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Messrs T & W Leathes, Estate Agents. Auctioneers, Valuers. and Live Stock Salesmen, Agricultural Hall, Ruthin, and at Denbigh Smithfield. Attend Denbigh Wednesdays and other days by appointment. Sales of Farm Stock, Property Furniture, Ac., and Valuations r Conducted on Reasonable Terms Agricultural Halli Ruthin. Weekly Sales of Fat- and Store Stock throughout the Year. NEXT SALE: MONDAY NEXT, MARCH 23rd, 19U, commenoiog at 12 o'olook with FAT CATTLE. TUTEBSKS. T. & W. LEATHBS wil hold .øL their next Sale of FAT and STORK CATTLB, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES at the above Mart, Entries respectfully solicited up to the hoar of Sale. T. & W. LEATHES, Aaotioneera. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin, n9 BERTH, Near Ruthin. MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES have been favoured with instructions from 0. 0. Mott, Eaq. (who is removing to a smaller hoase), to Sell by Auction, upon the above premises, on THURSDAY, MARCH 26th, 1914, upwards of 300 Lots of Surplus Household Furniture and Effects. which include a portion of Dining Room, f Drawing Room, Study, Entrance Hall, Bed- room and other Appointments, Silver and Plated Goods rich toned upright Pianoforte, in roeewood case, iron frame, with ivory kayr, by Everard a large collection of Brussels, Axminster, and other Carpets of all dimensions, Huge, and Curtains; 50 Volumes of Books, including :—' Robertson's Works,' Mitford's Greece.' Science of Language,' I History of Bome,' 'Modern Europe,' by Ruttell; The Bible,' illustrated in three volumes; Book of Common Prayer, dated 1761 and numerous other miscellaneous volumes. Full descriptive Catalogues from the Auctioneers. On view Morning of Sale only. Sale to commenoe at 1 o'clock prompt. Termø-Caeh. For the Public convenience Brakes will run from the Wynnstay Arms Hotel Livery Stables at a moderate charge. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers. Agricultural Hall, Ruthio, and Denbigh. 2QSmll THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED EASTER FAT STOCK SHOW AND SALES IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES beg to announce that they will conduot the above important fixtures as under On MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 1914, commencing with FAT CATTLE at 10 o'clock prompt. FAT CATTLE AND SHEEP Bl for the Best Pair of F&t Beat?, 10s. Best Fat Bullook, Ditto Heifer, Ditto Cow, Dibbo Bull, and Best Pair of Fab Beasts under two years old 10s. Best 10 Fat Welsh Sheep, Dlbto 10 Welsh Yearlings, Ditto 10 obber than Welsh. 326m28 TUESDAY (FAIR DAY), APRIL 7th, 1914. FAT LAMBS, VEAL CALVES, BACON and PORK PIGS. GI. for the Best Veal Oalf, Dibbo Pair of Baton Pigs, Ditto Pair of Porkers. 10s. Best Pair of Fat Lambs, 5s. Best Single Ditto, 2s. 6d. Second best Ditto. Previous Show conditions will apply to both Sales. All Stock intended for competition must be in the Hall by 9 a.m. Early Entries reapeotfally solicited, and the usual good Trade is expected. T. k W. LEATHES, 226m28 Auctioneers. SERVANTS' REGISTRY, conducted by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONED, RUTHIN [ESTABLISHED 1870.] Mrs. WOOLLEY SERVANTS' REGISTRY, Ry kin Roud, Denbigh WANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooke for Denbigh, Ruthin, Abergele, Holywell, and Bitkenhead good Parlourmaids House Parlourmaids for Denbigh, Rathin, and St. Asaph Generals for Liverpool, Denbigh, and Butnin; Kitchenmaids, Between Maids, and Working Heusekeeper for May. MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, 1, Post Office Lane, DENBIGH. WANTED, Experienced Cooks, Cook- General for Llanrwsb good wages. HouBe-Parlourmalda, General, and Farm Servants Girls for light house work.-Dr.. engaged: Working Housekeeper for Farm House; no children preferred; 3 years' reference Also a good General for May. STANDING AT STUD, at the r Spread Eagles Inn, Ruthin, Pure-bred PEDIGREE BOAR Large White) from the oelebrated Wilton Herd. Fee 23. 6d. Payable first servioe. NOTIC.-EXcellent Accommodation provided in the House. Also commodious Stabling. 6700 T. H. WATKINS. Proprietor Sale by Messrs. Frank Lloyd and Sons ST. ASAPH SMITHFIELD. THURSDAY NEXT, MARCH 26th, 1914, at 12. SO o'clook prompt. F ]RANK LLOYD A SONS will Sell:— 120 Fat, "Dairy and Store Cattle. 1000 Fat Sheep, Lambs, Pigs, and Calves. Entries respectfully solicited. 56jl0 Richard Pearce, Auctioneer and Taluer, House, Estate end Insurance Agent (14 years Licensed Salesman and Valuer), Undertakes Sales and Valuations of all descriptions. Over 20 years' practical ex- perience in all branches of the business. Terms moderate in all cases. Highest references. Proprietor and Originator of the Bee Smithfield, Abergele (The Farmers' Market). Phone 200 (Bee Hobel). Telegrams Pearce, Auctioneer, Abergele. Oftices-Market Street, Abergele. Bee Smithfield, Abergele. IT is expeoted that the above Market will be OPEN on MONDAY NEXT, MARCH 23rd, for Sale of FAT STOCK ONLY. Enquire from Police or Auctioneer. 321m21 PICTUREDROME, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH. Lessees :-Messrs. J. JOHIS & Co. Manager :—Mr. J. FOTHBRGILL. NIGHTLY 7 80. Commence at 8 p.m. STAR PICTURES for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 23rd, 24th, & 25th, 1914. HEROES OF THE MINE Pathe, 4,800 feet long. I News. Yaarn oi Baby's Shirt. Pimple's Great Bull Fight. What Happened to Mary (PART 6). I Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 26th, 27th, & 28th, 1914. THE CHILD DETECTIVE 2,500 feet long. News. Lieu. Pimple on Secret Service. John Tobln's Sweetheart Rivalry and Courage. What Happened to Mary (PART 7). Onoe Nightly, Oommenci 8 o'clock. MATINEES WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY at 2.30. PEOPLE'S POPULAR PRIOER :-Pit 3d. Stalls 6d. Reserved Is. CHILDREN UHDEE 12.—Pit 2d. Stalls 8d. Beserrsd 6d. TWO PERFORMANCES on SATURDAY NIGHT at 7 and 9. The Management reserve the right of Admission. 1178ac Galvanised Sheets, BEST QUALITY. Nails and Washer?, Wire Nails, all sizes. Wire Netting, all meshes. Galvanised Dolly Tabs, Dollies. Garden Spades, Manure and Digging Folks, Garden Tools. Sankey's Noted Garden Pots. SOLE AGEN r ST. ASAPH DISTRICT Dairy Utensils, every description. Wringing and Mangling Machines a Speciality. Ladies ancFGentlemen's Trunks, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, large variety. Enquiries re above Esteemed. Special Prices quoted. S. D. THOMAS, IRONMONGER AND CHINA SHOP, ST. ASAPH. PHONE No. 15. 315jel3 Dentistry. Dentistry. WILLIAMS, Dental Institute, RUTHIN ROAD, DENBIGH, beg to intimate that for the convenience of Country Patients on Market Days they have opened additional First Glass DENTAL ROOM at Mr. J. EUls Jones, CORONATION BUILDINGS. BACK ROW. DENBIGH, where Patients will receive the most oareful attention. Attendance Market Days, from 1 to 6 p.m. Railway fares allowed to Patients coming from a distance. NOTE THE ABOVE ADDRESS 22uo. Issued monthly at twopence from Hampden House, 3, Kingsway, London, THE RED RAIL GUIDE is "the last word' in Railway Time Tables. Its attractive appearance, clear type, pocket size and popular price have secured for it instantaneous success. It has a guarenteed annual circulation of over 600.000. 'je14 -4 11 IP a A Magnificent Collection AT R. G. JONES, 3, Vale Street, Denbigh. ILE luessrs. CT-JOU G -(I & C) () Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, Denbigh and Ruthin. I Vale of Clwyd Auction Marti Ruthin (Close to the Railway Station). THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED DIRECT FARMERS' MART IN THE YALE OF OLWYD. Fortnightly islots throughout the Year. NEXT SALE: TUESDAY, APRIL 7th, 1914 (RUTHIN FAIR DAY), commencing at 10 o'olock Good Entry of FAT STOCK and SHEEP. Further Entries respectfully invited up to time of Sale. For further particulars apply Auctioneers Ruthin and Denbigh, OLOUGH 4 CO., 95a30 Auctioneers, Ruthin and Denbigh ] Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart, M..AL. ■ nuinin. Special Easter Show and Sale will be held en MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 1914 Prise Cards can be had from the Auctioneers, Denbigh and Ruthin. 318ao OLOUGH & CO. Oaklea, Ruthin Road, Denbigh. THURSDAY and FRIDAY, APRIL 2ad and 3rd, 1914. IMPORTANT Sale of Superior HOUSE- JL HOLD FURNITURE, inoluding Hand- some Pieces in Old Oak and Mahogany, Plated Goodp, China, Glass, &c. by instructions from the Executors of the late Mrs. Ellis. Catalogues ready I) days prior to bale, ana I may be bad from the Auctioneers. OLOUGH & CO, Auotioneers, 316u c. Denbigh and Ruthin Tyn-yr-Belig, Trefnant. SALE of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, comprising Rare Pieces in Old Oak and Mahogany, and Cbina, on THURSDAY, APRIL 9,h, 1914, by instructions from Mr. John Pierce, who is leaving. 842uc CLOUGH & CO., Auctioneers. ESTABLISHED 1874. G. F. BYFORD, Estate Agent and Auctioneer. Valuer of Land, Farming Stock, and Household Effects. Also for Probate and Mortgage. Inventories carefully prepared, checked, &o. All business personally conducted. Tel. No. 2y2. Offices: 12, St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. 91u.o Flint and Denbigh Hunt Point-to-Point Races, 1914. ilHE Flint and Denbigh Hunt hope to have the pleasure of entertaining Earmeis, (Puppy Walkers, and Gamekeepers, in the a ea ) over which they Hunt, to Luncheon at the I Annual Point-to-Point Meeting to be held NEAR RHUDDLAN On APRIL 20th The undermentioned gentlemen will be pleased to arrange for invitations to reach those who intend to be present. All must send their names and full postal address to one of the following before March 80th Col. Williams Wynn, Dolben, St. Asaph, E. W. Griffith, Plas Newjdd, Trefnant. H. Bibby, Fachwen, St. Asaph, B. E. Biroh, Biyn Celyn, StJ. Asaph. J. Charlton, Vron, Northop. Capt, Conway, R.N., Bodrbyddan Estate Office, Rhuddlan, P. T. Daviee-Cooke, Gwysanney, Mold, John Davies, Brya-y-pare, Denbigh. O. Fosbery, Bryn Elwy, St. Asaph. W. Hughes, M.R.C.V.8.. Oaerwys. Col. Hughes, Kinmel Park, Abergele. D. Mac Niooll, Coed Cooh Estate Office, Abergele. R. Mainwaring, Hafod-y-Coed, St. Asaph. Hon. E. Mostyn, Mostyn Hall, Mostyn. W. G. Rigby, Pentre Mawr, Denbigh. Col. Ward, Segrwyd, Denbigh. V. Wrigley, Eriviatt Hall, Denbigh. m7 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNOEMENT. Vale of Clwyd Agricultural Society. THE Annual Show of the above Society will be held At Denbigh, THURSDAY, AUGUST 6tb, 1914. F. CLOUGH, J. LL. WILLIAMS, 338mll Secretaries. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. THE Bodfari and District Flower Show will be held On Thursday, duly 30th, 1914. Schedules ready early next month. 145u. c., PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I Llandyrnog School. The Annual Entertainment will take place as usual on EASTER MONDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING, APRIL 13th, 2914, i Farther particulars later. 28'1,0 PRUDENTIAL ASSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED. i CHIEF OFFICE: HOLBORN BARS, LONDON. Summary of Report presented at the Sixty-fifth Annual Meeting held on 5th March, 19L4. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of policies issued during the advantage of payment in cash by a representative of the Society. The year was 71,359, assuring the sum of f 6,849,224, and producing a new Report continues:—"The fact that a personal visit accompanies the annual premium income of £ 425,717. The premiums received during payment imposes some restraint on any temptation to claim benefit the year were e4,920, 518, being an increase of ;£93,525 over the year improperly. The risk of the benefit falling it to wrong hands is reduced 1912. In addition, kll,116 was received in premiums under the Sick- to a minimum ness Insurance Tables. The claims of the year amounted to 93,766,625. In the Ordinary Branch a reversionary bonus at the rate of 1!1 16s. The number of deaths was 8,699. The number of endowment assuranoes per cent. on the original sums assured has again been added to all matured was 23,497, the premium income of which was 2131,017. classes of participating policies issued since the year 1876. The number of policies in force at the end of the year was 917,091. In the Industrial Branch a bonus addition will be made to the sums INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The premiums received during the year assured on all policies of over five years'duration which become claims were £ 7,874,456, being an increase of £ 81,894. The increase shown or maturity o endowment from the 6 th of March, 1914, would have been much greater but for the fact that, owing to our system 2— —arc '— '—°th dates inclusive, as follows of accounts, fifty-three weekly collections were credited in the report for a/i/i; the year 1912. The claims of the year amounted to £ 3,139,198, includ- Premiums Paid for „ A«snrod ing £ 359,572 bonus additions. The number of claims and surrenders, including 6,942 endowment assurances matured, was 366,104. The number of free policies granted during the year to tfcose policyholders of < years and less than 10 years ii per cent. five years'standing and upwards, who desired to discontinue their pay- 10 15 £ io ments, was 126,768, the number in force-being 1,890,406. The number 15 20 £ ig of free policies which became claims during the year was 45,546. 20 25 £ 20 The total number of policies in force in this Branah at the end of the 25 30 £ 25 year was 19,778,135; their average duration exceeds twelve and three- 80 35 £ 30 quarter years. 15 40 Ass The assets of the Company, in both branches, as shown in the balance 40 45 £ 40 sheet, after deducting £ 1,750,000 written off securities, are £$6,993,003, 45 50 £ 45 „ being an increase of £,4.21,071 over those of 1912. 59 55 CSO The six Prudential Approved Societies formed under the National 55 „ 60 YSO n Insurance Act 1911 have done important work during the year and the 60 and upwards £ 60 membership continues to increase. Payment of sickness and maternity The rate of bonus declared for last year has thus been maintained, and benefits commenced on the 13th Jaauary, 1913, and during the year a an increase of bonus of £6 per cent. will be distributed in the case of sum of 21,401,360 was distributed to members by the Company's Agents. policies on which premiums have been paid for 35 and less than 40 It may be noted that in a Government Inter-Departmental Report years, 45 and less than 50 years, and 55 and less than 60 years. recently presented to Parliament particular attention is drawn to the Balance Sheet of the Prudential Aseurar ce Company. Limited, being the Summary of both Branches. on the 31st December. 1913. ] LIABILITIES. £ b. d. ASSETS-continued. £ B. d Shareholders' capital 1,000,000 0 0 Brought forward 27,154 443 i 7 Life assurance fund- Investments:- „ Ordinary Branch £ 45*693,479 19 5 Deposit with the High Court (R24,400 21 Con. Sickness insarance fund 10,119 12 3 eolidated stock) 17,568 0 0 Life assurance fund- British Government securities 1,745,934 14 3 Industrial Branch 38,901,678 14 2 Bank of England stock 143,117 210 84,605,278 5 10 Municipal and county securities, United Kingdom.. 1,674^443 6 3 Investments reserve fun^ 1,000,000 0 0 Indian and Colonial Government securities 4,709^807 17 7 Claims under life policies intimated and in course of Colonial provincial securities 1,236,745 15 11 payment •• 158,273 15 5 Indian and Colonial municipal securities 3,415,166 0 4 Annuities due and unpaid 2,508 6 8 Foreign Government securities 4,323,467 16 0 Balance of bonus under life policies reserved for Foreign provincial securities '691*843 12 4 distribution 226,942 8 6 Foreign municipal securities 3,507 309 3 6 Railway and other debentures and debenture stocks £ 86,993,002 16 6 and gold and^sterling bonds—Home and Foreign. 19,748,404 11 0 11 Railway and other preference and guaranteed stocks and shares 3,198,909 13 1 Railway and other ordinary stocks and shares 2,801,315 160 Rent charges 455,793-18 5 Freehold ground rents and Scotch feu duties 4 777 685 1 9 Leasehold ground rents. s 1 ASSETS. House property. 4,034,994 18 11 Mortgages on property within the United Kingdom 8,553,062 18 7 ijife interests t 34,626 14 6 Mortgages on property out of the United Kingdom Nil xieyersions 1,611,216 19 8 Loans on parochial and other public rates 13,980,705 11 9 balances 6,040 7 7 Loans on Life interests 1,117,287 0 11 Outstanding premiums 597 17g 2 4 Loans on Reversions 95,278 4 6 Outstanding interest and rents 80)683 2 8 Loans on Stocks and shares 79,385 2 0 Interest, dividends and rents accrued but not payable. 628,165 6 7 Loans on Company's policies within their surrender "ce1^16 # > Nil values 3,282,841 14 8 Cash-On deposit #> 20j000 Q 0 Loans on Personal security Nil hand and on current accounts 469,444 14 4 Loans to Educational institutions seeured on ineome, etc. 4.5,882 9 3 £ 86,993,002 16 6 The values of the Stock Exchange securities are determined, under the regulations of the Company, by the Directors. These valueq ha fc compared with the middle market prices on 31st December, lj|13, due allowance being made for accrued interest, and the diffPrf>n™> ,•« fifen provided for by the investments reserve funds. «"ierence 13 more than We certify that in our belief the Assets set forth in the Balance Sheet are in the aggregate fully of the value stated therein less the reserve funds taken into account. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indireotly for any purpose other than the class of busin«Jf "v K it is applicable. yusmcia 10 which A. C. THOMPSON, General Manager. D. W. STABLE, ) T a THOS. C DEWEY J. BURN, Actuary. J. SMART, j J°'nt Secretom,. W, J iikcAiraB T'. J. IRVINE BOSWELL 1 Sectors. We report that with the assistance of the Chartered Accountants as stated below we have examined the foregoing accounts and h«.vp nht ■ a 11 the information and explanations that we have required and in our opinion such accounts are correct and the forepoine Balanon drawn up so as to exhibit a true and correct view of the state of the Company's affairs according to the best of our information and *ho is properly given to us and as shown by theliooks of the Company. No part of any fund has been applied directly or indirectly for anv nnrnn.JTtv? class of business to which it is applicable. J y or PurP<*e other than the PHILIP SECRETAN, ) W. H. NICHOLLS I Auditors. We have examined the Cash transactions (receipts and payments) affecting the accounts of the Assets and Investments for thA wo, A r. ber 31st, 1918, and we find the same in good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities^ r«rH? t l™" representing the Assets and Investments set out in the above account, and we certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 17th February, 1914. DELOITTE, PLENDER, GRIFFITHS & Co., Chartered Accountants For further particulars, prospectuses, &c., apply to District Superintendent J. ROWLANDS, Corwen, or Assistant Superintendent* T TRprnwrwr Denbigh, and W. R. DAVIES, Llangollen. P^mtenaents J. IREGONING, Agents for Denbigh and the Vale of Clwyd Mr. E. EVANS, Chapel Street, Denbigh Mr. R. E. ROBERTS, Southsea Terrace Dpnhioh Mr w EVANS, Llwyn Eyarth, Denbigh Mr. J, WILLIAMS, Rose Cottage, Henllan; Mr. B. DAVIES, Clwydfa, Ruthin • Mr. J EDWATmq Terrace, Ruthin Mr. T. D. JONES, Borthyn Street, Ruthin Mr.W. TAPLEN, Bron yParc, Ruthin Mr. D. THOMAS, Grianfa, St. Asaph.-m21 situations Vacant. W ANTED, a respectable well connected MAN, with spare time, for the Llan- dyrncg distriob, to earn 10j. per week, Apply No. 314," FREE PREll Office, Denbigh. *m21 WANTED, GENERAL SERVANT.Age over 20. Bryogoleu, LUnfair, Rutbin. .m8 ANTED, at onoe, LOOK-GENERAL. W ireference rcQuired. Mrs. Bonner Thomas, Ruthin. ulo ANTED, a HOUSEMAID or PARLOUR- MAID, about 26th March. Must be experienced, have good referenoep, and a Protestant.—Apply Mrs. Davey, Maesmynan, Caerwys. 303uc OWMAN.-Wanted, a steady isiable J Man as COWMAN, and used bo all farm wjrk. Good cottage and garden. Apply Daviea, Geinas House. Bodfari. *a4 W~" ANTED, an experienced i'EAMSMAN to live in, Apply Houghton, Broadleja. »*4 WANTED, for May, a good GENERAL SERVANT. Small family. Apply, with particulars and reference, to No. 324," FREE PRESS Offioe, Denbigh. *a4 PPRENTIU.LS Wanted to the Millinery A and Dressmaking. Apply at Pierce Hughes' Drapery Establishment, the Old House, Denbigh. *a4 WANTED, at once, a NURSE HOUSE. MAID. Apply No. 130," FREE PRESS Offioe, Denbigh. m21 ANTED, as CARETAKERS, Man and W Wife without children. Wife mast be able to do plain ccoking. Husband must understand farm work and plain gardening. References will be required. Preference given to applicants speaking both Welsh and English. For particulars apply in first instance, enclosing copies of testimonials, to Judex," c/o FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. m28 Ruthin County School tor Girls. WANTED, after Easter, COOK-GENE SAL. Apply at) once, stating age. experience, and wages, to the Head Mistress. a4 WANTED, for either Australia or Canada any number of Farm Workers and Domestic Servants. Lowest fares and Assisted passages. Guaranteed Situations. No book- ing fees charged, We have satisfactorily placed hundreds. Apply mentioning paper. W. W. Bell & Co., Emigration Specialists, 7, New Bond street, Bath, and Branches Old rd, Yeovil, and Worcester. Vale of Olwyd Shipping and Emigration Agency CANADA 1 CANADA! Assisted Passages. WANTED, at onoe, number of experienced Farm Labourers and Female Domestic Server to for Provinces of Ontario and New Brunswiok. Liberal Assisted Passages granted subject to conditions. Assured permanent employment guaranteed by Government Excellent wages and keep. Conducted parties arranged. Passages also arranged to Australia and Now Zealand for £6 to Agriculturists. Apply at once (Steamers filling) to J. Downing, Board of Trade Agent, Denbigh, from whom all particulars and forms can be obtained. Situation Wanted. YOUNG LADY requires post as Morning JL Governess or Mother's Help in Denbigh or Distriot-Apply B.M. FREE PREll Office, Denbigh. S1 iWantsd, ADOPTION. RANTED, to ADOPT young BABY. Good home. Good references. Apply "No. 312," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. M28 ANTED, 50 or 60 Gallons of MILK daily f ir the VewÐni Hall Dairy School from April 6.h to June 27th, Apply, giving particulars and prioe, to Professor White, Old Buildirgs, University College, Bangor. m21 T^ANTED, to rent convenient HOUSE in Ruthin. Good tenants. No family. Fair rental. Apply "Qietta," FBKE PRESS Office, Denbigh. *a4 I WANTED, SHEEP DOG, broken ia' English. State age and price. Trial required. Apply Bibby, Oefn Main, Denbigh. *a4 To Be Let. TO BE LET with immediate possession, THE ABBEY, Denbigh. For particulars apply to Messrs, Parry Jones, Francis, and Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh. u o. ii.O BE LET, furnished, PENYMYNYDJD *• COTTAGE, close to Rathin Golf Lin a. Apply Sharp, Bryn-iach, Ruthin. a.o. fflO LET, in Trefnant, HOUSE with two "*• reception rooms, five bedrooms, bath- room (h. and 0.), uaual offices, garden back and fronts electric light. Apply Mr. J. Morris, Trefnant. -m21 TO LET, PARLOUR and BEDROOM, with use of Bathroom. Exceptional outlook. Reasonable termi.-Apply .1 No. 296," FREE PRESS Office, Denbigh. uc TO LET, from Mav 1st, small compact HOUSE also small HOUSE and SHOP. Apply H. Forder, Ruthin Oaetle Estate Office, Ruthin. *m28 rpO LET, No. 1237HENLLAN STREET. _i. Apply J. D. Lewis, Westfie.d, Denbigh. *a4 *a4 Miscellaneous. AVOID Suing and Fees. Have your Rents and Debts colleoted on oommisBion.— Apply Agent," FREE PRESS Offioe, Denbigh. 8m28 Lost and Found. OBT, between Denbigh and Llanrbaiadr, JLJ on Saturday night, Lady's UMBRELLA. Finder rewarded. Pentre Farm, Llanrhaiadr. *m21 RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES, and BEETLES, greedily eat Harrison's Reliable" Rat Poison. Cats and dogs will nob touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Prices 6d., Is., 2s. 3d., and 3s 8J. Postage 2d.-G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Sb. Asaph. J. Emrys Jones, Chemist. Denbigh Harrison Jones and Co., High Street. Ruthin Rouw and Sons, Chemists, Sb. Peter's Square. Bettwsycoed R. Parry. *f21.15 For Bale. ^TRACHAN & EYANS' GARDEN SEEDS- kJ innest Selected Stocks and tested Denbigh bj T* L'0J,d' Market) Hall, BLACK Minorca EGGS, now ready, from priza winnerd, and grand layers 5s. Sitting. Hughes, 79, Mwrog Street, Ruthio. — — _*m21 ~| Q EGGS FOR SETTING, 2j. 63; Wyandotte and Leghorn, Rhode lslaad Red and Minorca. Two lab crosses. Splendid winter laying etraine.-Helaby, Denbigh. a18 bALE, by Private Treaty, Dwelling House, Outbuildings, and Land, known as BRYN-Y-GLODDFA and GLANLLYN, containing 3a. Or. 28p. or thereabouts, situate at) Cefnbtitb, Cerrigydruidion. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Parry Jones, Francii, and Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh. &4 a4 1911 31 BRADBURY, splendid con- P dition, spare oover, and overalls, JB25. Davies, RasBeli Road, Rhyl, and Brycgoleu, Ruthin..&4 rpO BE SOLD, by private treaty, BRYN OAREDIG. Sodom, Bodfari, together with Outbuildings and two Fields. Apply to Mr. W. F. Beavan. Estate Agent, 40, North John Street, Liverpool. *m21 NEW "GABDEN "SEEDS^and" SEED POTATOES, 1st and 2nd early's; aleo 12-inch MOWING MACHINE, by aleo 12-inch MOWING MACHINE, by Ransome's. in good order, nearly new. Apply at John Williams, Clifton House, Towniend (late Brookhouse). m21 LL-PAPERS, from lid. per Roll Any quantity, large or small. Whole sale prioes. Stock exceeds 250,000 rolls, al olasses. Write for patterns, stating class required (Depart. 136), Barnett, Wall Paper Oo.. Lbd.. Knott Mill, Manchester. I ARCH, ttPRUCK. ana SCOTCH FIR- ±J THORN, QUICKS, and PRIVETS, in various sizas, transplanted, and in first class condition. Inspection of our Nurseries invited. Prices on application. Estimates giaen for planting. Note Address :-Robert Hughes and Son, Nurserymen, Ruthin. LADIES, LADIES.—Everyone sending six penny stamps to defre,y oost packing, postage, &c of wonderful illustrated Bargain List, we will present, absolutely free, beautiful Stag-handied Sterling Silver-plated Butter Knife, magnifioenb value.-Sheffield Cutlery i; Supply Company, Manufacturing Silversmiths, Century Works, Sheffield. m28 II D Company 4th Batt. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. THERE are a faw VACANCIES for RECRUITS in ohe above Company at Denbigh and Rutbin for emart respectable Young Men of good character. Height 5ft. 2in. and upwards. Age 17 to 35 years. Candidates for Enlistment please apply to the Sergeant- Insbiuotor or to any Officers or Sergeants of the above Company. 298uo Wnnted. LD HENS Wanted. Good prioes given. RABBITS Wanted. Good prioeB given GEESE FEATHERS Wanted. Good price given. For particulars apply B. Highman & Sons, Malt House, Iflandyrnog. Sale by Mr. C. Wesley Haslam, r.A.I. HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO PARTIES FURNISHING. MARCH 21th, 25th, 56bh, and 27bh, igi4. 50. WEST PARADE, RHYL. ATTRACTIVE PALE of Costly Antique and J"Y. Modern Furniihinge-, the contents of 8 Reception Boomp, 14 Bedrooms, Fine Old Engravings, Valuable Oilpiintings by eminent Artists and others, Axminster Carpets and Rugs, Decorative and Old China, Superior Electra-Plated Goods, &c., which will be Sold by Auction by C. WESLEY HASLAM, F.A.I. (having been favoured with instruction from Miss Pinder, who is leaving the house). Sale to commence at 1.30 p.m. prompt, excepting on the last day when the Sale will commerce at 2 P.M. On View Monday prior 00 Sale, by Catalogue only, to admit two. Price 3d. each. Auctioneer's Offices: Town Hall, Rhyl (Tel. 70), and Bank Chambers, Prestatyn. 344mgl THE FLINT AND DBNBIGH HOUNDS WILL MBIT Saturday, March 21iit Cefn Tuesday, March 24th St Gaorge Thursday, March 26th .< .Hafodunoa Saturday, March 281,h.Bodrhyddan 12 O. Denbigh Literary Society. TO-NIGHT (FRIDAY) at 8 p.m. An OPEN MEETING will be held at the Town Hall, when G. CABADoe RZES, E?q., will deliver a Leoture on ABRAHAM LINCOLN." Chairman: D. H. Daviej, Eeq., B,A. The public are cordially invited. SYDNBY WATILINS, H. BBNSON EVANS, 331m21 Hon. Secretaries.

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