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TEACHER'S Highland Cream' WHISKY- In self- Ofenhg Jf' Bottles /} I HIGHLAND CREW BOTTLED BY 1 I t Quality never Varies ANDREWS & CO., The Old Vaults.' High Strcef BOL. AQKNTF JrOB DENBIGH. ALL TRADESMEN SHOULD READ THIS:- We are of CHI,,CK TIJ,L ROLLS a!id ran supply aa under:-Rolls for the GLEDHILL TILLS, 21" 12/6, 3r' 1' 51' 30l_; Voucher, 2" 30/ 1" 18/ O'BRIEN'S, 23" 22, 32" 33/ 4i" 36/- per gross, Voucher 30/ Other Till Rolls f prices. NATIONALS, Check Rolls, If 26/- per gross, If 30/ Detail Rolls from 7/- per grcss upwards. All carriage paid. Counter Ticket Check Bocks. 1,000 chocks per Bo.,k 30/ 500 checks 18/- p^r gross. Toilet Rolls from 15/- per gross, 12 oz. Rolls. COLLEY'S PATENTS LTD., Marino Street, London, S.K. Origi al Cash i ill Roll Manufacturers. Established 1883 's Working Men and Smallhold:rs buy your seed at the Working Man's price, All guaranteed Scotch and English grown. in 56 28 14 lbs. IDS. lbs. Jbs. b.. Evergood, Northern Star 3/- 1/9 1/2 9d. Up-to-Dates, King Edwards, Factors. Presidents, Cornwalls, What** Wanted, Gartons.Dalhousie,Triumph,Table Talk, DalmenyHero.Eldorado.Money Makers, and Choking Potatoes 3/6 2/- 1/4 10d. British Queens, Pioneers, Royal Kidneys, and Radium 4/- 2/31/6 ud. Magnum Bonum, Main Crop, Smallholder, King George, Langworthy, Beau Ideal, Defiance, Windsor Castle, Acme, Abun- dance. Artichokes, and Potato Manure- 4/6 2/9 1/8 l/« Early Rose, Epicure, Llewellyns, Myattt, Golden Wonder, The Colleen, Sensation 6/6 3/9 2/1 1/2 Express, Snowdrops, Puritans, Queen Mary, Ninetj.-fold, Albert Victor, The Chapman, Maincrops, Duke of Albany, Monarch, Supreme, SCOTCH GROWN Up-to-Dates, Factors, Cornwalls, and British Queens 7/6 4/- 2/3 1/3 Duke of Yorks, Recorders, Victors, Mid- lothian Early, WHITE CITY, The Crofter, and Al, the black scab resisters 8/- 4/6 2/6 1/4 MAY Queens, Ringleader, Pink Hebrons, Lloyd George, Sharpe's Victor Yellow, Curtis' Wonder, Pink Myatts, and „ Scotch Grown Express 9 9 5/3 2/6 1/6 Arran Chief, Mighty Atom 15/- 8/- 4/3 2/3 Shallots, 3d. lb. Giant Exhibition 4d. and 6d. per Ih. Sacks Free. Free on rail and sent to any address same day as P.O. is received. Full catalogue of Peas, Beans, Vegetable and Flower Seeds with particulars of cash prizes free. CHARLES LEWIN CURTIS Established 1898. (15) Anchor St., Chatteris, Cambridgeshire 5 E E I S- Tbe IDEAL TONIC LAXATIVE For INDIGESTION. CONSTIPATION, STOMACH and LIVER TROUBLES. When you feel unable to get up in the morning; when appetite has gone and constipation threatens; when the blood has become impure and the skin has lost its healthy look-nature is warning you I Your digestion is out of order, your whole system has become clogged up with poisonous waste matter. You need Iron-Ox tablets. Iron-Ox tablets will bring back health and appe- J tite. They will thoroughly cleanse your system, enrich the blood, brace the nerves and tone up the stomach. In a few days you will feel refreshed in i mind and body and ready to enjoy life once again. Of all Chemists; or from the Iron-Ox Remedy Co., 20, Cockspur Street, London, S.W. At all Chemists Allhk 5o Tablets I!; Tablets 4,: TYPEWRITERS Latest No. 5 Oliver Cii 115., cost £23; also a No. 7 Remington Z7, worth £ 20 both great bargains Approval. Spurin & Co., 135, Long Acre, London The I Furnishing j Problem -Solved- I HOW can I increase the pur- chasing power of every pound which I am about to spend on Furniture. The solution of that problem will be found in our free cata- logue and our Showrooms, j While we only supply artistic, sturdily-built furniture, our per- fect manufacturing and selling organisation enables us to quote prices that are much below those charged elsewhere for the same articles. No matter whether you I Furnish for Cash I Convenient 1 Payment Systemf your money will go farthest if you purchase from us. Facta worth noting. We allow 2s in the £ dlacount for Oath. Paymenti eac be arranged to suit Customers' convenience. No objection ibl« agreements to sign. Every artie'e manufactured nnder our ova direct control and supervision. We pay cr t iage to all parts. Goods delivered I I In Private Vans. Every Furnishing Requisite sopplied. Good Value ana satisfied customers account for the phenomenal growth of our business. We unhesitatingly refund ri the price of any article u uarantee. th>t do„ not f ive absolute satisfaction. Write or Call for Catalogue. GLOBE I U Furnishing Co, I (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor). ,a, PE?ucT LIVERPOOL I :+,.J r r Early Cosiug D vy, Saturday, 1 o'clock, { UNION & East Africa Ulllv/ll" ROYAL MAIL ROUTE. A \T| 17 From London and Southampton, CAS TLE From London and Southampton, WEEKLY f0P S0UTH AFRICA' I INF via Madeira and Canaries. MONTHLY for EAST AFRICA, via the Suez Canal. For further information apply to the Company's Head Offices, 3, Fenchurch Street, London; or to local agents. "An excellent Food, admirably adapted to the wonts of Infants":— Sir Cbas. A. Cameron, C.B., M.D. aruJ MM!# W'^Food Useful Dooklci"Hints about Baby free. Sample for 2d. postage. Mention this paper. JOSIAH R. NEAVE & CO.. Fordingbridge | 1 if BAi j?}iii I'N' STOCKCHEAP. I Millinery Materials ( Buy from LONDON and buy cheaper. Our Spe- cialities for the coming season include Straw and Crinoline Plaits, Sequin Trimmings, Tulles, Laces, Chiffons, Nets, Velvets, etc. Samples of any lines free on application. Send us particu- lars of your requirements. We cut lengths for matching. Wholesale only. B. STERN & CO.,14 18 a8E^ Sufferers should use either FARWELL, Diabetes and RHINES' CRESCO FLOUR 7d. per lb DIETETIC FOOD 8|d per lb. or SPECIAL GLUTEN FLOUR 1/- per lb., carriage not paid These cereals are recommended by the Medical Profession. Sample of either sent on receipt of 3d.forpost- age. Particulars from Agents H. i. WARNER & Co., Ltd., 18-20. LAYSTALL STREET, LPN'DO.V, E.G. r= SAFE INVESTMENT Fourth City Mutual Benefit Building Society 2 COLEMAN STREET, LONDON Amount to credit of Investors, over f 5 0 0, 0 0 0 SHARES NOW BEING ISSUED AT 4% This Society during the 51 years of its existence has never paid less than 4% per annum to its Shareholders. All interest is paid by the Society free of Income Tax. DEPOSITS received at 3! and A%. Balance Sheet and Prospectus on application. J. HIGH AM Manager. j BEHGgQUS COFFEE, RED WHITE MR." & BLUE ■ For Breakfast & after Dinner. By test Ccem, the best. DPWOAO DRESDEN ROYAL CONSERVATOIRE U FOR MUSIC AND DRAMA (59th Year) Full or Special Courses. Entry at any time. Principal terms commence 1st April and 1st September. Prospectus fronythe DIRECTOPIUIVI. II C. & C. KEARSLEY'S ORIGINAL RLFI9 w WidowWelck s Female Pitts WidowWelck s Female Pitts Prompt and reliable for Ladiea. The only Genuino. Awarded CERTIFICATE of MERIT at the Taemanian Exhibition, 1801. 100 Years' Reputation. Ordered by Specialists for the Cura of all Female Complaints. Sold in boxes, l/VA and 2/9, of ail Ch?mi3ta, or post free, 1/2 and 2/10 from K9A'^?ESH CATHERINE KEARSLEY (DEPT. 0), I faWglP 42.Waterloo Rd-Lorn1"" g r BILLIARD AND BAGATELLE CABLES A. Large Stock of New and Second-hand Table* alwars on hand; also Convertible Billiard and Dining Tablet. Write for Ll«t. Q. Edwards. 134 Kinggland Rd.,N.E In the supposed quest of beauty large sums are often spent 8ft artificial aids that for the most part do much more ham than good. lut ne cosmetic in the world will do ts mucft to promote afcural beauty of complexion ts PEARS which is absolutely pure natural soap of the highest and possesses the pre-eminent emollient properties that ud beautify the skin-and its cost is but a aWed( I BEECH AM'S 1 I PILLS I may be taken with a perfect sense of security because they are entirely 11 free from any injurious substance and compounded only from the • purest ingredients ofvegetable origin. Beecham's Pills are accordingly £ gj > quite safe for everyone. This fact should be clearly understood, II because it is of great importance that you should have confidence in the 11 medicine you use. Proof of the valuable properties of this popular I j preparation is supplied by an immense body of opinion, for Beecham's 9 jjj: Piils have been in use for years in many thousands of hcmes. not only j in England but across the seas. At home and abroad they are esteemed [I •$: as the best Family Medicine to keep at hand for those common ailments, t Mr so prevalent in these days, arising from disordered action of the stomach, i liver & kidneys. Beecham's Pills have a long and honourable record and S ARE A SEVENTY YEARS' SUCCESS. |ii ft I i t Sold everywhere in boxes, price I/ih (56 pills) & 2/9 (168 pills). I ,= ..f¡fI¡I.w:+w.t.+.r."M t:Ii-)Ifõk""JM :w1 jwa—m————e—a——T——————i——s^ TREBLES the wear s7,tf BOOT SOLES and ALL LEATHERS. | tjj 1 Jm [sKa m| 9 The big economizer in boot leather—the finest dressing for |j| iboots and leather in the world—and the only preparation that in Tubes, Gd- and \iJllS5<vP • SEMELEGRAMS the GreaT Prize Scheme £ 2,000 One form with 6d. | if ^tiibe; three with I](" .t ;l1lI" i:- ;IIII UN pAeIFI »Y': 7, oil, I | The Settler's Railway in Canada reaching all the ll Chief Agricultural and Commercial Centres from Bl Atlantic to Pacific. t S MOST DIRECT AND CONVENIENT ROUTE FROM j S. ATLANTIC PORT TO WINNIPEG, WESTERN CANADA M AND BRITISH COLUMBIA. EXPRESS TRAINS IN DIRECT ll CONNECTION WITH CANADIAN PACIFIC ATLANTIC 11 STEAMERS WHICH OPERATE FAST REGULAR SERVICES ftl FROM LIVERPOOL TO CANADA. ll 'Jt Unlimited demand for farm hands and P-14 domestic servants at good wages all Z4 A I along the line of the Canadian Paeifie I Z4 S Write for Sailing Bills and Booklets entitled "The Western ll Provinces of Canada" and "Canada for "Women sent post free II on application to ll CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY ll LONDON: 62-65, Charing Cross. S.W. 67-68, King William Street, E.C. HI LIVERPOOL Royal Liver Building, Pierhead. BRISTOL 18, St. Augustine's Parade W iTB GLASGOW: 120, St. Vincent Street. BELFAST: 41, Victoria Stre-t WTi kw or Local Agents everywhere. WM 1IIIi 1i:1111i K'J.CoIlisBrGs^ I ^^medyknownfor I ONLY GENUINE: COUGHS, COLDS, coius | accompanies ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS Browne s li each bottle. and hindred ailments. 1 0/Qmij £ Invaluable for DIARRHCEA, SPASMS,GOUT, Refuse Initationa R 1/lfr, ijV, 4/0. PALPITATION,NEURALGIA,TOOTH ACHE.. J 1Ii!<, A Nw A simple supper promotes tranquil sleep a The heavy supper disturbs the digestion and prevents whst should be a sweet natural sleep. Choose something light, dainty __J_— and sustaining, that tones and nourishes the system while Nw A simple supper promotes tranquil sleep TN TINS ,'t 800thes t'ie nerves. LARGE The 'Allenburys' Diet fulfils these conditions snd Is SAMPLE 1/6 and 3/" quickly made by adding boiling water. It is a sent partially predigested food made from rich milk Of Chemists Jnd whoIe wheat_the vital food elements, *or ^<1- and forms a delicious supper repast. Stamps. Made in a Minate— I J&r H JL S B Just add bailing water ALLEN and t HANBURYS Ltd. 37 Lombard E-1., Londoiii.