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Ili AL AL —- 7 u Telephone No. 48. ANDREWS & CO., VTholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchants, DENBIGH. Bass zAllsopps Ales& Guinness' Stout IN CASK AND BOTTLE. STYM, MONARCH OF ALL TEMPEEANCB DRINKS. ] Office and Vaults s—4-0 & 42, HIGH STREET. Bottling Stores:—ROSE&WS/VRY LANE. Families and the Trade Supplied. ANDREWS & CO. TT& S. H. ASHFOKD, GROCERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, &c., I HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, Supply GOODS of the Best Quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. ) < Choicest Blends of TEA from Is. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is. to Is. 8d. per lb. Haris's Wiltshire SMOKED BACON and HAMS. Agent for BASS & CO.'S BURTON ALE and STOUT, and WHITBKEAD S ALE and STOUT. For POULTON KOEL* CELEBRATED OX TONG DES apply at .1 T. S. -_u- u_- SpiMtsTf all the 3Best Brands. ALL WINES OF THE FINEST QUALITY. .<— y Ky* Prices from Is. 4d., Is. 6d., and 2s. ) Agents: -N,lesE rs. T. & S. H. AsHtORD. National Telephone: o. x4, Denbigh. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, & Hall Square, Denbigh, | begs to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection ¡ Over Coatings, Suitmgs and Trouserings for the Season; Choice Selection of Fancy Vestings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh. .„„ .r ASK FOR THE E MA Ruthin Soda Water Co's. CAMBRIAN TABLE ^WATERS. ONLY ARTESIAN SPRING at Huthln, 220-ft. Deep. The Sole Property of the Company. Inspection invited. Write for particulars- JOHN CROPPER, Proprietor or to the Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Walee. -Zolegratn.g;: -Cambrian Works, Ruthin. Telephone No. 15. BULLER'S BIKES. I i The Rich Man's convenience. I The Tradesman cannot do without it. The Poor Man's Pleasure. All are provided for AT BULLEES Portland Place, I DENBIGH, SUMMER SALE NOW ONa MEDICAL. HALL, DENBIGH. R. D. HUGHES, M.P.S., DISPENSING CHEMIST. The Dispensing of Physicians' Prescriptions, which is a speciality of this business, is personally attended to by the Principal. All the Drugs and Chemicals employed are WARRANTED OF ABSOLUTE PURITY, and Goods are despatched with as little delay as possible. Norwegian Cod Liver Oil. It is manufactured from perfectly Fresh Livers of the Cod fish only. Being absolutely pure, it is readily digested. MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS. TOILET REQUISITES. Essence of Horehoand. Vaseline Hair Tonic- This preparation will be found a positive A very efficacious pteparation for r and speedy cure for Coughs. Colds, Bron- strengthening the Roots and promoting the chitis, aLd Pulmonary Affections generally. growth of the Hair. STeuralgia Mixture. Nusery Hair Waali- Affording almost immediate relief in For cleansing Children's Hair from all Toothache, Faceache, and Neuralgia. Seldom impurities, and improving its appearance. known to fail. Emollient. Dninine and Iron Tonic. 1 «5rtffor„-„ anA An eleganb preparation for Softening and A valuable Tonic for aU Nervous Disorders. Preserving the Skin. R. D. HUGHES, HIGH CLASS STORE CHEMIST, DENBIGH. T. K. BUTTER, TAILOR, Vale Street, Denbigh. Mew Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings, &c. HATS, CAPS, TIES, &c. A TriaJ Order Solicite Complete Satisfaction Guarantee D. H. DAVIES, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, &c., ^having determined to give up his Shop at 25, High Street, Denbigh, will, on and after OCTOBER 9th, 1907, HOLD A FINAL CLEARANCE SALE I OF ALL THE Furniture, China, and other Goods, now in the said Shop. The whole Stock to be absolutely sold at prices that will secure their speedy disposal. 1 Sale Commences WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9th, 1907 Note.—Cabinet Making, Upholstering, and Picture Frame Making will be continued in the present workshop as heretofore. 961019 WADSWORTH'S SELL, TUNE, REPAIR, j PACK, UNPACK, REMOVE, OR HIRE PIANOS. Water Street, Rhyl. Telephone-44. FURNISHED I AND UNFURNISHED HOUSES TO LET in Best Part of the Vale of Clwyd and Building Sites For Sale. FARMS as going concerns Wanted and Taken by Valuation, and Farms To Let as such. APPLY D. THOMAS, | ESTATE AG-EN T, PLASISA., RUTHIN. 505m3.08 E. T. HUG-,ELES, I THE STORES, KTJTKXS*, ) offers for sale C!over and Ryegrass Hay, 77s. 6d.: Meadow Hay, 75s. Wheat Straw, 47s. 6d. pet ton. Oat Straw, 50s. per ton (on rails). Indian Mealor Corn, 13s. per 2401b3. Bran, 5s. per lOOlbs. Flour, 25s. per 2801bs. and upwards. Oats, from 6s. 9d. to 7s. 6d. pur 105lbs. Barley, 9". to 9.s. Cd. per 1471bs All on Rails. NOTE Address :— E. T. KXTG-EIES, THE STORES, KUTIillSr JOHN KELLET, LICENSED VALUER AND APPRAISER. Valuations made !or Probate. Valuations of Land, Farming Stock, Furniture, &c., &c. PLAS NEWYDD, LLANFAIR D.C., RUTHIN. "°0 TE^TH: HANLON'is, LTD., Dovedale, King's Avenue, Wellington, Road, Rhyl, TELEPHONE NO. 7Y4. MR. HANLON Attends Personally DENBIGH, at Mr. BiliiJbSBY'S Photographer, Vale Street, every Wednes- day, 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. RUTHIN, every Fair Day and 3rd Mondays, at Mr. Gee's, Ironmonger, Clwyd Street, CORWEN. First Friday and Fairday, at Mr. Samuel Jones, Confectioner, Bridge Street. [Artificial Teeth a Speciality.] Old Piates Repaired and Rsmodelled at Moderate Price'' PURVEYORS TO H.M. THE KING AND H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. I BY APPOINTMENT. BY APPOINTMENT. tk ^GlSTEf^0" ELLIS'S DRY GINGER ALE. "The Best in the World." R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825. Telegrams-, ELLIS, RUTHIN." Telephone—No. 1, RUTHIN. Liverpool Office and Stores 23 and 25, BAKER STREET. Telephone Number: 214 ANFIE L D DENSONS THE DRAPERS, DENBIGH. I HELSBYS, [ESTABLISHED 1874.] ( STUDIOS: I, Denbigh and Ruthin. ENLARGEMENTS Framed Complete from any Photo from 12/6 each Best andJOheapest House for Picture Frames. HELSBY'S, W. H. ROBERTS, ¡, PHOTOGRAPHER, Clwyd Street, Ruthin. LIFE-LIKE Photographs guaranteed. Enlargements, from any faded Photographs, reproduced and Framed complete from lb. 6d. up- wards. Beware of the fraud canvasser for Enlargements if you value the photo W. H. ROBERTS undertakes to safely return it. PICTURE FRAMING a speciality. Reason- able Prices. Patrons delighted. 189f22.08 ROBERT ELLIS (Son of the Late MR. ROBERT ELLIS), The Oldest Established Butchery Business the Town, having been Established over 50 years at Penybryn, Crown Lane, DENBIGH. R.E. supplies only Home-Fed Meat of every description. A large selection of Home Cured Hams and Bacon always in Stock. Home Rendered Lard. The Finest Quality of Sausages supplied when in Season. Prime WELSH MUTTON and LAMB a Speciality. All Orders sent, carriage paid apnd:carefully packed, to all parts of Great Britain. Prices on Application. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS Penybryn, Crown Lane, DENBIGH. JOHN ROBERTS, 1, Castle Street RUTHIN, TELEPHONE No. 0197. Ladies' Costumier & Gents' Tailor, begs to announce that he has ust received a large assortment of Ladies' Costume Cloths also Scotch Tweeds, West of England and Blisses Tweeds, suitable for Spring and Summer. FIT AND .STYLE Guaranteed. Before giving your order compare aur Patterns and Prices on receipt of p.c. Our MILLINERY DEPARTMENT is replete with all the Newest, Shapes in Hats, etc., procured from the Leading Lcfndon Houses.1 Blouses, Scarves, Laces, Collars, Dress Materials, etc. Our DRESSMAKING DEPARTMENT is under experienced management. W. M. BULLER begs to thank the residents of Denbigh and Neighbourhood for past and present favours, and to respectfully solicit a continuance of their kind support. Careful and prompt attention to all Orders. For something New try Bailers. Just returned from Warehouses with Latest Seasons' Novelties. Best of everything at BULLER'S. Havana and other mported Cigars. I?i^es, Holders, Cases. Note Address and call for Bargains at n TT U L L E". rmN 'S (The Old Original Shop), Portland Place, DENBIGH H. MILLER, Opposite N. & S.W. Bank, 8, Vale St., DENBIGH. Agent for-Swift Cycles, from X6 10s. to £ 12 12s.; Premier and Iris Cycles; also New Hudson and Elswick Cycles, from 96 15s. t.o £21. Cash or Hire. Manufacturer of the famous Royal Central Cycleit, from R5 cash; or Boys' E4 10s. cash. Mailcarts and Go-Carts for Sale or Hire. Numerous Second-hand Lady's and Gent's Cycles for Sale or Hire. 'Brazing, Enamelling, and Vulcanizing. All kinds of Repairs dons to Motors and Cycles. Expert in Motor kept. Vacum Oils and Spirits always in Stock. T. DAVIES, BUTCHER, 2, Vale Street, Denbigh, Supplies Best Quality Vale of Clwyd Beef Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork, at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Persona ttention given to every Branch of the Business. -:0:- Welsh Mutton and Lamb a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to (Shop Open Daily). NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 22, VALE STREET (Cornet of Hall Square). NOTICE. THOMAS DAVIES begs to inform his Customers and others who are on the National Telephone that they are now onuected with the SarviCA-" No. 2x2." PHEASANT REARING SEASON. REAR HEALTHY BIRDS by feeding with the best foods procurable. We would respectfully draw the atten- tion of Rearers to the following Specialities, for which we are the Sole Agents Premier Pheasant j Meal (Fine, Medium, Ungraded). j Premier Meat (Specially Prepared). Having been Agents for the above for many 0 years we can answer for the Quality. When once tried always used. We only ask you to compare our prices with other houses. All kinds of Seeds in Stock. Corn ground on the premises, the follows ing grades :— Fine, Pinhead, Medium. R OWEN & SON, 51 a 52, HIGH STREET & STAR SHOP. Warehouses: DIAMOND BUILDINGS, | DENBIGH. WHITE LION INN, Back Row, Denbigh. W. H. "THOMAS, PROPRIETOR. Free from Brewor and Spirit Merchant.) WINiSS. SPIRITS, and CIGARS of the Finest Quality. The Celebrated Hand Brewery Ales, Ruthin. BASS'S ALE and GUIXESS'S: STOUT. TEAS AD DINNEKS PROVIDED. GOOD STABLING. Liouse Decorating, Stjn Writing, \Furniture and Cvrriage Painting. 52j 11.03 Try H MIL L E R for all kinds of | TO BACCO, | fresh in weekly. Brands of Ogden's, Wills', Lambert & Butler's, Smith's, Player's, Hignett's, Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Cigars. Useful Presents for Christmas. Pipes, Pouches, Cigarette Cases, Cigarette Holders, etc., &c. VALE STREET, DENBIGH. T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Draper, RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OF' PATTERNS for the PRESENT SEASON in the Latest Designs in Ladies' and Gents' Materials. Patterns and Estimates! UPON APPLICATION St. Peter's Square Ruthin. WHEW A YJSÆ S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, Vale Street, DENBIGH, For Reliable Goods at Reasonable Prices. 8itisf»3tioa'gair i lee d ia all Clliges, viz. Tea and Dinner Services, Toilet Ware, Glass of every description, Earthenware, Mannings, Flower Pots, Galvanized, Wicker and Enamelled Ware, from all best makers. Agents for the Royal Vitraous, and Vitrified Semi Porcelain and Carlton China. Motto:—Small Pre-fit; and Qnink Pettirn-i. "OWEN'S^ Waterproof Composition. [ESTABIISHO, 1886.], THE WORLOIS BEST FOR Brown or Black Shooting, Fishing, Golf, Walking Boots, Harness, &c. Softens and Prevents Leather from Cracking. Sold by principal Boot Sbops and Grocers ia Denbigh, St. Asaph, and District. All size tins; or Is. tin by post Is. 2d. FROM MANUFACTURER JAMES OWEN, 13, Park St. Denbigh. jol 08 MR. FRANK JONES' 'Hints on Eyesight.' Hint No. 1—" HEADACHE." It is astonishing how little is understood of the causes and cure of headache. Liver out of order, stomach ditto, electric light too strong, somG other light not strong enough, overwore —there are a few of the little fictions which. people invent to account for tho headaches from which they suffer. Occasionally, someone having tried all the patent medicines in the market and visited a few doctors, without any good result, thinks I will have my eyes examined," and then finds that the last experi- ment is the one which he should have tried first. 90 per cent of headaches are caused by some uncorrected defect of the eyesfght, which can be absolutely cured by proper sepactacles or eyeglasses. If you suffer you should consult MR. F. JOZIES, Eyesight Specialist, 103, WELLINGTON ROAD. RHYL. also at 15. BSlDSE STREET. DENBIGH. I (EVERY WEDMEXBAYA Hand Brewery 17, Well Street. RUTHIN R. ROBERTS, Wholesale and Retail Wtne and Spirit Marohant, Brewer "nd a lrtr begs to call the attention of the Gentry and Publio to his celebrated Home-Brewed ALES (pure Extract a Malt and Hops), whioh my be supplied in Casks of 86, 18 and y gallons at the folio wing prices — ^XXX(Mlld) ..5 03. 25 J.2S.V XXX (do.) 42s. 218. i~s- (-j XX (do.) d6s. ys-Gd. B.b Bitter) 511, 2.3*. 1:2;. 6:1 P.A. (do-, 42s. 2Is, ### 'Os. 6d (iuiness's Extra «!.out; an(j p.H.<ias> boniinr. fit-" Ba3s & Go. "a tturtoa ued a Cask and Bottles. finest "h,J¡' _ud Ii'is.i V\-T!iiskic5 and Hbe;aes aud Cham )a,g.-v3a weli- cnjwa brauds.