKES AND CARS ORDER. PLEASE NOTE NAME AND ADDRESS: Same old Spoti BULLER. I PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. NOTICE. To Farmers, Teamowners, Dairymen, and other Tradesmen. JOHN JOHNSON &Co., Licensed Horse Slaughterers, Rhuddlan and Rhyl, are prepared to pay best prices for Dead and Worn-out Horses, Cows, etc. All Animals Slaughtered by the Painless Electric Gun. Letters and Telegrams prompbly attended to. Private Address: 3, SISSON STBEET, HUlL, Slaughter Yard: Rhuddlan. Carts sent for 20 miles round. All Telegram B paid for. 1 Telegraphic Address: Horse Slaughterers," Sisson Street, Rhyl. p. Also Buyers of SCRAP IRON, BRASS, COPPEB, J LEAD, and al) other Mebala. 1170a 14 TOBACCONIST (WHOLESALE AND RETAIL) 5 ab Manufacturer's Prloes. Best of Everything in British and Foreign linported CIGARS, CIGARETTES, and TOBACCONIST GOODS, including the following specially imported:— ABDULLAS. PAP PAS. CHANCELLOR. PASQUALI. LUCANIA. BALKAN SOBRANIE. DE RESKE. BATEMAN. NESTORS. GOURDOULIS. STATE EXPRESS. FRIBOURG 9' THEYER. ALSO SPECIAL BRITISH GROWN Tobacco. Adare Cigarettes. Note Address: (Same old 6poll-Under Club Buildings) BULLER'S, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH. NOTICE. Mrs. EVANS, Wardrobe Dealer, 55b, HIGH STREET, RHYL, is prepared to give the UTMOST VALUE IN CASH for LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S LEFT-OFF CLOTHING, BOOTS AND TABLE LINEN. Transactions strictly confidential. Letters attended to. Utmosb attention to parcels reoeived. Postal Orders by return. Prompt Attention to Business. CIVILITY. NOTICE. Mrs. EVANS, Wardrobe Dealer, 55b, HIGH STREET, RHYL, is prepared to give the UTMOST VALUE IN CASH for LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S LEFT-OFF CLOTHING, BOOTS AND TABLE LINEN. Transactions strictly confidential. Letters attended to. Utmost attention to parcels reoeived. Postal Orders by return. Prompt Attention to Business. CIVILITY. Please Note Address: 55b High Street (opposite Gen. Post Office), Bhyl 433a27.14 HELSBY'S PICTURE FRAME DEPOT, Art Studios, DENBIGH. New Stock of Mouldings. LATEST PATTERNS. HELSBY'S. 1073ac WILLIAMS Dental Institute, RNWYLFA, Ruthin Road, DENBIGH. I ARTIFICIAL TEETH AT HOSPITAL PRICES, FROM <€2 ils. Consultations Daily from 10 a,m, to 8 p.m. Speolal Terms can be arranged If so desired. ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS, Also at l MRSI DANIELS, 10, Market Street, Ruthin, every Monday and Fair Day. At TVT. DA. VIES, PHOTOGRAPHER, MARKET STREET, CORWEN every Market and Fair Day. At MRS. JONES, COCOA ROOMS, St. Asaph, every Thuradey. AGENTS WANTED, Q. If DENBIGH SH I RP. FREE PRESS." One of the Largest and Best Local and County Papers in North Wales, numbering amongst itii regular subscribers the nobility, olergy, pro. festsional men, farmers, and tradesmen, as well as the working people of the district, being read weekly by thousands of all classes, soots and parties, THE DENBIGHSHIRE FREE PRESS" is therefore one o The Best Advertising Mediums In Wales, and Is the ONLY MEANS of reaching ALL CLASS* in its own large and important district, SCALE OF CHARGES on application, BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENTS ,-Spoolal Contracts, at VERY MODERATE BATES lot a series, for Tradesmen's Advertisemenbe. Scale of Charges for Small Prepaid Advertisementl such as Situations Vaoant or Wanted, Houses or Land to Let, Wanted or For Bale I Articles Wanted or For Sale, &o., at the following chean Prepaid Scale 16 Words once 6d. Three times Is. i4 Words onoe 9d. Three times lB. 6d. 32 Words onoe Is. Three times 2s. 40 Words once la. Sd. Three times 2s. 6d. 48 Words onoe 14 6d, Three times 38. And 3d. extra for every additional 8 words« i FULL SCALE prioe, which is much highei than the above, will be charged if not prepaid No Money-Lenders' Announcements or questionable Medical Advertisements acoeptod* Proprietors: C. Cottom & CO., "Free Press" Printing Workij Denbigh. Telegraphic Address- Gotbom, Denbigh," National TeIephone-No. 5 Denbigh. Satisfaction. Our one aim is to giva our Ousfcomtfiii every Satisfaction, and this is dene by exercising every care and discretion in the Selection of our Stock, and by supplying the best of every- thing at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, We hold a large Stock of the most Prime Provisions procurable, Finest Groceries, and a hrge assortment of NOVELTIES suitable for the Festive Season. R. OWEN & SON, Star Buildings, DENBIGH. Warehouses: DIAMOND BUILDINGS DENBIGH Tel 36. Hand Brewery, 17, Well Street, 33VTKIX R. ROBERTS, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit MorobagiL Brewer and Malster bags to oall the attention of the Gentry and Publia to his celebrated Some-Brewed ALES (pure Eztcaot of Malt and Hops), whloh may be supplied in Oasks of 36, 18, and 9 gallons at the following pricee:- 36 gle. 18 gls, 9gls, XXXX (MUd) 50s. 25s. 12s. 6d XXX (do.) 42s. 21s. 10s. 6d XX (do.) — 86s, 185. 9s. 6d. B.B. (Bitber) 50a. 250. 12a. 6d. P.A, do.) 428. 21s. „ log. 6d. Gulness's Extra Stout; Barclay and Perkins, London Stout; and Bass & Oo's Burton AlIp In Cask and Br ales. Finest Scotch and Irish Whiskies and | Ports, Sherries and Champagnes ot weli-knowa I Brands, 1 — DENTISTRY. Painless Extractions, Fillings, Artificial Teeth. MR. R. HANLON attends personally, DENTAL ROOMS. I DENBIGH, at MB. HELSBY'S, Photo- grapher, Yale Street, every Wednesday, 11 to B. RUTHIN, every Fair Day and 3rd Monday, at Mr. Gee's, Ironmonger, Olwyd Street, 12 to 4.30. CORWEN, First Friday and Fair Day, at MIs Samuel Jones, Confectioner, Bridge Sireoi. 12 80 to 6. HOLYWELL. at BRADLEY'S, High Street, every Priamy from 2 to 6 p.ajt! TELEPHONE NO. 155, Rbll. u.oo