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J; DAVID KOBEBTS & SON, Auctioneers and Valuersi Corwen and Denbigh. TOWN or CORWEN. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON win offer for Sale by Public Auction, at the OWiiN 1.¡,l.UWil. rlOTBL, CORWEN, on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1907, at 2 o'clock in the arternoou (subject to Conditions of Sale then t he produced), the following VALUABLE FREEIICLE, BUSINESS PREMISES:— LOT I.-THE EXCHANGE, in the occupa- tion of Mr. R. R- Jones, Grocer and Baker. LOT 2.—TY CANOL, in the occupation of Mr. Era-sdus Jones. LUU .i.J:u.vN BOUSE, in the occupa- tion of J. 6 tu infield, Jeweller, &c. LoT J.—FREEHOLD GARDEN, now let mitl Lot 1. Lots 1, 2, and 3 occupy the most prominent and uct-c poMuen in the centre of the Town of Conver;. They are substantially erected, and in first-class repair. For further pal dculars apply to the Auct; oneers, Cürweu tid Denbigh to Mr. W. E. Wi.linu; The C jttage, Carrog, Corwen; or to Mt-rsi's. Wigan, Cnampernowne, & Prescott, Solicitors, inorfnik House, Victoria Embank- ment, London, W.C. 913s28 CORWEN. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON will tiler For Sale By Public Auction at the OWEN GLYNDWK HOTEL, CudWE2s, on FRIOAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1907, at 2.30 o'clock ia the afternoon (subject to conditions of Sale then to be pi educed), all that Valuable Freehold Full Licensed Hotel, known as THE FEATHERS," having extensive accommodation, in tho occupation of Miss Jones as tenant, together with the adjoining Shop and Dwelling House, known as LONDON HOUSE, in the occupation of Me, Thoma.s Morgan as tenant. The Property, which has an area of about 1,35U square yards, occupies an excellent position in the centre of the town, and is in first-class order of repair. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Corwen and Denbigh to Mr. J. R. Jordon, Solicitor, Bala; or to Messrs. Young, Jones and Co., Solicitors, Norfolk House, Lawrence Pountney 4Hill, Cannon Street, London, E.G. 914s28 Cynwyd, near Corwen. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON will offer For Sale By Public Auction at the OWEN GLYNDWR HOTEL, CORWEN, on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1907, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon (subject to Conditions of Sale then to be produced), two Freehold Dwelling Houses, known as BKYNHAULOG, Cynwyd, together with Four Cottages and Gardens. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Corwen and Denbigh; or to L. LloJd John, Esq., Solicitor, Corwen. 915o28 On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 1907. BRYNIBOD, Waen, St. Asaph (within easy distance from Trefnant Railway Station). MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON are instructed by Mr. Ricbaid Jones, who is leaving1, to Sell by Auction on the premises at BRYNIBOD, WAEN, ST. ASAPH, on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11th, 1907, Useful Roan Horse, 4 years old, 15 bands high (a capital worker in all gears), Roan Filly, rising 3 years old Bay Filly, rising 2 years old a Quantity of Useful FARMING IMPLEMENTS, to- gether with the Modern and Antique Household Furniture (including several items in Old Oak and Mahogany). For further particulars see Posters. Sale at 1 o'clock. 947o5 PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. BRYNTANGOR, Bryneglwys, near Corwen. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON have been favoured with instructions to Sell by Auction as above On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18th, 1907, HEAD of Cattle, 15 Horses and tJ Ponies, 400 Sheep, 2 Sows, the Whole of the Crops of Ray, Corn, and Swedes (all to go off), Implements of Husbandry, &c. 948ol2 __I PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. PLAS NEWYDD, Cefn Weirladog, near St. Asaph. MESSRS DAVID ROBERTS & SON have been favoured with the instructions of Mrs. Williams, who is leaving the Farm, to Sell by Auction as above, On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 1907, Q-l HEAD OF CATTLE, 4 Horses, 120 /4JL Sheep, Sow and 10 Pigs, Store Pigs, about 100 Hobbeta of Thrashed Barley, Crops of Straw, Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Utensils, &c. 968ol9 SERVANTS' REGISTRY sonduated by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONER, RUTHIN [ESTABLISHED 1870.] 1 -1 r-A Mrs. WOOLLEY, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, Ruthin Road. Denbigh. SCTT7 ANTED, Experienced and Plain Cooks W wages, X18 to JE20. House Parlourmaid and Nurse-Housemaid for Cheshire Parlour- maid and Between Maid for near Manchester; good General for Liverpool, two in family, J618 Cook-General and Young Housemaid for Liverpool Generals and Waitresses for Corwen, Hhyl, Holywell, and Prestatyn, and Strong Girl for farmhouse. ;j MISS WILLIAMS, SERVANTS' REGISTRY, 1 Post Office Lane, DENBIGH. WANTED Experienced and Plain Cooks wages, £ 18 to £ 26 • Cook-General for near Corwen Parlourmaid and Between Maid for Alderley Edge, near Manchester; good wages. Also Parlourmaid and under-House- maid for Rhyl, private family; Farmhouse Servants and Young Girl for light work; and also wanted for Rbyl Elder Person to act as matron. (Established 1887). Mrs. PIPER, Servants' Registry, Denbigh- WANTED Experienced and Plain Cook3 VV also Cook-generals and Palour-maids, House Palour-maids; experienced Kitchen- maids, good Generals for private and farm nouses, and young Girls for light situations: Working House Keeper for a situation near Denbigh, one in family. Wanted at once. Disengaged experienced Sewing Maid and also experienced Nurse to young Baby; has excellent reference, age 22. Sale by Messrs. T. & W. Loathes- 1- BODYNGHARAD, near RUTHIN MESSRS. T. & W. LEATHES have received instructions from Mr. Robert Johnson, who is leaving owing to the property having been sold, to Sell by Auction on the above Premises On MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 1907, the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, Furniture, and other Effects, very briefly comprising:— 54 HÐAD OF CATTLE, viz: 27 Specially Seleoted Dairy Cows and Heifers (early Autumn and Spring Calvers), 2 Young Short-horned Bulls,3 I-,wo-year-old Heifers, 10 Colory Heifers, between one and two year old, all of which have been running with Pure-bred Short-horned Bull, 6 Yearling Heifers, 6 Bearing Calves. 5 POWERFUL CART AND HACKNEY HORSES, namely:—Bay Cart Gelding, 4-year-old, 16.3 hands high Roan Mare (aged), 16.3, in foal to Holker Bank," Mr. J. Kellett's famous Sire Grey Mare (aged), 16.3, in Foal to Holker Bank"; Her Roan Filly, Foal by "Holker Bank Hackney Gelding (5-year-old), about 15.1 hands high, used to all traffic. 359 SHEEP AND LAMBS, viz:—40 Radnor Ewes, 14 Cross-bred Yearling Ditto, 85 Sound Young Welsh Ewes, 65 Cross-bred Ewe Lambs, 58 Welsh Ewe and Wether Lambs, Pure-bred Wiltshire Ram, 40 Cross-bred Ram Lambs. All the above will be found forward in con- dition and fit for the Butcher, or suitable for Stock purposes. PIGS.—6 Strong Porkers. Implements, which are of a diversified J description, by the best makers on the most I modern principal, and suitable for the j cultivation of a Farm of upwards of 200 acres. Gear and Harness, together with the whole of the superior Household Furniture and Dairy Utensils. etc., etc., which in- cludes numerous valuable lots. POULTRY.—Including 30 couples of Pure Bred Buff Plymouth Rocks, 20 couples of Pure Bred Golden Wyandottes, 70 to 80 couples of Barn Door Fowls. The above are quite worthy of special note, being bred from strain imported direct from the Worcestershire Poultry Farm. A part of the above may be purchased privately on appli- cation to Mr. Johnson previous to the Sale. For further particulars see Posters and Pamphlets. SALE OF LIVE STOCK, Etc., to commence at 11 o'clock prompt, FURNITURE at 2 o'clock. Terms for Live Stock, etc., three months' credit or the usual discounb allowed. Furniture—Cash. N.B.—The Auctioneers beg to draw the attention of all Farmers, Agriculturalists, and House Furnishers to the above Sale, it being one of the largest and most important saled ever held in the Vale of Clwyd, therefore an early attendance is specially requested. T. & W. LEATHES, Auctioneers and Estate Agents. Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. 875s21 Agricultural Hall, Ruthin. Weekly Sales of Fat and Store Stock throughout the year. MESSRS. T. & w. LEATHES win hold their next Sale of FAT and STORE CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES, at the above MART, on Tuesday Next (Fair Day). at 10 o'clock prompt. Present Entries include several Pure-bred, Shropshire, Cheviot, and Welsh Rams and Ram Lambs. Entries respectfully solicited and taken in up to the hour of Sale. T. & W. LEATHES, 874a31 Auctioneers. Friday, October llth, 1907. SPECIAL SALE of BREEDING EWES, STORE LAMBS, and WINTER FEEDING SHEEP. Further particulars in later announcements. T. & W. LEATHES, Agricultural Hall, Auctioneers. Ruthin. 976o5 SCHOLASTIO. i Fairholme School. PRINCIPAL.—MISS FOULKES. Pupils prepared for Examinations. Private ILessons given:in Music French, and Painting. School Re-opens Wednesday, September 11th, 1907. 37305 Denbigh (County School for Boys. THE SCHOOL premises include a Chemical and Physical Laboratory, a Lecture Boom, and a Workshop, all excellently equipped with the best Apparatus. It is a Pupil Teacher Centre for the Denbigh and Ruthin Districts, and the only School in these two Districts that prepares Beys for County Exhibitions. The Local Governors of the School Districts of Denbigh and Ruthin offer annually several Scholarships to enable Boys to attend the School, and also grant Bursaries to meet travelling expenses. -Further particulars may be obtained from the Headmaster, D. H. Davies, Esq., B.A.. or the Clerk, A. FOULKES ROBERTS, Swan Chambers, Denbigh. ST. ASAPH COUNTY SCHOOL Endowed Grammar School, founded 1679) Chairman of the Governors THE RIGHT REV. HE LORD BISHOP OF ST ASAPH Vice-Chairman PETER ROBERTS, ESQ., J.P. HEAD MASTER: EDWIN MAINER, M.A. (St. John's College, Cambridge), B.So. (1st. Division), London, Certificated and Registered Teacher. CLASSICAL MASTER AMES BOYD ROBERTSON, B.A., 2nd Class Classical Honours Moderations and Lit. Hum., late Scholar of St. John's College, Oxford registered in Column B of the Official Register of Teachers. SCIECE TVT i CTTTTJ • WILLIAM T. THOMAS, B.Sc., late Scholar of Cardiff University College, Trained and Certificated Teacher. DRAWING MASTER AND TEACHER OF VOCAL Music: T. R. JONES, Certificated Teacher. MANUAL INSTHUCTOB; FRANK SMITH. THE School stands on elevated ground in a position which commands a view of the picttireeque Vale of Clwyd, and within 5 minutes' walk of the Cathedral, and Railway j Station. For particulars: apply to the Headmaster, or to CHARLES GRIMSLEY, Clerk to the Governors. St. Asaph. ?7Sd24 I Sale by Mr. G. F. Byford. The Oldest Established Direct Farmers' Mart in the Vale. Valo of Clwyd Auction Mart, Ruthin (close to the Railway Station), TUESDAY'S SALE, OCTOBER 1st, 1907 (RUTHIN FAIB DAY), at 10.30 a.m., will include a Grand Lot of PRIME Quality Fat Bullocks and Heifers, Jb Store Cattle, Milch Cows, Butchers' Calves, Fat and Store Sheep, Winter Feeding Lambs, Bacon, Pork, and Store Pigs, 25 Pure Bred Southdown Ram Lambs from the Celebrated Garthgynan Flock, 10 Pure Bred Shropshire Ram Lambs from the celebrated Berth, Llanynys, Flock. G. F. BYFORD, 934s2 Auctioneer. -r" Sale by Messrs Byford & Sheffield. TUESDAY (Fair Day) at 10.30. GREAT STORE SHEEP SALE in con- junction with the usual Entry of Fat Stock. DENBIGH SMITHFIELD. Early Entries invited. BYFORD & SHEFFIELD, 967uo Auctioneers. SILCOCKS' SPECIAL PRIZES Christmas Fat Stock Sales, 1907. Mr. G. F. BYFORD'S AUCTION MART. RUTHIN. Champion Beast in the Mart (fed on Silcocks' Cake) 21 1 0 Best Bullock or Heifer under three years old 0 10 6 Best Bullock or Meifer under two years old 0 10 0 Messrs. T. & W. LEATHES' AUCTION MART. RUTHIN. Champion Beast in the Mart (fed on Silcocks' Cake) gi 1 0 Best Bullock or Heifer under three years old 0 10 6 Best Bullock or Heifer under two years old 0 10 0 DENBIGH SMITHFIELD. Champion Beast in the Mart (fed on Silcocks' Cake) 0 ST ASAPH SMITHFIELD. Champion Beast in the Mart (fed on Silcocks'Cake) £ 1 1 0 CORWEN AUCTION MART. Champion Beast in the Mart (fed on Sileocks'Cake). iel 1 0 CONDITIONS .-Exhibitorq of Fat Stock to have used not less than two tons of Silcocks' Cake or Meal since January, 1907. supplied by our local representatiye. No Exhibitor entitled to moru than one of our Special Prizes at the Christmas Show. ANALYSES.-All Goods are sold upon a guarantee Analysis, and in accordance with th requirements of the Fertilizers and Feeding Stuffs.Act, 1903, and the terms of the Royal Agricultural Sceiety of England. Prizes are strictly confined to Silcocks' bona- fide all the year round Customers, and com- petition for Prizes offered by other firms will disqualify for Silcocks' Prizes. For further particulars apply to the local Representative D. THOMAS, Plas-isa, LJaiifair, Buthin, or direct to the Manufacturers, R. SIJLCOCK & SONS, Stanley Hall. Union Street, LIVERPOOL. 962uc Musical Mr. Alex Bellamy, ORGANIST OF St. Mary's and St. David's Churches, RECEIVES PUPILS FOR ORGAN, PIANO, etc. TERMS UPON APPLICATION. Rose Villa, Denbigh. *n30 MISS CECILIA ANWYLJ of Denbigh and Rhyl; Professor of Music, Late Student of the German College of Music, Liverpool. Prepares pupils for the Associated Boardzof the R.A.M.; the Incorporated Society of M icians, and the Trinity College, London. Pianoforte, Harmony, Theory, Ac MISS ANWYL, makes a speciality of preparing Candidates for the above Examinations. Schools visited. DENBIGH: WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS. ST. ASAPH: FRIDAYS,]; Terms, apply Maengwyn Yilla, RHYL. 756d28.07 MISS TREGONING, TRIGFA, TOWNSEND, DENBIGH. TEACHER OF" MUSIC, Pianoforte, Theory, &c. Candidates prepared for Examinations and Competitions. Pupils Visited at their Homes. Engagements taken as ACCOMPANIST, &c. Terms on application as above. 175uc Mr. W. E. BELCHER, MA-, FRCO, A-R.CM-, ORGANIST OF ST. ASAPH CATHEDRAL. Associate Royal College of Musio for Teaching Singing. Visits Denbigh and Ruthin PIANOFORTE. THEORY. SINGING, SCHOOL ATTENDED. Successes in the Associated Board and Trinity College, also Mus. B, 1899,1900-01. F.R.C.O 1899, 1900-010-2. 2850. MR. W. A. LLOYD, F.G.C.M., A. Mus. T.C.L. TEACHER OF MUSIC, 4, Market Street, RUTHIN, supplias ianos, Organs, & Harmonium. /the best makers on unapproachable cheap lues and reliable value. District Agent for the Casson Positive" Pipe Organ, now recognised \s the best substitute for the Reed or American Organs in places of worship. Prices from 950 to JE300. jIustrumeats also by first-class makers only All Instruments guaranteed in perfect conditio and of exceptional value I SALES BY Messrs. CLOUGH & Co., Estate Agents, Auctioneers and Valuers, Denbigh. On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 1907. GLANOLWYD FARM, ABERWHEELER, BODFARI. Q A HEAD of Cattle, 6 Horses, 30 Strong Welsh Ewes and Wethers, 3 Sows and Suckers, Quantity of Barndoor Fowls, Horse Gear and Harness, Dairy Utensils, and The Household Furniture (including some rare pieces in Old Oak). NOTE.—The Grazing advertised to be Let has been withdrawn from the Sale. Three Months Credit for sums of L10 and upwards or 3d. in the & Discount for Cash. Luncheon, 10.30. Sale, 11.30. For further particulars see Posters. CLOUGH & CO., 950s28 Auctioneers. Denbigh Smithfield Auction Mart. NEXT SALE, FAIR DAY, Tuesday, October 8th, 1907. FURTHER ENTRIES invited up to time F of Sale. Grand Trade anticipated. 910s7 CLOUGH & CO. Sales by Messrs. Robert and Rogers Jones, Auctioneers, Llanrwst. TO BE LET, GROESFFORDD-LAS FARM," MAENAN, LLANRWST, situate about 4 miles from Llanrwst and 3 miles from Talycafn Railway Station, con- taining by admeasurement about 55a. Ir. 24p. Possession can be had as from the 30th day of November, 1907. ALSO "ABBEY COTTAGE," situate close to the above-named Farm of Groesffordd-las, containing 2 Sitting Rooms, 3 Bed Rooms, Kitchen, and Scullery and a Garden. For further particulars apply to Messrs. ROBERT & ROGERS JONES, Auctioneers, Tyny- fynwent, Llanrwst. 8b9uc VYNN-TEE is the FINEST BEVERAGE for Garden, Childrangs, and Evening Parties. Surpasses Ginger Ale, Lager Beer, etc., at half the cost. Sold by Druggists, Grocers, etc. YYNN-TEE CO., CADAR WORKS, DIDSBURY. 927ml4.08 Dr. William Williams DENTIST, Fern Villa, Church Street, Rhyl (MR. LUKYN'S Success Attends every Wednesday: at Mr. Hugh Williams :Tailor, HALL SQUARE. DENBIGH




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